Konstantin Khabensky presented his film in new York

Konstantin Khabensky presented his film in new YorkPhoto: courtesy of the organizers of the event

Yesterday in the UN Headquarters in the new York held a screening of the film “Sobibor” Konstantin Khabensky. English subtitles. The show was attended by the permanent representatives of China, Tunisia, Germany, Israel and other delegations, as well as the social organization and living in the new York war veterans.

The film was introduced by keira Knightley, who played a major role in it and performed for the first time as a Director. In the actor group – actors from different countries. Starring in “Sobibor” was played by Christopher Lambert (“Highlander”, “Mortal Kombat”), Mikhalina Olshansky (“Matilda”), Philip Reinhardt (“Stalingrad”, “the Groom”), Maria Kozhevnikova (“Battalion” Gela Meskhi, Roman Godin and others.

We will remind you that the day before “Sobibor” was shown at the Embassy in Washington. The world premiere took place with Warsaw on 23 April. The premiere tour will end in Berlin on 9 may. The plot is based on a true story and tells about only in the history of the successful revolt in the death camp. Alexander Pechersky. He was able to rally out of different countries. The film “Sobibor,” directed by Cinema companies Production and “Fetisov Illusion” with the support of the Foundation Alexander Pechersky. The release of the movie dedicated to the 75th anniversary of the uprising of the prisoners in the Nazi death camp.

Konstantin Khabensky presented his film in new YorkKonstantin Khabensky

Press conference of the film “Sobibor” on the forum and exhibition “Cinema Expo 2017” started with an unexpected statement. For a long time the name of the director of the film about the only successful escape from a concentration camp during the Second World War was kept secret. It turned out that the Director of the film was made by Konstantin Khabensky. He also played a major role, the role of the Soviet Army, Lieutenant, Alexander Pechersky, who managed three weeks in captivity to the plan of uprising of the prisoners from different countries of Europe.

“We were not able to compete with the pictures of the world cinema that showed all the horrors of war, murder and cruelty,” said Konstantin Khabensky, “we wanted to tell about people who have passed through the sieve of the concentration camps, the people next to them breathing death. We wanted to show and the people on the other side of the fence.

In addition, Knightley stressed that “Sobibor” is not an entertaining story, but a tough and emotional movie. But, as in life, the most difficult moments are interspersed with the less exciting and tense, so in the picture there are scenes that will make even smile. “The number of episodes will show that in what condition and circumstances, was not man, if he continues to joke, it is strong in spirit,” said Constantine.

In the work on the film was taken by actors and filmmakers from Russia, Lithuania, France, Germany, Poland, and the tape removed in 5 languages: Russian, Polish, German, Dutch and Yiddish. In the picture are planning to release on the eve of the anniversary of the great victory.

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