Larisa Guzeeva sent a fan over rude comment

Larisa Guzeeva sent a fan over rude comment

Actress and TV presenter can “make” some disliked her. Applying the word, of course. The program “let’s get married!” is on the main channel of the country for many years, and this show is invariably Larisa Guzeeva. Because 58-year-old actress love for her sharp tongue. There is even a selection of the best pearl Guzeeva on the show, for example:

– “Man – he is a living person!”;

– “Passion is when love everything below the head”;

– “Mom said to me:” When you come out of yourself – the mouth does not forget to close! “;

– “Do not listen to grandmothers.” They know nakolbasyat yourself in life, and then portray before us that they are straight all the dandelions “;

– “Your legs are now gone, and the dress has not yet started!”;

– “Good men dismantle still puppies”.

It’s the fact that it’s better not to get caught. Larisa Guzeeva, like most celebrities, gotten Instagram, which puts what she wants. The actress signed nearly a million people, Guzeeva interesting to the public. At the may holidays, the TV presenter flew to Paris along with the 17-year-old daughter Olga, who, by the way, is growing into a real beauty.

Immodest, but true. With melatonin my Leli (@lola_dont) all right. And all because she had the right curtains. Dear share: the hormone melatonin, which is responsible for ensuring that we maximize recovered during sleep, is produced only in complete darkness. Recently read about your textile designer Lena from @stilnye_textilnye. And asked her to pick up. Lele something stylish curtains-blackout. The result is just wow. See for yourself

Guzeeva posted a photo opposite the arc de Triomphe.

Larisa Guzeeva sent a fan over rude commentParis. May 1. Evening. Hello everyone and much happiness!

And very positively signed it: “Paris. May 1. Evening.” Hi all and a lot of happiness! “. In the comments to the post, it was mostly some compliments and stuff, but suddenly a young girl with a private account says, “a Terrible kind of picture.” What is she doing? “.

Guzeeva, as it turns out, feedback fans read. Some are even responding. This, for example, wrote the following: “She hands sends you deep in PU **!”.

Then the degree of communication of the fans under this view began to rise. Went controversy, and whether rudeness is to respond to rudeness. Most Larissa supported, however, there were those who sincerely surprised that Guzeeva responded with rudeness.

“Why such a reaction on comments? Not everyone must admire your pics”, asked one of podeschi.

“Delights not welcome, rudeness is not tolerated” – briefly replied the actress.

Recall that Larisa Guzeeva became known throughout the country after starring in the film “Cruel romance” Eldar Ryazanov. On his account more than six dozen roles in the movie. The project “let’s get married!” thanks to the charm of the actress is not coming off screens for 10 years. Larisa Guzeeva is a 25-year-old son of George by his marriage to the Caja Tolordava. Together with her third husband restaurateur Igor Buharov brought up 17-year-old daughter Olga.

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