Like giving birth in Russia: a woman makes an effort, the man shouts

The whole truth about how nurtured and given birth by our ancestors.

The chroniclers did not write about pregnancy and childbirth in Russia. Almost everything that is known, we derive from legends and superstitions, and guess about something, based on the excavations of the archaeologists and the historians. And that’s how we see it.

Easy work for the benefit of

When modern bergamasca does not want to change your active lifestyle, it usually cites the example of rural women who gave birth in the field, not looking up from his work. Such a situation was, but only because of. Our ancestors knew better than us that physically strong women rugaetsa easier than the ladies who spent an interesting position in their palaces. Tilt, sit-ups and twists that had to be at the time of harvesting, it was considered useful, and washing floors, laundry, picking vegetables and replaced at all the women present aerobics or yoga! By the way, this work of beremenye is loaded consciously.

With the advent of the mother, the expectant mother does not become smaller, And they were prepared to the coveted day. However, to lift weights and to work.

Like giving birth in Russia: a woman makes an effort, the man shouts

Stolen apples? No question!

In Ancient Russia the pregnancy was made to the last, the benefit of the sun dresses allowed! To talk about her even her husband. But after 26 weeks belly is hard to ignore, even hide it, at least do not hide. So everyone pretended to be unaware of what is happening, but the attitude of pregnant varied greatly. It is known that during the Patriarchate of her young wife and daughter-in-law “for themselves”, regardless of her wishes and uses. So, it turns out, it is pregnant in a much lesser degree. To be offensive to the lucky lady was inexcusable, she chose not to argue, not to scare her, not to touch her, not toadvertently “shake” and “strike dead,” and even tried to satisfy her simple desires.

Like giving birth in Russia: a woman makes an effort, the man shouts

It was the same with food. If you were thinking of eating the tempting, Apple in a garden and get a cucumber, it was considered bad luck. Dietary restrictions from those who are suffering a modern girl, almost was not. Problems with excess salt or sweet in Russia did not know, vegetables and meat is traditionally steamed and boiled – people lived in a regime of proper nutrition. Expectant mothers were given large portions and the most delicious pieces, tried to feed. Is that from allergies guarded, not allowed there are a lot of red berries.

But with the satisfaction of the food, whims was far worse – there’s definitely notorious watermelon in the winter was not to wait!

Negative banned

Our ancestors believed that everything that makes a woman reflects her future baby. Remember the line from Pushkin’s “Tale of the dead Princess, And no wonder that Bela: pregnant mother sat yeah on the snow and just looking!” Look at the snow, and, most of all, not at all, it’s categorically not allowed. A small loss, of course.

Of course, it is not allowed to the funeral, but under the ban came and entertainment events, if they implied a large crowd of people. Superstitious ancestors even after the baptism of Rus was terrified of the evil eye – but what to say, and the Soviet Union with prejudice. Remember how many times during your 9 months of pregnancy Have you heard: “You get your spokes!”, “No haircut!” or “what, you have bought to extract a set ?!” But if today we decide what to believe, in times of Patriarchy expectant mothers. But the family holidays could not miss. Rejoicing in the society of the pregnant woman, the relatives believed that establish contact directly with the “putitem”.

Like giving birth in Russia: a woman makes an effort, the man shouts

It was not customary to collect the dowry unborn baby. In addition superstitions were rational reasons: first, in the family of this good and have enough chest to keep everything that made the previous generation. And secondly, too high was the probability that to wear expensive new clothes.

The cry of the father against evil spirits

Pregnancy, and this disease is not considered, and in the days when she gave birth to 15 children. We can only envy the old Russian women, because they had every two weeks to go in the early morning.

New kids on the light help more experienced female relative, if lucky, a midwife out-of childbearing age, mothers of healthy children, who have adopted many babies. Often midwives in parallel “moonlighting” hags, so it is often brought to treat grown-up kids. By the way, to the eighteenth century, midwives were trained in special schools.

The childbirth the woman is not forced to lie in a certain position, but their rites still existed. For example, to scream and moan was not the mother, and … father-to-be! The Slavs believed that in this way it distracts the attention of the evil forces. Do you think that it’s possible that you can use it in your childbirth, even today some consider useful?

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