Evgenia Vine. Oriental tales

Evgenia Vine. Oriental tales

Eugene Loza

Fans Adnan Koch blamed me. Social networks were showered with curses: “On someone else’s misfortune” can not be built! “,” You will go, I will be alone with the baby! ” Had to block them all.

By the end of the filming of “East-West” our group became friends. In anticipation of the second season. And when I finally met an Adnan koƧ wanted me to make a nice and brought out of Turkey gift. I came to the shooting, and the box was already waiting in the dressing room. Open – Teddy bear. Adnan comes with a proud look that says: here I am, bearing gifts! With a smile, kissed his cheek and said, “Thank you, very nice”. Then he abruptly darkens and goes out, slamming the door. Sends the interpreter, who asked: “Eugene, why are you so miserly react?” Adnan asked me to convey – if it happens again, you’ll continue to give not anything! ” Apparently, in Turkey it is accepted more clearly to show their emotions in such cases.

We have Koch became very popular after the role of behram features Pasha in “the Magnificent century” and Kemal in the “East-West” to “Homashnem.” If after the change, go to a restaurant or a karaoke, all employee enthusiastically looked at him. And he knows her worth, understands that like Russian women. Only I, apparently, had a forbidding appearance, and Adnan decided that in my case needs a special approach. During filming, bought with it, a bouquet of lilies of the valley. I love them, but suddenly there was a flash of knowledge: “Oh, they’re listed on the Red Book!” You may have problems! ” Joking, of course, but a partner got scared.

Manage to breccia something extra … During lunch Adnan was eating a sandwich, and some crumbs fell on the pants. Joke:

– Well, you’re a pig!

– I am a Muslim! And you’re calling a pig ?! and turns away from the offense.

Not a pig, a small cute pig! I say, eyes shooting to the interpreter, saying, save, we still work the same! Then Adnan starts to laugh – he tricked me!

After the release of the first season of the series about the Russo-Turkish love on the channel and my social networks wrote girls who were in the same situation. In the first season the heroine is torn between Tanya’s husband, Igor and doctor Kemal, the result is with the lover, and the husband learns that the child is still his. In the continuation, the men began to fight for fatherhood … from the son of Adnan: from seasons of the show. Koch blamed me. Social networks were showered with curses: “On someone else’s misfortune” can not be built! “,” You will go, I will be alone with the baby! ” Had to block them all.

In General, the audience, we attribute to the novel since the release of the series. Probably, according to them, the passion that erupted on the screen, it is easy to move in life. But you should have seen how innocent our “love scene”: I have never stripped naked in front of partner as a whole. Adnan is a very considerate and tactful, even when the frame is hot kiss. True – on the site we have an understanding at the level of intuition. He says the role of the text in Turkish, I – in Russian, then pereozvuchivat. Director Denis Olivet is always surprised: “You play so smoothly, as if talking the same language”.

Our cinematic child Misha three years old – he already understands that it’s work, eager for the shooting. Just believe that everything happens in the frame – true. Looked like something to me: Read more “

Evgenia Vine. Oriental talesEugene Loza

– Where’s dad Igor? (My husband plays in the TV series Jacob kucherevsky, but Michael calls him like in the movies.)

– Father Igor in a private room! – explain.

– Strange, and my parents live together!

In addition to dad, Igor he has a father, Kemal, and I, respectively, mother Tanya. We > have developed a great relationship, but there were projects where it was naughty, even beat me in the frame. Praying, probably would have ended the shooting – and relax! I remember the horror experienced when the finally came to the beach in Croatia and I heard a joyful cry: “Same-e-nya!” Look: one little devil also came with my mom – it had to go!

A large part of the series “East-West” filmed in Bodrum. The whole town knew us – I think at least half of the residents participated in the film. And on a beach, waving to me and the market, in the restaurant and coffee-free treat.

