Lazarev and Gusev came to Lisbon for Kirkorov’s birthday

Lazarev and Gusev came to Lisbon for Kirkorov's birthday

The 51st birthday of the king of the pop scene was celebrated in Lisbon, in Portugal. Recall: Philip went to Eurovision with a group from Moldova “Doredos”, which he wrote for the European show hit “One Lucky Day“.

Lazarev and Gusev came to Lisbon for Kirkorov's birthdayWell, that’s how we spent my 51 birthday on the Atlantic coast

On the eve of the first competitive press conference, the artist rolled up a luxurious party on the occasion of his birthday.

Other Eurovision participants also came there: Alexander Rybak, Alexeyev and even Sergei Lazarev.

Lazarev and Gusev came to Lisbon for Kirkorov's birthdayI decided to ride a hare)))

Who knows, maybe next year Sergei will again go to defend the country’s honor at the European musical show.

In any case, talk about this is coming. After all, last time Lazarev was a step away from victory – the performance of the singer, the song and number were, according to critics, the strongest in the contest. But, alas, politics interfered and the Ukrainian singer Jamala won.

Lazarev and Gusev came to Lisbon for Kirkorov's birthday

And here’s the birthday boy) met at last) Happy Birthday, Phil)) good luck at Eurovision with @doredos_official! @fkirkorov! # eurovision2018

In the meantime, Lazarev came to Portugal to congratulate Kirkorov on his personal holiday.

– Dear Philippe! Dear friend! – Sergei Lazarev addressed his comrade in Instagram. – Happy birthday! Your life is like the brightest and biggest fireworks! You always go ahead, and never give up before difficulties and obstacles! You constantly experiment with music, images! Every time we are guessing that you will come up with a new, interesting for yourself, for the viewer and for your friends! You know how to surprise! And your new work “The color of the mood blue” just ripped everyone !! And hit all the trends! You have been on horseback for several decades on Olympus, on top! This is a wonderful example of a real artist who lives with music, a spectator and his profession! This is our photo (see photo) made at the Eurovision Song Contest 2016, when we fought for the victory for Russia! It is very symbolic that today I came back to the thick of the Eurovision events, this time in Lisbon, where you are preparing for the Moldovan group “DoReDos” to congratulate you on your birthday. I wish you and the boys good luck and the highest points! They are cool! I embrace! Your friend, Sergey Lazarev.

The birthday boy also does not deny that it is possible that Sergei Lazarev will sing at the Eurovision Song Contest, will return for the victory.

By the way, Katya Guseva, the author of the latest remixes for Kirkorov’s songs, came to congratulate the artist from Moscow.

The girl at Philip’s party in Lisbon stood behind the “turntable”, gave a new sound to the hits of the birthday boy.

Lazarev and Gusev came to Lisbon for Kirkorov's birthdayWell, here began my yesterday’s holiday, almost from the first minutes of my arrival in Lisbon!

– Celebrated my 51st birthday with the songs of my friend Sergei Lazarev, who flew specially for one day from Moscow to congratulate me with a bunch of fashionable clothes as a gift. Speech Sergei was the culmination of the evening, the guests were delighted, as it is everyone here adores. I think, Sergei, your revenge will not take long!

In the final of the party, Philip himself appeared on the stage. Just scandalous video of the artist “Color mood blue” has already gained more than 13 million views on Youtube, so the execution of this fashionable track has become a beautiful curtain of the holiday.

Lazarev and Gusev came to Lisbon for Kirkorov's birthday

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