House in the style of “romantic classicism” in the suburbs

Designer Elena Kasatkina designed the house in the suburbs in the spirit of “romantic classicism.” There was an airy interior with a lot of art in the atmosphere.

Elena Kasatkina has been working in the field of interior design for a very long time. And her fascination with beauty began literally from a young age. Then she went to classes in an art school, showing non-children’s interest in applied art. And later she visited the reading room of the Library of Foreign Literature, where she found a desire to study specialized magazines and publications on interior, architecture and, again, applied art. Such early self-education has borne fruit, and it became clear that its further path already in the field of higher educational institutions is roughly aligned.

Living room. Sofa, Dom Edizioni; armchair, Moissonnier; table, Chelini; chandelier, Fine Art Lamps; carpets, Dovlet House. Painting the work of Valery Koshlyakov.

So Elena graduated from the Academy. S.G. Stroganov, and then also defended her thesis, having obtained the degree of candidate of art criticism. Work in the end, of course, became a favorite. “I have been engaged in interior design for more than twenty years,” Elena says, “but I can note that with success in this area are not born, it is achieved through great efforts, striving and courage.”

Fragment of the living room. Antique screen.

For these customers, Elena makes several objects, but it was from the house that we are publishing now that the acquaintance with the clients began once.

House in the style of "romantic classicism" in the suburbsZone of the dining room. Table, Oak; vase, Moon Stores; Chairs, Mis en Demeure; chandelier, Fine Art Lamps; parquet, “Golden Forest”. Painting the work of Valery Koshlyakov.

The building with a total area of ​​1700 m2 was built according to a good design by competent modern architects. Nevertheless, the designer, no matter what, is responsible for the final look of the housing, so to realize the ideas conceived Elena had to make some planning and design changes. “An outstanding architect of the 16th century, Andrea Palladio, wrote that in every building three things must be observed, without which no building can be approved, it’s a benefit, strength and beauty,” the designer notes and agrees with the master’s idea. According to Elena, functionality and utilitarianity are the main tasks that must be solved by any interior designer simply by default, regardless of the chosen stylistic decision and the customer’s wishes. With this it is difficult not to agree: in the end, the main goal of all the works and the architect, designer and decorator is to create a real house, in which it is simply comfortable to be.

Stylistically, the future decoration of the house was defined as “romantic classicism.” In this spirit, and went work. It took two years to fulfill the plan. Customers trusted the designer, but, of course, how interested people took part where their subjective opinion was necessary. Elena believes that there are a lot of key moments in this project: colors, compositional solutions, and even inspiration are important during the implementation of this project. But the most important is the harmony of the interior, which, of course, was born with the final appearance of the house.

Entrance to the fireplace room. Chandelier, Arizzi; table, Moissonnier. White-blue ceramics, Moon Stores.

“Harmonious”, perhaps, is really the best word describing this project. The designer was able to perfectly combine the classics and modern art objects. From some angles, the house will easily come down for some fashion museum of modern art: one staircase stands, and paintings with sculptures that are everywhere in the house support this impression. But if you look closely, it will immediately become clear that this space is the house where you can sit comfortably by the fireplace with your friends, and be alone with yourself on the spacious terrace.

Fragment of the chimney hall. Sofa, Mood; armchair, Moissonnier; table, Christopher Guy; carpet, Dovlet House.

House in the style of "romantic classicism" in the suburbsStairs to the second floor. Chandelier, Fine Art Lamps. At the top of the picture is Maria Suvorova. Left below is a picture of Valery Koshlyakov’s work.

House in the style of "romantic classicism" in the suburbsAt the stairs. Sculpture of the work of Leonid Grishin.

House in the style of "romantic classicism" in the suburbsFragment of the master bedroom. The bed is made to order. Sofa, Ochre; armchair, Moissonnier; carpet, Dovlet House. Cotton bed linens Figna Lace Limited Edition, Pratesi.

House in the style of "romantic classicism" in the suburbsFragment of the bathroom. Scon, Porta Romana; chandelier, Arizzi; mixers, Horus.

House in the style of "romantic classicism" in the suburbsFragment of the cabinet. Armchairs, Baxter; Antique table; racks are made to order. On this page and on the left page accessories, all the Moon Stores.

Fragment of the hallway. An antique sofa. Painting the work of Masha Suvorova.

House in the style of "romantic classicism" in the suburbsFragment of the pool zone. Windows in the floor make space closer to nature.

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