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Group of artists of the Musical Theater named after Vl.I. Nemirovich-Danchenko prepared a variety room – voice jazz. The first performance of “Jazz-Gol” was held May 3, 1933.

The composition of the “Jazz-Go” included: Dmitry Kamernitsky, Ivan Dobrolyubov, Zakhar Efros, Vladimir Bunchikov (in the future a famous pop singer), Sergei Tsenin, Alexander Artists , George Doinikov. The head of the “Jazz-Goal” and, as a rule, the host of the concerts was Vladimir Kandelaki.

From the memoirs of Vladimir Bunchikov:

"At one of the rehearsals Vladimir Kandelaki approached me and said that he wanted to organize a Jazz goal. He also invited me to participate in it. I agreed. We were engaged in the evenings, after the performances. Students of the third course of GITIS joined us. The Jazz-Go included: Kamernitsky, Artists, Cenin, Dobrolyubov, Efros, Doinikov and myself. Artistic director – V.Kandelaki. We had nothing but a piano and cymbals. Everything was performed in a voice. I, for example, portrayed saxophone, someone flute, double bass and other musical instruments. At the piano – concertmaster Guralnik.

Once we were informed that our Jazz goal wants to listen to Nemirovich-Danchenko. He decided to take us home, he lived on Herzen Street. The door was opened by his housekeeper. His wife came out and invited us to drink tea. But Vladimir Ivanovich said that he would first listen to us, and then tea. We showed him three numbers: the English song “Gov-gov”, “Sing to me” and “Carmen”. He listened to us attentively, thought for a long time, and then said: It is necessary to add the words “musical joke” to your cap “Jazz-goal”. So we did. After that, the posters were: “Musical joke Jazz-goal.”"

The repertoire of “Jazz-Gol” consisted of popular songs of Soviet composers – I. Dunaevsky, A. Tsfasman, M. Blanter … Even Eskamillo’s couplets were performed from the opera “Carmen” in a funny combination with the soldier’s song “Nightingale, Nightingale, Ptashechka.” The singers successfully mastered the jazz manner: thanks to the mastery of vocal improvisation, the same song in each case was performed in different ways.

Information sources:

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