Jasmine complained of problems in the upbringing of children

Jasmine complained of problems in the upbringing of childrenPhoto: @Instagram jasmin Jasmine

Well, as a lot of children and they all behave in unison – this utopia is the dream of every mother of many children, but the reality is often at odds with expectations. Jasmine complained that difficulties in bringing up children. Before her daughter Margaret fell ill, she coped excellently. Recently, however, started the girl’s disease is strongly influenced by family relationships. The artist admits that he wants to clone himself, as all three kids are screaming for her attention, and she is physically unable to meet their needs in communication.

The most insulting that cold Margarita coincided with the release of Jasmine. “Going on a vacation with all three, but on arrival Daisy” was having a cold “, he became capricious and it took a split personality. moms to talk, to walk, to go to a restaurant, shares his experiences Jasmine. – Myron constantly need my attention, but it can not be allowed to sneeze and cough. Daisy, which in turn terribly jealous, refuses to release me even for a but especially for Myron swam, In the end, we agreed that Myron is not going to bathe me, while Margaret is sick. It’s saved, but not for long, the next morning my daughter was indigent that she was not compensated (with a temperature of 38!), and still will have an ice-cream (because I dreamed about it) need! “

Jasmine complained of problems in the upbringing of children

Photo: @Instagram jasmin Jasmine

Fans do not change my temper. When Margarita will get better, relations in the family improve, so the singer will no longer experience serious stress because of the jealousy of children. Recall that two years ago, Jasmine was a large mom: she had a son Myron. Also, the singer is raising six-year-old Margarita and 20-year-old Michael.

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