When I arrived in Istanbul on my first day I thought: the East – business thin, it is necessary to behave modestly. Long skirt, shoulders closed. Come to the lobby of the hotel, and meet one of our local Actresses: platform shoes, shorts, bare stomach and tattoos. Realized that Turkish women will give a head start! Their men, complained to me that they are hysterical and overbearing, “but Russian women are docile”. They say that because of the competition with our local brides.

Honestly, I thought that in Turkey all around me’s the hype – still blue-eyed blonde … But nothing happened. Whether Slavic type of appearance is not uncommon, whether I’m in their standards or not.

Complex associated with forms, but rather their absence. My friend was the tall and thin class – two “nerd”. I grew up in the city anthracite of the Luhansk region, and the contingent there is not the most intelligent. On the street had to hear in his address: “Bye, sho TSE sleeper ?!” I already liked boys, and clothes hanging on the hanger! That jeans did not fall down, stabbed them with a pin, the skirt. But in school, girls were forbidden to wear trousers the teachers always caught me in the corridors and chastised for inappropriate.

Some assurance was given drama lessons, where I have appeared on stage in performances. But only until such time as our artistic director. I said to her:

– Rose Yu, really want you to do!

– Zhenechka, look in the mirror what you model?

Of course, I then had no idea what the parameters of the figure demanded in the global fashion industry. Now I understand that may have passed the audition. But in Anthracite were their ideas of beauty on the podium were Busty Ukrainochka with leuckarti. How I envied them!

Years later, after becoming an actress, I’ve heard the ad of the model school. Rose Y., listing their achievements, said: “We have studied the well-known actress Evgenia Loza!” Maybe she’s already forgotten everything, but I just remembered that I was afraid to go to the mirror. Cried the mother, quite as the heroine of the film “Love at own will”: “do you want me hideous, gave birth to the light?” Read more “

Evgenia Vine. Oriental talesEvgeniya Loza and Konstantin Raikin

By the way, my mother Lyudmila Konstantinovna always tried to make sure we were with her older sister Larissa stood out. The city was the only market: discard trays vests with pins – and now all they can flaunt. We gotten through friends abroad and in Moscow – leggings, long socks … and was elegant tights with red tulips! For the photo I thanks to them – a bright spot in the first row among the dark shapes of white bows and collar. However there is already flew from my mother, so “distinguished”: that it is necessary to know where and when such wear.

In General, parents compliments never spoiled – in our family. Dad Fedor has always been very reserved, quiet. At the Institute, where he and my mom met, behaved so modestly, that he did not know of its existence. At least when they began to communicate and People learned what an interesting person, she was surprised that I could not ignore it. Mom was always the center of attention.

The light they showed very different children: Larissa, though older than me by four years, was a wallflower, and I am active and lively. Always pushing her buttons. Dad always defended Larissa, because he knew who the instigator.

If my sister after the fight appeared bruised, I asked me not to pass. Was the story: accidentally drove her awl in his hand, the tip broke off and remained under the skin, inflammation. “” Shut up! ” And she was in pain, but he acted bravely and nobly. The hand is red and swollen, No, the strap has not been raised. But it was the conversation with my dad – he was one short phrase so shame, remorse covered with the head.

Safely I was in school, so the teachers I did not particularly liked, but did well. And that’s an unfair rejection led adolescent to protest. We had a weird chemistry teacher, she in the ninth grade gave a test on the subject, which we have not yet passed. I encouraged classmates to organize a riot – we started knocking pens on the tables. The teacher just shot enough! Then my parents first admitted to school. Although it turned out that he was the teacher of the teacher, he gave us a test for the tenth grade, not ninth.

My parents did not scold. We had the beef himichka since i had eighth grade at the first practical work. I got injured. Evaporated salt from the water, holding a porcelain Cup over the burner. At some point a fire broke out stronger – classmate withdrew his hand, touched mine, and I splashed The teacher was not at all worried, just said, “Go to the bathroom, wash your face!” I got out of class, ran to the head teacher, asked to be excused from class. Was diagnosed with severe burns! Almost all the face was covered with a huge brown crust, and my parents were very afraid of the consequences … Thank God, all healed and no trace left except for a small bruise, which I usually camouflage cosmetics.

