My dear.

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My dear.

Well, I love the movie. Before really with dreams, and now only in the role. But still try to be romantic: I can afford it 🙂

Tomorrow the PD is one of my favorite actors – Danila Kozlovsky.

My dear.

Strangely I was starting to like. If the time was not smashed, the film was Duhless, there was a scandal between someone and someone and I literally ran into LJ at the evil post, interested, and found out about that lovely actor, and then I watched the movie with him "We are from the future".

My dear.

At the time this movie. Revised several times, admired the acting. Director Andrey Malyukov very expertly and competently. Our generation of youth and young people, who had to fight …

Duhless. Director Roman Prygunov. Was beginning to look like a pop music and was sarcastic about himself for 15 minutes-ti :-). And then I realized that the idea is included in, it would seem such an ordinary film. The fact of the matter is, if the film was ordinary, and still I do not get if idea. Sometimes we understand over time that are not late.

My dear.

Give credit to the writer Sergey Minaev and Denis Rodimin and, of course, the Novel Prygunova – they were able to explain that the most important thing. Remember the moment with the bag? Daniel (my actor), just left her in the orphanage … Secretly. When I watched this moment, the film repitile several times struck the face of the protagonist … This play is not possible. He actually got rid of their emotional weights …

My dear.

I have this habit. If interested actor, Director, generally reviewing the entire filmography, and given a rating. And the next film was the Legend №17. Sport.

It started out with the was. That is, my whole child is a continuous sport, because a small military town 1kmx1km, 30 km from the large municipality: the club and the sport-town – all she had for entertainment, so we kids disappeared all the time in the afternoon the sports village, and in the evening – movie 🙂

My dear.And since sports in our life, people were waiting for romance, adventure, Indians, love, Angelica, Marquise of angels, etc.

It is for this reason (excessive sports) I watched movies and mental isnuomojami, ignoring the sport.

And then the Legend №17. Looked on one breath. Director Nikolai Lebedev. Struck by the tenacity of the main character, indomitable will. I was worried that they climbed up this very tall tower … It’s like Heliskiing, the horror the horror …

My dear.

And how was he able to show that exactly … and I have to be in the fact that he was an athlete?

Great movie, acting and directing work. Thank you, dear actor.

I have reviewed all the movies with this actor, but it’s hooked just these. I will definitely watch the film Coach and thank you in advance my favorite actor. Thank you !!! Happy Birthday no congratulations in advance (but work tomorrow, God forbid her health), but the song-you can … a couple of songs 🙂

Gossips humbly beg you to forgive me if was too sensitive 🙂

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