Favorite Russian songs of Japanese

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Favorite Russian songs of Japanese

Russian folk and military songs are quite popular in the east. And in China, and Korea, and in Japan they are often echoed. Sometimes they translate translated versions, sometimes they try to sing in Russian. The most popular bands performing Russian songs in Japanese Royal Knights and Bony Jacks.

And if Bony Jacks sang in Japanese, then Royal Knights We performed our songs in Russian.

Favorite Russian songs of JapaneseRoyal Knights "By Angara"

Royal Knights quite popular in our country collective of the turn of the 60-70s. They successfully toured the major cities of the USSR and won the love of Soviet listeners.

The collective was formed in 1959. The composition includes four students of the Waseda Institute in Tokyo. The quartet performed popular covers, but did not get much popularity. Five years later the team left one of the participants and was replaced by Kenji or Nikita Yamashita. His mother was Russian and he was fluent in Russian. So the team has a repertoire of Russian folk songs and hits.

Royal Knights "Cranes" (in Russian and Japanese)

The first performer of “The Love Vacation” was the sisters’ duet The Peanuts. This song won the love of listeners around the world, and Leonid Derbenev translated it into Russian. So in a treasury of gold hits of the Soviet stage there was a song

Royal Knights “By the sea, by the blue sea …”

well and Sisters Pinac in turn, sang a lot of our songs. It is worth noting that this duet was and remains incredibly popular in Japan.

"Moscow Nights"

"On the hills of Manchuria"

Bony Jacks was organized around the same years and they also sang popular world hits, including Russian songs.

Favorite Russian songs of JapaneseBony Jacks "Cranes"

Bony Jacks "Hey, uhnem!"

Bony Jacks "Polushko-field"

But that’s not all. At that time men’s collectives were popular, so maybe on this wave in Japan there was also a collective Dark Ducks, who also sang Russian songs in Japanese.

Favorite Russian songs of Japanese

This collective also came to the USSR with concerts and was also warmly received by Soviet listeners. I think we all loved at all, maybe because many extinct stars are still visiting our country with concerts.

It is especially interesting to listen to this song in Japanese – "Moscow"

Dark Ducks "Lilies of the Valley"

Dark Ducks "Because of the island on the trail"

And finally, the song "Fire" performed by one of Japan’s greatest singers Khibari Misora. For the Japanese, Misora ​​is akin to what Lyudmila Zykina is for us. And let these beautiful women with us no longer exist, their heritage will remain with us forever.

I hope you were interested and pleased to learn that our songs are sung or sung and are listened with pleasure to distant Japan.

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