Only now I understand that many boys in the school, but then they think that they must have something with taste not so! The first class was touching in love with each other with Dima by Nikanorova. Sitting in the evenings on the roofs of garages, dreamed we’d get married. And the first kiss happened to him, however, between the lips. Well, not directly, not yet Mature enough! And then we were enrolled in different classes and drifted apart. Read more “

Evgenia Vine. Oriental talesEugene Loza

A classmate met with the older guys. How about this was talking! And again I regret not someone to worry about. And then one day, the whole court. Apparently, too, there was no one waiting in the civilian sector. Before we really knew and then he says:

– You will write to me?

I was delighted:

– Of course!

And really texting, he sometimes even called me a clock hanging on the wire. But after a few months got bored, how many still to wait? You can grow old!

My first fan dad pulled down the stairs: decided that I was too young to date someone. When I turned fourteen, I was to look after a guy. On the street, I still can not get any sleepovers at friends. In the city Day we wanted to walk longer, and for this I invited parents to meet my boyfriend. Dad was gone and mom let him home and made a real interrogation: “Who? Where? What types have a daughter?” I thought I would die of shame, but now realize that it was all right. And mom gave the nod to an extra hour of walking under the moon.

And then parents the same, and we separated. Dad began working in Moscow in the construction firm. The first time we visited the weekends, and that we had the whole family. My indignation knew no bounds: everything is my friends first love. And I ran away from home. Thought, till morning on a park bench. But enough of me until exactly midnight, and the guy hinted that my plan does not agree. I crawled home with my legs between my legs, radically at the entrance, the mother, sternly folding his arms on his chest. Quickly drove to the apartment, forced to pack. And there are stores, avenues, the first McDonald’s In Anthracite … I immediately stopped being bored.

Lived in a rented apartment in the district Ochakovo-MATVEEVSKOE, there I was finishing the last two classes of the school. Of course, the dad was in the firm’s memorial to get an apartment when you build a couple of houses.

Longer could not get used to the Moscow distances: mainly shuttled between school and home. One day mother went to market, I’m tired and returned alone. Both the metro and bus to get to remember, and when I got out at the bus stop. And I do not know which is which. Two hours to roam on the frost – mobile has not been, and passers-to-ask for. I have had a terrible Ukrainian accent, and parents are very worried that it will be able to hear, ask passport, and there is no registration. In General, then the house found on a whim – crawling with a frozen tears on her cheeks and almost with icicle on his nose.

It’s time to go to college, but the family is always thinking my fascination with the theatrical studios frivolous. In easy for me to sow the seed of doubt. Already started to look at technical universities when we came to visit godparents and said, “Why not give the dream? I decided to take a chance. And entered the School-Studio of MKHAT! I heard that there the strongest school of the theater and to the stage I never gravitated immediately focused on the movie. Therefore, having received in the first year offer to play in “the March Turkish-3”, happily agreed. Read more “

Evgenia Vine. Oriental tales

Eugene Loza

But my master Konstantin Arkadyevich Raikin was defensive to the students getting distracted from their studies. We did not find a common language: he is demanding, hard, and I can not be taught more than the carrot and not the whip. In the first year, who was expelled three students, I was threatened during admission:

If you do not get to the end of the semester from his horrible dialect – expelled!

– Of course, tomorrow it will be! – I swore.

It was not so easy, but fortunately, did not fulfill their threat. Only when he began to live apart from their parents, the pronunciation has changed.

I always spent time with classmates in the dormitory of the School-Studio of MKHAT. Went to the leadership of the hostel to find out: “I’m coming, I’m entitled to a bed?” And it singled out! Conditions were good – the center of Moscow, next to the Institute. Is that too much fun and piano.

