Gigurda still got the legacy of millionaire Lyudmila Bratash?

Gigurda still got the legacy of millionaire Lyudmila Bratash?Nikita Dzhigurda is sure: the inheritance of Lyudmila Bratash eventually will be his.

Recently, the writer Lena Lenin said the news: they say, in America, the will of the millionaire Lyudmila Bratash was recognized as valid. Recall, the business woman left all her property and money to Nikita Dzhigurda and Marina Anisina. On the money received from the legacy of the millionaire Lyudmila Bratash in the United States, the money showman has allegedly purchased a “plot of land in a half-hectare on the banks of the Volga tributary.” In social networks we have already begun to congratulate Dzhigurda, and we decided to check whether this is true.

– The message is very similar to a duck, – said independent lawyer Alexander Razumovsky. – Bratash has his own sister, a citizen of Belarus, who is legatee by law. And she sued the Russian court, challenging the paper that Jigurda presented as a will of the deceased. The dispute over the inheritance is not over. And before its completion no one can receive an inheritance. I know that the showman sued both in Russia and in France, where Bratash has real estate. But the French court postponed the consideration of the case until the final decision of the Russian court. In the US, if such a court had been held, the judges had to inquire whether the deceased had heirs by law. In addition, in America are given long periods for the possibility of appealing against a court decision. So I could not get an inheritance for such a record-meekly short time of Dzhigurda.

– Dzhigurda from time to time informs on the networks that he allegedly won a court in Moscow by inheritance of my sister, but this is a bluff, – Sister Bratash Svetlana Romanova told “KP”. – And the fact that he allegedly received the inheritance of my sister in America – another nonsense. I, as an heiress by law, would have known about this.

– The information that Dzhigurda has already received the Bratash legacy does not correspond to reality, “Marina Anisina’s lawyer Oksana Filacheva confirmed to Komsomolskaya Pravda. – We have a court appointed on May 7 in the Moscow City Court. Personally, I have no doubt about the legitimacy of the will. But the fact that Jigurda has already received a part of the inheritance and even bought something for him, is certainly not. There was no court in America. Dzhigurda – an outrageous person, famous, many people want to make a PR.

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