Natalia Shturm’s wearing two tops, but still managed to flaunt naked Breasts

51-year-old Natalie Storm likes to shock the audience, spreading the Network provocative pictures. Flown away on holiday to Spain the star of the 1990s.

  • Natalia Shturm's wearing two tops, but still managed to flaunt naked BreastsNatalia Shturm

Shocking – the second name of the once popular singer Natalia Shturm. A celebrity, over the figure, that follows the sin of a perfect body. Each new edition of the actress on her Instagram page collects hundreds of negative comments, but Natalia, who prefer to pose half-naked, he pays no attention to criticism.

“So the season started.” And, for the saints and guardians of someone else’s morals I even wore a bra “, signed photo from barely covered breast Assaultspelling and punctuation).

Some members appreciated the willingness of the singer to the beach season and her courage. “Figure class”, “such lovely Tits, bras only once in the frame”, “Sophisticated and compelling” – commented the loyal fans.

However, the majority of Internet users criticized the pictures and advised the star to hide behind. “Why is Instagram?”, “The second Volochkova”, “Why do that” – wondered the subscribers.

By the way, celebrity is not the first time in the stupor of Internet users. Not long ago, the Storm has arranged the sale of underwear, which was proved by yourself. Followers of the actress did not understand, who (except for fetishists).

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