Michelle Pfeiffer will lead the kingdom in the sequel “Maleficents”

Michelle Pfeiffer joined the cast of the sequel “Maleficents 2“: The actress got the role of queen. This is reported by the publication The Hollywood reporter.

The main role in the tape – as in the original picture – will play Angelina Jolie. Also in the filming will participate Ed Skrein.

Michelle Pfeiffer will lead the kingdom in the sequel "Maleficents"

Details of the new project are still a secret. It is only known that the director’s chair took Joaquim Ronning, and the script is prepared Linda Woolverton and Jez Butterworths. Start of the shooting is planned for the current spring.

According to the plot first tape the young sorceress of Maleficent led a solitary life in an enchanted forest, surrounded by fairy-tale creatures, but one day everything changed … In her world, people who brought destruction and chaos invaded, and Maleficente had to stand up for the protection of her subjects, summoning powerful dark forces for help. In the heat of the struggle, Maleficent imposed a terrible spell on the newborn daughter of the king, the beautiful Aurora. But, watching the growing of the little princess, Maleficent begins to doubt the correctness of his actions – in fact, perhaps it is the Aurora that can breathe new life into the magical forest kingdom.

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