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Most Expected Releases | June 2017Release Type: Album / 894

Most Expected Releases | June 2017Release Type: Album / 320

Most Expected Releases | June 2017Release Type: Album / 540

Announcement of the album Chuck, held exactly on the ninetieth birthday of the progenitor of rock’n’roll, seriously stirred the world musical community. It turned out that for almost forty years of studio silence Chuck Berry not only traveled to clubs of all continents and lit on the stage of his club in his native St. Louis, but periodically wrote new material. A material that will only appear after Chuck’s death. Three of the ten tracks of the record are already released – as expected, the songs do not deviate from the style of Roll Over Beethoven, Johnny B. Goode and other classic things Berry (even the presence on the single Big Boys guest guitar Tom Morello almost imperceptibly). Moreover, the album will appear the most that neither is a direct sequel to the legendary song about a rural guitarist called Lady B. Goode. Any surprises from Chuck can not wait, but at least get acquainted with what Berry was doing on the slope of his years, definitely worth it.

Ivan Balashov

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