Foreigners at the entrance to China will take fingerprints

Foreigners at the entrance to China will take fingerprints

Foreigners at the entrance to China will take fingerprints

Recently, China has embarked on a phased implementation of the new state security plan. Already on February 10 last year, foreign passengers from the international airport in Shenzhen (southern Guangdong province) leave fingerprints, and then the rest of the border points of the country joined the program to create a fingerprint database. The last initiative was picked up by Gongbei (Gongbei Port of Entry) – border crossing in Zhuhai on the border with Macau.

Introducing innovation, China refers to the experience of other countries and the need to combat illegal visitors. Only in 2016 were detained 2770 people who illegally entered or stayed on the territory of China. In total, in 2016, the Chinese border crossed about 14.2 million foreign tourists, which is 72% more than a year earlier.

Prints must be submitted by all foreign citizens between the ages of 14 and 70, with the exception of holders of diplomatic passports and humanitarian visas. The need to follow the new rules was recalled in the airline Aeroflot, which operates flights from Russia to China.

At airports in Beijing, Shanghai and Guangzhou, the mandatory procedure was introduced from April 30. At the airport of the Chinese capital, Aeroflot flights are serviced in Terminal 2, where 20 automatic kiosks are installed to the passport control zone. Assistance in the procedure is provided by immigration officers. After the fingerprints have been removed, the foreign passenger receives a receipt, which must be presented at the passport control.

This information is entered in the database of the migration service of the PRC, after which it will not be necessary to repeat the fingerprinting. In case of refusal from the procedure of the removal of prints, the foreigner will be refused entry.

Recall that fingerprints have long been required to obtain a Schengen visa.

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