Friend, friend and brother. What should the best man do at Harry’s wedding?

Prince Harry asked his elder brother, Prince William, to be best man at his wedding. In this very few people doubted, because this role often falls to close relatives or best friends of the groom.

Nowadays, the main duties of the best man are organizing a stag party, buying rings, delivering the groom to the place of marriage and talking at the wedding table. But initially the role of the main assistant and the groom’s friend was a little different.

Roots of tradition

Shafer, according to some traditions, had to help in the kidnapping of the bride and watch that no one stole it before the performance of marital duties.

In English the best man is called "best man", that is the best man. But if you think that the definition "best" relates to friendly relations with the groom, then you are mistaken.

It is difficult to guarantee the sources of the tradition, but according to one of the theories, the custom originated among the ancient Germanic tribes, in particular it is ready.

It was believed that it is best to choose your wife from your own village. If, for some reason, the brides did not have enough, then they should go to a neighboring settlement. But even there they could not be in excess. Volunteer to give scarce brides no one wanted, and the only way to get a wife – was kidnapping.

Friend, friend and brother. What should the best man do at Harry's wedding?And the best man was supposed to watch, that the relatives of the young wife did not steal her directly from the wedding bed. Or that the bride herself does not run away

It was silly to go alone, at least, an assistant was needed. For purely practical reasons, this assistant was to be a strong and skillful warrior, hence the word "best" – the best. The ability to run fast and swing swiftly with an ax or sword was much more important than a personal friendship with the groom.

Assisting in kidnapping the bride, the duties of the best man were not limited. He also, according to some testimonies, had to stand in patrol over the bedroom door of the newlyweds, so that the indignant relatives of the young wife did not try to beat her back at the most interesting moment.

In addition, he also had another responsibility: not to allow a young wife to flee, if for some reason the bridegroom-kidnapper did not suit her at all.

Evolution of the best man

Friend, friend and brother. What should the best man do at Harry's wedding?Shafer ensures that the groom is properly dressed …

Now the duties of the best man are much less complicated, and he has to protect not so much the bride, as the wedding rings. True, in the royal family, men traditionally do not wear engagement rings. For example, Prince William does not have a ring.

Despite the fact that duties "right hand" The bridegroom changed and became less complicated, they became much more.

… and relatively sober

So, what usually can be the responsibility of the best man?

  • Help the groom choose a suit or suit, walk with him to try on, saving him from the deadly decisions in terms of fashion and elegance. In the royal family in this sense it is easier: there all men are on military service and in solemn cases wear a dress uniform. So, most likely, the care of choosing a suit for the groom on the shoulders of William will not go down.
  • Organize a bachelor party. Plan everything in such a way that all friends whom the bridegroom wants to see at his farewell to the bachelor life could get to this event.
  • Carefully prepare your speech at the wedding dinner, having previously checked it for possible insults and offenses. And also provide the whole company with umbrellas if the day is expected to be rainy.
  • Calm the nerves of the groom on the eve of the wedding.
  • On the day of the wedding, make sure that the groom in time got the stud in the buttonhole, and that it was neither shabby nor faded. Bring the groom to the church, do not forget the rings, and after the ceremony solemnly offer a hand (but not the heart) to the bridesmaid. Hand to bring her into the light of God, and not then to marry.
  • Be ready for dancing with a bridesmaid.
  • And, of course, to pronounce a pre-prepared and rehearsed speech.

Marlen Koenig, historian and expert on British and European monarchies, said in an interview with the glossy magazine Bazaar that William’s responsibilities as a whole will not differ from those of ordinary besties. The main thing is that everything goes without a hitch.

He will provide moral support to his brother, store rings and, to a certain extent, organize a bachelor party.

When asked what emotions he feels when he is a new best man, William laughed: "Finally, I will take revenge on him!". Seven years ago William was the best man himself.

Immediately after the official announcement of the engagement of Megan and Harry, the Duke of Cambridge said he was delighted and added: "Personally, I hope that he will leave my refrigerator alone and stop raiding my food, which he has been doing for the last few years".

Reply courtesy

This is the reciprocal courtesy: Harry was best man at his brother’s wedding. Maybe at that moment he repeats his speech?

Harry’s speech at the wedding of his elder brother and Kate Middleton was so funny that the guests slid from the chairs with laughter. According to rumors, he joked over the thinned hair of the future king and portrayed in his face the telephone conversations with Kate.

Whether the elder brother will be able to answer the younger one the same way, it is not fated to learn, since everything will happen behind closed doors at a home event.

About where the stag party will take place, with certainty no one will say, but some glamorous magazines allude to boutique hotels in Mexico. Bookmakers do not exclude however, that to say goodbye to a bachelor life, Harry and his friends will be in Switzerland or Scotland.

The holiday promises to be calm. After the meeting with Megan, according to rumors, Prince Harry became much less likely to drink alcohol and smoke less.

Which of these rumors are true – we leave on the conscience of their authors.

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