Happy moments: Galkin showed home video with Lisa and Harry

Happy moments: Galkin showed home video with Lisa and HarryLisa and Harry Galkin / photo: instagram.com

The TV host often shares videos on which his four-year-old children are depicted. Today Maxim Galkin indulged in memories and showed previously unpublished cadres. On them, Lisa does her mommy a haircut, and Harry is engaged in farming.

Maxim Galkin actively leads his social network page. He likes to share his opinion with subscribers, and sometimes puts funny and even piquant videos to cheer fans up. In the castle he lives with Alla Pugacheva and four-year-old children: Lisa and Harry. They also often become the heroes of the videos, which the TV host puts out.

Today Galkin indulged in memories and published a home video that had not previously shown to the web users. “I’m reviewing home recordings on tour,” he wrote. On the first frames Lisa makes a haircut to the famous mother, and Harry claims that he likes it when Pugacheva looks natural, without additional styling. Later there are footage on which he collects toy things and cleans up the house.

Fans once again admired the children of Maxim and Alla Borisovna. “Everything is harmonious in this family!”, “Mom and so beautiful, well done Harry, my mother is the best!”, “Garik master! Everything is under his care “,” All houses, children are busy on the au pair! Lovely – lovely! Light and warm World! Harry, as befits a man, a little jealous, “- commented video subscribers. Galkin himself is on tour now and misses the kids.

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