Mnogoznaal, Charlie Put, GONE.Flud, Philip Kirkorov: what we listened to this week

Egor Mikhailov, editor of the section “The Brain”

On the eve of the trip to Istanbul, I learned that Turkish music is not only Tarkan and psychedelic with Arabic flavor, but also machine-gun hip-hop Ceza. They write that this guy is the fastest rapper in the world. Willingly I believe!

The group “We” made one of the tracks of these guys to the next heroes of the show “Learn in 10 seconds”. I fell in love and listened to the entire Homeshake discography when I collected this playlist, which I now advise you to do.

Weekly rock from the 70’s – this time from Greece (in previous releases look for Iran and Turkey). The album “666” is a psychedelic progressive rock scene of the band’s creative work, which included the famous Demis Roussos and the great Vangelis (the author of the soundtrack for “Runner on the Blade”, for example, and dozens of other films). It is better to listen wholly, this statement.

Andrey Nikitin, editor of the section “Music”

I was in California, I often listened to the EP “California”, most of all I liked this track. With all due respect to Zan, on his solo material is weaker.

Sweet-haired American know first of all on “See You Again “- a joint with Wise Khalifa song from the seventh” Fast and the Furious “with 3.5 billion streams on yuteube. Put her contribution to her success does not overestimate: he says, the thing is that for people this is the song of the tragically dead Paul Walker. But soon Poot will have a second solo album “Voicenotes”, and I definitely will not miss it. He writes (and Charlie himself is a songwriter), murderous hit things that sound as if you heard them on MTV a long time ago, like some very, very classic in the spirit of Bobby Brown.

Nikolay Udintsev, editor of the section “The Brain”

It is hardly appropriate to put a song in the spring playlist with the name “Minus 40”, which, perhaps, everyone listened to for a long time. But it was this track that I played most often last two weeks. I do not understand rap, but this is a rare case when I like both flow and text.

A beautiful composition in the best traditions of the 90s. Ghiani Kulani was born in Limpopo in 1962 and was the youngest child in the family (out of 68 children). His father-doctor had 25 wives. A mixture of Africa, Hausa and disco straight from the 94th. Well, as usual, the perfect cover: get your yellow trousers!

“ÌFÉ” means “love” in the Yoruba language, and the second meaning of the word “spread”. According to the musician, the logo of Life magazine had a strong impact on him, where red and white are the colors of the spirit of Shango, the father of thunder in the Yoruba religion. Very remarkable album abroad genre accessories (electronics, rumba and dancehall, R’n’B mixed with prayers) with the transition from English to Spanish and Yoruba. All as I like.

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