Husband Kim Kardashian was suspected of having a mental illness

Admirers of the spouse Kim Kardashian – reporter Kanye West – are seriously concerned. Last time he behaves more and more strange. So much so that many people had the idea that Kanye was “a bit out of sorts.” Since he had a full-blown nervous breakdown the year before, which ended with hospitalization in a psychiatric clinic, West’s friends feared that history was repeating itself.

To begin with, it became known that the 40-year-old Kanye declared himself a fighter in the worldwide “battle of good and evil,” and hinted that his outcome might depend on him. Later, he admitted that he did not care what people say about him, because they still do not appreciate his genius. When he arranged for an interview on the radio show of the famous presenter Ebro Larden, Kanye could not answer any of the questions, repeating all the time the same line from Steve Wonder’s song … He stopped communicating with almost all friends and relatives, and almost always spends , closing in the studio. And recently, Kanye announced that he was preparing to release as many as five albums at the same time! This caused even more serious fears in his “adequacy”.

One of the last tricks seriously frightened the rapper’s friends. He said that someone was following him and confessed that he had sealed the camera of his laptop computer with adhesive tape. After that, he severely quarreled with his mother-in-law, Kim’s mother Chris Jenner, with whom he always had a wonderful relationship. And, in the end, he fired, without any serious reason, his loyal manager Izvor Zivkovic. “I no longer have a manager, I can not manage!” – said West. True, Kanye’s wife – Kim has already managed to defend Kanye, the father of her three children. “Stop demonizing my husband! He’s just emotional and free to think! “- said Kardashian.

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