My girlfriend is a girl to walk on Manezhnaya square, and once there. Started Dating. I saw that he was very much in love with that. Cared for me. And then I was torn between filming and the Institute, and the young man seemed to pay attention to him. Because of the work. I’ve been very emotional, just that, slammed the door and left. After the next flash all over.

Meanwhile, the shooting of the Turkish March, scheduled for the summer, was delayed until Nov. And Raikin put before a choice: “Either to study or to work”. Again, I gritted my teeth. And apparently, the body has malfunctioned. Spoke like a ventriloquist. I went to the dentist, the doctor took a tool and with a horrible crunch, tried to open my mouth … a Nightmare! Nothing happened. Found that this spasm of nerves. Two months I was fed through a tube – all in liquid form, even ulcer.

I’m dealing with this all, I obviously needed the rest. Once the lecture, it was nothing to breathe. Asked to leave – and never returned. Half a year hid from his parents, which left the Institute: I had to leave the Dorm and return home. Every day went into the center and walked there. Then mom and dad, of course, found out, very upset … And my documents are still lying in the Studio School, it was a shame to pick them up. Although the boys were off course to the prom, where I had been hiding from Raikin and other educators. However, the conversation with the master still held: “But I’ve seen some of your work – you’ve got it good.” Alexandra Bardukov and Glafira Tarhanova. For the decade of graduation we are gathered together.

My career is going well, although it is not easy. Playing different situations, I much in. But if the body is weakened, the complex role can lead to stress. Once I decided to stick with the Christmas post – and I just did not have the strength to shoot. I was nervous and always had to take sleeping pills. We played a dramatic episode where the rapist breaks into the bathroom to my character. I cried at the stage, and then could not stop: sitting on the floor crying. Scared of everyone, I even gave a few days of rest. Read more “

Evgenia Vine. Oriental tales

Eugene Loza

The most difficult is to participate in the scenes of the funeral. At these shots, again and again, survive the care of my grandfather Konstantin Prokopovich. We are very friendly, love to travel in Krasnodar Krai for the holidays. I was a Tomboy, so I am hanging out with the grandpa in the garage. Still there were beautiful – still can not forgive that the car was sold, and I do not have time to move. In the garage was fun! If the night of a grandpa accidentally found a hedgehog, put him in a bucket, and in the morning arranged a surprise.

Speaking of cars – this was my dream. When he began to earn, the first thing purchased was an expensive car. When the project was finished, there was nothing to pay for the apartment rented with a friend, and we are in this cool car simply moved! It is taksovat, washed at the pump, and spent the night on the waterfront. Parents say we were practically homeless. But so long has not stretched, and I went home. Friend, too. And that’s when mom began to push, “you’d Better have bought an apartment!” Set a new goal in the five projects and work on their own homes. Fortunately in the beginning of the two thousandth, it was not so expensive.

After leaving the School-Studio of MKHAT, tried himself as a singer. My dad’s friend, composer Vladimir Nazarov proposed to record the song “Adrenaline”, shot a video. And he gave me a speech at a mixed concert in the Kremlin in honor of the anniversary of Yuri Entin. I quail “walking ducks …” in the style of R’n’b is proudly invited family, friends … But the concert was a cover. There’s a lot of dressing rooms on different floors, of which artists are called on stage over the loudspeaker. I missed when he called my name. Heard only hysterical: “Vine-Ah! Where Is The Vine ?!” Ran – the corridors, staircases – all red, disheveled, sobbing in a voice … Running behind the scenes and see what my ballet is already on the scene, the music. I put in an ear headset – but ruthless soundtrack vengeance sings! It’s foolish to appear in the middle of the song … Mom’s in the room grabs your heart, “something happened!” And then the compere announced again my output: “And now the room is Eugenia Vines encore!” And then I blubbered all …

At that time, for social events met with many representatives of our pop stars – Lena Temnikova, Natasha Ionova, Pierre Narcisse … some of them maintain good relationship now, for example, Irakli Pirtshalava. Summer with friends went to visit him in Georgia, he went with his family on a picnic.

