Jennifer Lopez flashed a pulling underwear

Hollywood actress and singer fell into a rather embarrassing situation during the filming of the TV show.

Jennifer Lopez became the heroine of the famous talk show Helen Degeneres. The star looked stunning in a turquoise dress with a high incision in front. A tight fitting dress favorably emphasized the tight figure of Jen. In a word, the image of the superstar was, as always, perfect, if not for one thing.

Jennifer Lopez flashed a pulling underwearPhoto: Legion-media

During the transfer, Jay Luo got up from the couch to demonstrate an energetic dance floor. The movements were beautiful and seductive, but the singer brought a deep cutout. During the dance, the dress was heavily tucked, revealing the pulling shorts. Jennifer was a little embarrassed, pulled the hem and repeated the movement.

During the transfer, Lopez told Helen how the first date with her lover Alex Rodriguez was. Jennifer opened her mouth and confessed that at some point she thought that it was a normal dinner for Alex, and not a romantic date. But it turned out that Alex was simply embarrassed. Going to the dressing room, the shy man sent Jenne SMS, in which he said that she looks very sexy.

Alex and Jennifer began dating in March last year. Since then, the pair has become inseparable. Moreover, recently Rodriguez and Lopez purchased the first joint real estate – apartments in New York for $ 15.3 million. The media is actively discussing the early engagement of lovers.

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