Farewell, ribs: Ken bitterly regretted the plastic surgery

Doll in the flesh, Brazilian Rodrigo Alves, famous for the whole world by the fact that the purpose of his life made similarities with the plastic Ken, recently suffered a jubilee, sixtieth (!) Operation on the body. This time, the 34-year-old man removed four ribs to make his waist an aspen, just like our Lyudmila Gurchenko. He told about it on the air of the local TV show and even brought on the program … just taken out of the chest ribs.

On the program, he looked pleased with the result and boasted that now he was finally feeling “normal size”, no more and no less. However, Ken bitterly regretted what he had done.

Rodrigo Alves before surgery. November 2017

“In the evenings everything hurts terribly,” he admitted later in an interview with Mail Online. “Sometimes I forget myself from it so much that I do not even understand what I’m thinking about at the moment.” There are problems and more serious: “Sometimes I feel something happily strange in the side, like a piece of a forgotten and freely floating cartilage. We need to find out as soon as possible what it is. “

Farewell, ribs: Ken bitterly regretted the plastic surgeryKen immediately after the operation. April of 2018. With this photo he announced the removal of ribs: the difference, frankly speaking, a little

The only positive outcome of the intervention Rodrigo believes is that his bitter experience will warn others against such errors. “I do not recommend that anyone do this operation. This is very risky, and the result is also visible only when I wear a corset, “concluded Alves. And here’s another catch: after all, the puppet Ken does not actually wear them, it’s Barbie’s lot!

Farewell, ribs: Ken bitterly regretted the plastic surgeryRemoval of ribs is noticeable only in the corset

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