Mark Bolan: 14 quotes

When I was small, I was sure that I was a higher being. I had nothing to do with other people. I do not know who I am or where from. But I know for certain that I am not from here.

  • I live in a state of emergency, which most people can not understand.

  • Do not believe that you have much time. David Bowie is most afraid to die without having to do something really serious.

  • All rock musicians are deaf … Or insensitive to soft sounds.

  • I do not believe that there is security. You can die tomorrow.

  • I’m the founder of punk. In my youth, I was called cosmic punk.

  • Give me the C-major chord, and I’ll give you a thousand melodies!

  • I feel that there is a curse on the rock stars.

    • Steve Carrie (bass guitarist T.Rex)

    Mark was the father of rock ‘n’ roll of the 70’s. without it there would be no glam, punks, David Bowie.

  • Miles Kane (The Last Shadow Puppets, The Rascals)

  • Nobody does it that way, no one is so beautiful, does not wear colored coats. Sess all because. Well, look, I play a concert, who goes there? Yes, simple guys, almost working class, who can go to the football instead of a concert. But on Bowie and Bolana, then the same guys went! And they dressed like women. Nobody in the room even thought to say: “Oh my God, they look like homosexuals!” Everyone thought only: “… they are cool!” Now all the musicians are afraid that they will not understand. Bolan thought: “I’m playing rock’n’roll, I’ll do what I want, I’ll make up.” Today no one has enough eggs to behave this way.

  • His music has not lost its relevance. He is one of the few who possessed the ability to sound modern and at the same time unique.

  • Joe Elliot (Def Leppard)

  • When I watched the performance of Mark Bolan in Top of the Pops, I dreamed to be on the same stage, I also wanted to be covered with sparkles and wear women’s shoes.

    Representatives of Russian rock did not stay aside.

    Boris Grebenshchikov dedicated one of the issues of his broadcast to Aerostat to Mark Bolan, and also used the music of the song Cat Black from the album Tyrannosaurus Rex Unicorn (1969) to compose his composition, which he named Sergei Ilyich (the song for Mark Bolan). “A small haughty handsome man with an incredible head of hair, absolutely sure of his righteousness and singing songs about unicorns and magical kingdoms – he did not fit in any scheme, was completely unformatted,” – BG responded about Mark.

  • Viktor Tsoy, at the dawn of his musical career, when the Cinema group existed only in the bud and was called Garin and hyperboloids, recorded a song – Dedication to Mark Bolan. The text is quite abstract, and Mark himself is not mentioned there, but it does testify to the influence of T.Rex on the early creativity of the late Victor Robertovich.

  • Konstantin Kinchev also did not pass by Mark Bolan and dedicated one of his songs to him – the composition of Dr. Boogie, which was included in the album Energy (1985).

  • However, the main fan of Mark Bolan in the USSR was Mike Naumenko. It is known that he composed the song of Boogie Woogie every day, borrowing the idea from T.Rex, who sang I Love to Boogie. Natalia Naumenko (widow of Mike) recalls: “The music of T.Rex sounded constantly in the house (of course, we listened to a lot of other things). I admit, I’ve never been a fan of Bolan, and his “special” voice was simply annoying. But Mike unobtrusively taught and even tamed to Mark. In the end I was used to both charming bleating and strange pronunciation. I still remember tunes without any reason. I hear the merry boogie-woogie, then strange stories (say, about a girl with a frog in the palm of her hand), then pleading “give me love, give me little love … “Filling a comic questionnaire, in the” hobby “Mike wrote:” I collect materials about Mark Bolan and David Bowie “, in the column” favorite artist “:” Mark Bolan “.

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