Famous girls who buy everything in a row

Gwen Stefani

Famous girls who buy everything in a row

Why do unrestrained shopping owner own fashion brand, you ask? Gwen has the answer: there are not many things. And it does not matter how much they cost: the singer equally cool and wears evening dresses for several thousand dollars, and T-shirts from Zara. Moreover, it is rumored that Stephanie is looking for second-hand clothes all over the world, and there it comes off completely (packets of stores then have to be taken out by the whole world). As for shopping in large, then here Gwen admits in his boundless love for Vivienne Westwood. “You know, when I come to London, I start to behave like a typical star: I just go to the boutique and buy everything that comes to hand. Just love Vivienne! “- says Gwen.

Blake Lively

Famous girls who buy everything in a row

In this sense, the actress is somewhat reminiscent of her heroine Serena from the series “Gossip Girl”: she does not think to hide that she has already suffered from attacks of shopaholism for a long time. True, Blake does not buy dresses with skirts or even bags, but … jeans. The girl admits that she already has about 50 pairs, but she does not intend to stop. “Here’s a lifhak from me: buy jeans for size smaller. First, they perfectly stretch. Well, and secondly, this is the coolest motivation, is not it? “- advises the actress. Motivate us: Blake does not advise bad!

Sarah Jessica Parker

Famous girls who buy everything in a row

“I reason thus: why should I, a workaholic, not reward myself with another pair of shoes? – the actress shares. “I do not have to persuade myself for a long time: I have a huge number of pairs from Manolo Blahnik, and this collection grows every month.” Parker admits that he can already run a marathon though he can go to the gym: the habit is a strong thing.

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