Grown up the son of Olga Orlova has increased its copy

Grown up the son of Olga Orlova has increased its copyOlga Orlova

Olga Orlova warmly congratulated on the birthday of the son Artem. Looking at the starry mom, it was hard to believe, but today the boy was 17 years old. “Happy birthday, my adult child!” My shoulder, my support and my friend! I always love you! ” – signed the singer shared with Artem the, published in the personal microblog. Fans of the star, congratulating her and Artem on this happy event, said that the boy looks just like her mother: the same facial features, eyes and a winning smile.

Star does not like to advertise personal photos of his son. Artem with birthday. In an interview with 7days. Orlova told how she raises her son.

“I believe that children should grow up in reverence and respect their parents.” They should know what they can and can not do. In fact, there is no single recipe for education. “It all depends on the child and his mother,” said Olga.

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