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As is known, all the most important issues of state administration through ministers, chief ministers, governors-general, city governors were presented for high consideration in the form of reports. Most of these reports contain traces of royal reading.

One of the documents refers to May 3, 1908 and presents the following report of the Director of the Police Department:

“On April 28, in the various cinema theaters of the city of Kiev, at the end of the last performance and after the departure of the public, the appeals of the criminal community were found in large numbers calling on the workers on behalf of the Kiev Committee of the Russian Social Democratic Workers Party not to start working in factories and factories on the day May 1, with. “{…}

Usually stingy at the words and resolutions of Nicholas II-and awarded the report with his own handwritten note. It is characteristic that his attention was drawn not by the fact of the distribution of the proclamation, but also by the cinema-theater:

“The fact is sad. I have repeatedly pointed out that these cinematographic buffoons are dangerous institutions. There scoundrels can the devil know what to do, for the good of the people, they say, they hustle in crowds there to watch all the nonsense. I do not know what to come up with against such buffoons. “

In October 1909, two people were arrested at the Parizianna cinema in Riga at the time of the transfer of the packet with illegal literature. The police department did not hesitate to write a brief report on the incident for the tsar.

Resolution of Nicholas P:

“Again the cinematography! What harm do they bring when they serve as a meeting place for criminals. Benefits from them can not be. They generally have a disastrous effect, accustoming the public to bad habits. It is necessary to appoint in each such theater by the gendarme to constantly monitor suspicious visitors … “

On the next report, he corrected himself with his own hand:

“Do not appoint special persons, but in general – more strictly observe these dark institutions.”

In the summer of 1913, when a letter from New York to Petersburg was addressed to a member of the State Duma F.A. Rodichev from a certain A.V. Olscher, the clip of an article from an American newspaper dedicated to the fate of the cinema attracted the attention of the perlustrators -industry in Russia. The author of the article is skeptical about the development of the film industry in Russia, stressing that it is hindered by a number of political and censorship reasons. With a letter attached to the article, copies were made, which the censors sent to a special department of the police department. The police department submitted an article and a letter from Olscher to Nicholas II for information.

Resolution of Nicholas P:

“I believe that cinematography is empty, unnecessary and even harmful entertainment for anyone. Only an abnormal person can put this farcical craft in a level with art. All this is nonsense and attach importance to such trifles should not be. “

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