Live Ken rejuvenated and looked like a talking fish

In July, the Internet will be 35 years and to this date, Rodrigo thoroughly prepared. Live Ken so much afraid of aging and, apparently, sincerely believe that, at the same time, sincerely, believe that.

While in the Czech capital Prague, Rodrigo made tons of the latest anti-aging injections and immediately reported the results, recorded a video greeting for their fans. That’s just the fans of horror. Many thought that with them man talks to fish. “The phantom of the Opera, monster” is the most innocuous words that left him in the comments. The majority of users said that Rodrigo does not look 34, and all 50 years.

I m 34 now and in October I m turning 35 years old and in preparation to it today I had the ultimate anti-aging procedure with tons of injection including intra-venus Cortex with placenta from Japan to retard the natural aging process. Thank you you to the amazing Doctor @blankavraspirova from @medicobeauty and my friend @robert_paulat to Veronica and held my hand. Watch now live my instagram to see the procedure. #rodrigoalves #prettyhurts

Live Ken rejuvenated and looked like a talking fish

Publication of Rodrigo Alves (@rodrigoalvesuk) 3 May 2018 4:27 PDT

Live Ken rejuvenated and looked like a talking fish

Recall that for 34 years Alves moved about 60 plastic surgeries, among which there are risky, as deleting edges. And all because of a Ken doll. Rodrigo has become very popular in the Internet community around the world, however, more like a freak than an eligible bachelor. He even came to Russia and tried to find love on “the House-2”, but it did not happen.

Every year, living Ken promises that will stop and it will never touch the surgeon’s knife, but something always goes wrong, and Alves once again is in the clinic and improves itself.

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