“I dance in Moscow”: Irina Gorbacheva copyright dance project, fears and group psychotherapy

Actress Irina Gorbachev left the theater and feels great. Fees gets in the movie (“I lose weight”, “Coach”), and applause on the streets. Today starts the second season of its original series “I’m dancing in Moscow”.

"I dance in Moscow": Irina Gorbacheva copyright dance project, fears and group psychotherapyOn Irina: sweatshirt, pants, everything, Sorry, I’m Not top, “dance Floor”; headphones, Beats.

This season you’re going to dance in Moscow?

Yes, our project begins with a tour of the city. We start in Moscow and then to Nizhny Novgorod, Kazan, Rostov-on-don, Krasnodar and Sochi.

A large-scale. And how it all started?

Once I was in Paris alone, sad. And I suddenly thought, “what if we go outside and start dancing?” The conditions were just appropriate – I’m alone in an unfamiliar place where nobody knows me … put my headphones on, turned on the music and decided. And immediately realized how difficult it was.

It is hard to believe. You have the emancipation of the 80-th level.

And yet it was overcoming myself. In the first 20 minutes I tried to shake myself, not squeezing. And then he raised his head, began to look people in the eye, and let me go. In the end, I danced for more than an hour and a euphoria of it all caught! The sadness was gone, he wanted to do something, and I thought it would be cool to come up with something like this in Moscow. To gather together, put on the headphones and dance.


Back in Russia, I went to the camp “Change” to meet with children. I said I want to walk with a psychologist or dance with people on the street and thus help them to overcome fears, complexes, something like that. With me was friend Julia Repeta, it the idea seemed cool, we sat on the seashore and began to think how to start this project in Moscow. And I came up with.

Remember your very first action?

Of course, I was afraid wildly. We were all prepared, for the first time, recruited a group of 15 people, mostly friends, we had earphones with recorded tracks, water, medicines. But I was still shaking from fear. Remember I said to everyone: “Guys, if you are worried, you know – I worry even stronger.”

"I dance in Moscow": Irina Gorbacheva copyright dance project, fears and group psychotherapy

Tell me in order how all these are your dances?

People are registering on the website, then meet me in the Park, put on headphones and start by preconceived route. With headphones is music and breaks my voice, I give participants the task – to say Hello to passers-by, to give “five” the person next and so on. To be able to dance to it, we are not at all necessary, we are not standing still.

Almost group therapy …

So. The thrill of it all, like you’re a pretty awesome concert: it seems that the crowd must be uncomfortable, but this crowd is on your wave around like-minded people, and you’re cool.

How much is it to dance and chat with Irina Gorbacheva?

Zero rubles, zero kopeks. But in the future I would like to make a regular donation for any fund. The amount is at your discretion, at least 50, at least 100. The main thing is that it was not a one-off, it is important to make a regular subscription to donate 100 roubles a month, for example. You know, for people who want to participate in the project, it will be quite easy. And we thus get like feedback, gain mission.

Moscow Department of Culture has already drawn attention to you?

Not yet, but we count on their support. We would like this to become a familiar story, the original card of Moscow. You know, so many people who come here, go to museums, to the theater, but also dance on the street.

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