ISA Anokhina boasted buy an apartment in the center of Moscow

ISA Anokhina boasted buy an apartment in the center of MoscowPhoto: @aizalovesam Instagram ISA Anokhina

ISA Anokhin, the ex-wife of the rapper Guf, which is now busy developing his own musical career, announced to the fans that soon will celebrate the housewarming. She bought a spacious apartment in the center of the capital. To buy your own housing in Moscow, the ISA was found for a long time, but only now was able to accumulate real estate dreams.

“I have good news! Suddenly, you will be happy.” Now we have our own apartment in the center of Moscow. , and large living room, “This is a bust will take pride of place! Pushkin means a lot to our family,” says ISA.

Anokhin has two children: a son from the marriage with the Body – year-old Sam and Elvis from the current husband, surfer Dmitry. And recently it became known that the ISA is going to give birth to the future of another baby. “The third child I wanted during the filming of” Pregnant “because I was flooded with the incredible memories of that time .. Now I’m thinking of being a mom, preparing for this. Of course, I would like a girl, but I think I was born to give birth to boys! ” – shared ISA with

In addition to the fact that ISA is now in competition with her ex-husband in rap battles, it is engaged in the development of their own business. First Anokhina opened a personal chain of beauty salons and then became fascinated with tailoring.

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