In the suburbs, the adoptive mother of Yura Shatunova

In the suburbs, the adoptive mother of Yura ShatunovaYuri Shatunov and his adoptive mother

Yuri Shatunov, a former soloist of the "Tender May" group, said goodbye to a woman whom he called the main person in his life. It became known that in the Moscow suburbs the adoptive mother of 44-year-old musician Galina Venediktova died. The sad news was reported by producer Andrei Razin in his microblog. The farewell ceremony was held in Moscow on the morning of June 13.

In the orphanage, Shatunov turned up at the age of 11, after his own mother was diagnosed with heart failure. At the age of 12, the future artist was orphaned. It is known that Yura was a "difficult" child, he constantly ran away from the orphanage, wandered around Bashkortostan and the Orenburg region.

Shatunov’s life was divided into "before" and "after", when he was transferred to a boarding school in Orenburg, where he met the head of the amateur art group Sergei Kuznetsov: he was looking for a performer for his songs. Shatunov was an ideal candidate. When Yury was 15 years old, the tape with the records of his songs came to Andrei Razin. He made sure that the boy was transferred to the Moscow boarding school No. 24 to record a professional album.

Galina Venediktova was the director of the boarding school, she took custody of the boy. Other members of the group were also pupils of her school. The last years of her life Galina Venediktova worked in the interregional youth public organization "Sun circle" together with Razin.

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