Love and poverty are forever caught in the network

Love and poverty are forever caught in the networkRegular Vitalina in the light held only in “Let them talk”

“Much less on the ground of the Armenians than the film, where he played Dzhigarkhanyan,” joked once Valentin Gaft. Dzhigarkhanyan Vitalina – list of various editions of the talk show with this lady about to become longer than the filmography of Armen Borisovich.

Regular Vitalina in the light held only in the program “Let them talk”. Touching, in a modest light green pantsuit and unpretentious tee shirt, Vitalina was sitting on the couch and sad-a nagging voice talked about. Sponge blew cilia clapped and with amazing confidence fought back with all that “let said.”

I was even more interesting than her into it? How to beat this level of the state of the hurt a high school girl wrongly accused that it, say, forged the signature of the parents in the diary?

– In your life there was no sex as a summand? – ask.

– I do not believe that sex and love are the same thing – confidently retorted Vitalina, and then the conversation turns to the means to increase potency.

Later Vitalina says: “it upsets Me that no one believes in love.”

A still later report: “Armen Borisovich was in need of care, if not for me, would have been different”.

And in the air hangs the question: “Why do we have to marry a mechanic?”.

And how then to believe in love? Love is when as if offended unjustly divorced wife hints at the problems with potency, for some reason And what design can exist with such a support? A house of marked cards? For the last time, even those who do not watch TV and does not go to the Internet on the Internet. Dzhigarkhanyan, already got a lot of “hot” information, after which issues of faith in love seem to be purely rhetorical. The actor, who talent was admired more than one generation, became a hostage in Nabokov “Camera obscura” – a novel where the filth devours all feelings. People that have the ability to be natural in every frame in every episode, is today among the total hypocrisy. Although Vitalina and says confidently that the talk show Jigarkhanyan looks, preferring programs about animals. It is not surprising.

Eight years ago I took Armen Borisovich interview. We had a good conversation, but behind my shoulder in the dressing room. She smiled sweetly, silent, but not gone. Control of the situation. And then from the theater Dzhigarkhanyan other actors pushed the herd, and not because of the salary – because … Well, you understand. Dzhigarkhanyan and said, “Very active. I’m glad.” Although this is a very good process, this is a natural process, or they tried to put me on my knees, I do not know who. ” He was protecting his woman and a woman was pretty screwed up his eyes, reflected in the mirrors of dressing rooms.


Ex-wife Dzhigarkhanyan Vitalina Tsymbalyuk-Romanovskaya: I gave three million to bring my husband home

About the pianist Vitalinu Tsymbalyuk-Romanovskaya and her scandalous divorce with Armen Dzhigarhanyana written thousands of articles, removed a lot of programs. The last solid arguments and demonstration documents. We also wanted to look at Vitalinu on the other side. It is very doubtful that a woman has no love. A history of relations with 82-year-old actor Vitalina shared with his friend, singer Anna Kalashnikova (in detail)

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