Natalie told about the painful consequences of plastic surgery

Natalie told about the painful consequences of plastic surgeryPhoto: Natalie’s personal archive

Just over a year ago, the singer gave birth to her third son and returned her uniform unusually fast. “Zhenechka was only a month and a half, and I already went to Germany with a concert. He was only 2.5 months old, and I was shooting in a video, “Natalie told. The fact that she decided to become a mother in 43 years, does not prevent her and now, at 44, look perfect. And it’s not just that she scored only 15 kilograms during the third pregnancy: they left in just three months, although the singer did not hurry to resort to emergency measures. On the contrary, she gave her body to rest, spoiled him with delicious food. And only when I realized that I regained my strength, I returned to a proven diet: I began to eat often and gradually, I refused the flour and almost stopped frying the food. The problem remained only one: swelling, which did not go away after childbirth. But with this Natalie managed a course of 15 massages.

To maintain youth and beauty of the face, the singer does not hide that every year she resorts to mesotherapy. “Hyaluronic acid is, in fact, an acid that already exists in our body, but it is less developed with age. Replenishing her stock, I help the skin to be fresh and radiant, “she says. She managed to develop such a system of self-care that the intervention of plastic surgeons is not required. Only once did she decide to have surgery. “When I breastfed the first child, I had a” minus first “size, – she recalls. – I was very complex then. The story began with push-up, stuffing something into the bra … And I was constantly moving on stage, dancing, jumping. And all the time I was afraid that something would fall out … There will be embarrassment! My husband was against the operation, said that he completely satisfied me. I decided for two years, I thought. Breast augmentation, even if the implants are small, like mine, is a very complicated and painful operation. And then – just imagine! – I slept for a whole month! But now many years have passed, and I am very pleased, in general I forgot about the problem of the breast.

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