He writes Kanye West in his Twitter

He writes Kanye West in his Twitter

Kanye West departed from social networks and was silent for almost a year. But a week ago he returned to give his world his wisdom. We have studied Twitter and Kanye have the most tenable of the most memorable and enigmatic posts (they do not even understand Kim Kardashian).

Kanye believes that truth is like a sport: “My aim is true.” I will do 100 approaches “argue for the sake of 6 cubes of truth.”

Kanye is his own master: “I have no Manager. I unmanaged” (that is true).

Kanye believes that his fans are the best: “My fans”, I think it’s very manipulative. are the fans themselves “.

Kanye-philosopher: “You’re a drop of water, and the ocean is your army.” If you have fears, then you’re one. Then, you, money, countless numbers of people have to cheat, which will have to be manipulated to build a man-made path that will never lead to true happiness. “

Kanye believes that consciousness determines being: “Some of us have to work with the existing consciousness, while others can change consciousness.”

Kanye advises on how to start the day: “When just woke up, do not pick up the phone, do not get on the Internet, and do not even hear anyone for almost an hour. It’s better than any movie. “

Kanye – the God metaphor: “the car has four wheels.” Hoodies have hoods. “I find it funny when someone says” this is the original hoodie. “Dude … it’s just a sweatshirt.”

Kanye gained access to the flow of universal love: “I do not believe in the concept of the enemy.” We were created so that competition always exists. the work. “As soon as you start to move with love, the universe will help you.”

Kanye believes that it’s impossible to be 100% original, “Too much emphasis on originality.” Feel free to take ideas and refine them as you wish, all great artists borrow and improve “.

Kanye thinks you should believe in yourself: “Your ideas are the best.” Usually other people’s opinions. , stop doing that, as soon as possible “.

However, recent statements by the rapper that he supports Donald trump (according to him, both of them have the “energy dragon”), and that “slavery was a choice of” black population of America, Kanye is all right in the head, and he was recently admitted that he was addicted to opiates.

The writers of the “World Wild West” do not have to guess what is going on with Kanye, if he went crazy or wrong draws West.

He writes Kanye West in his Twitter

He writes Kanye West in his Twitter

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