Lyubov Orlova on the stage of the Mossovet Theater

On May 6, the premiere of the performance of the Mossovet Theater “Russian Question” was staged by Y. Zavadsky. The artist is MA Vinogradov. In the role of Jesse – Love Orlov, in the role of journalist Harry Smith – R.Plyatt.

A. Scheglov. “My mother Irina Wolf”: “In 1947 in Moscow, the figurative language of plays and plays was frozen by ideological anesthesia, a move away from which was rigorously qualified. But the charm of the actors, the viewer’s ability to see Orlov, Plyatt, Nazvanov, Abdulov “live” informed the meaning of Simonov’s custom-made play. It was a risky debut of the famous movie star Orlova on the dramatic stage. “

Alexander Hort “Love of Orlova”: “Newspapers were full of approving comments. But the newspaper is different for the Soviet man, it is important for the Soviet creator what the most important of them, Pravda, will say. Everyone who needs it will know this.

Pravda responded only on June 29. In a large thorough review, an overview was made of the productions of the “Russian Question” in three theaters: Maly, the name of the Mossovet and the name of Eug. Vakhtangov (with these abbreviations, these names were written). In each play, critics D. Zaslavsky and Yu. Lukin discovered their pros and cons. The performers of the roles of Smith, Bob Murphy, Gould were compared. As for Jesse, the Vakhtangovskaya was not mentioned at all, the game of D. Zerkalova from Maly was marked with one service phrase. But Mossovetovskaya received the favor of Pravdinsky journalists: “Jesse’s complex image found a wonderful performer in the person of L. Orlova. This is the first role played by the talented actress of Soviet cinema on the stage, and the theater. The Moscow City Council can rejoice at the success of such a "debutants". A lot of humanity and very subtle skill in the game of L. Orlova. She reveals with expressive strokes the psychology of a woman who tried to start her life anew, to find a place in life, of course, in her, very narrow, limited understanding of the world. Warm colors find an actress to portray Jesse’s growing love for Smith. “

This was a testament to victory. Our famous actress has achieved another creative success.

The performance was held two or three times a week. For the film actress, it is undesirable to be tethered to the theater with such a rigid schedule. For the theater, in order to avoid any excesses, it is good to have two compositions. Therefore, Lyubov Petrovna had a double – Ethel Margolin “

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