Kate Hudson hinted that she could give birth to a fourth child

Kate Hudson hinted that she could give birth to a fourth child

Kate Hudson, who will soon be a mom for the third time, impressed the fans, confessing that she was already thinking about giving birth to the fourth baby. Curiously, before the actress learned through ultrasound that this time she was expecting a girl, she did not plan another child. The fact is that the 39-year-old star, raising two sons, for some reason was sure that she would be born exclusively boys. Kate believed that three boys would be enough. But when it became clear that Hudson was waiting for the girl this time, her opinion changed.

“Surprise! Soon we will have a little girl! “- the actress joyfully informed her fans and added:” We with her, that is women, will still be in our family in the minority. And I so want to add to our house some more female energy … “If we consider that earlier Kate, who was expecting a child from boyfriend Danny Fujikawa, said that, ideally, she would like a really big family, then, quite possibly, she will really decide on the fourth child.

“This time everything is different for me: both in a bad and in a good way. On the one hand, I have never felt sick for such a long time and so much. Well, they say, when you carry a girl, it happens … “- said Hudson. And on the other, according to the star, the baby in the stomach “pushed” her to sports. “I have a lot of walking and even started attending yoga courses for pregnant women, which I never did in two previous pregnancies!” – Kate proudly informed.

Also, the star told how she prepares her children for the birth of a sister. “The main thing I try to teach my sons is to be kind to my sister, as well as to all others …” – assures the celebrity. Recall that the older brothers of the unborn babe – this is Ryder, who is now 14 years old (his father was the former husband Hudson – musician Chris Robinson) and 6-year-old Bingham (his actress gave birth to her former boyfriend, the soloist of the group “Muse” – Matthew Bellamy, with whom she was officially engaged).

Kate Hudson hinted that she could give birth to a fourth child

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