A mad dog of the seven versts – not a hook. Forever with me in trips happen adventure. Somehow one flew to Uzbekistan, which hosted the shooting of the project “The Trail of the Salamander”. Get off the plane – no one ever meets. Start dialing agent, but at this moment, come to me, two “locker” in suits and white shirt: “Eugene? Come on, we’re watching you”.

Put in the car – for us the motorcade of three SUVs. Think: “Suspicious.” Bring in a mansion where at the dinner table sat actors, Olympic Champions, politicians, and not one friend!


– Where are we? I have to go to the mountains, to the shooting!


– We are a respected man – we are all waiting for him. Read more “

Evgenia Vine. Oriental talesPhoto: courtesy of the press service of the TV channel “Domashny”

And it’s scary and uncomfortable tradition to break! Finally there’s the owner – we had a tour of rich halls, decorated with gilded moldings, sat at the table, fed. And I worried: as the mountains fall?

The whole group stands on the ears: I thought I stole. And then pulls a caravan of cars – so I effectively appeared! And the escort of the trunks boxes of fruit, caviar, wine, vodka and cognac. Last was a box of local money for small expenses. All this has taken place in my room, and I was “on hand”: in the mountains of the stores.

I did not understand who this generous patron of the arts and how I found out that I arrived on set? I left his number with the words: “If you need anything – call.” Never thought I will have to use, but we have a problem … When local authorities learned that the plot of the show was the topic of drugs, the residents were forbidden to pass the group of houses to rent for work. The process has stopped. I was asked: “Jen, will you gain?” Called, explained the situation. Immediately found a few houses, then on the weekend, and even took out the whole group to relax. Such a mysterious story about the Uzbek hospitality.

To work everything went well, but personal life … I’ve run away from breakup several years. After that, love was in the first year. He left with his head in the movie and gradually turned into a kind of blue stocking. Once on location in Kiev, the friends began to set: “Today you have someone to meet!” We sat in the restaurant, and I jokingly chose in the hall of the handsome man. He noticed my glance and came over. Turns out he is also from Moscow, and came to Kiev on business. I was not told that the actress. Many times I have noticed that after that, the interlocutors begin to be interested in my work. So had a seamstress-turned-machine operator!

However, soon found me out: that he was found out. But I was not upset. After the first date. However, bridesmaids continued to insist: “Go to second, where to sit ?!” So three times they are almost kicked off to meet him. And during that time we get better acquainted – I saw him, I realized that I have a smart and very interesting person. I was twenty-five, he was ten years older. I also checked: I thought, perhaps, that all Actresses are dumb. Talking about a geometric theorem. Passed it with flying colors. And she did not notice how lost his head.

Upon returning to Moscow, we have struck up a romance, and a year later I moved in with him. He had such charisma that first sight was conquered by all the women. Settled in his house. Before that, no one lived, even cooked.

At first he was very flattered that. But seeing that in the series I often appeared in romantic scenes, he became insanely jealous. Insisted: “Play only where there is no romantic line.” Directors saw me only in these subjects. And that he did not suffer. I even took pleasure from the fact that he was caught to the point of catching him and leaned on a man. The hostess went out of me. And then I noticed that he had to talk to me about. Read more “

Evgenia Vine. Oriental talesEugene Loza

He began to tire out of. And so much to do, start calling: “why are you so long?” Growing misunderstanding, irritation. We often quarrel and I feel that to leave any day, because officially our relationship is not formalized. However, I do not work, and so are not financially protected. Just at that moment the phone rang: offered participation in a new project “Find me if you can.” First, the habit was abandoned, has doubled and tripled the fee to be left alone. But the producers unexpectedly agreed, and I did not miss the chance. Came to him and tell him about his decision.

He put before a hard choice:

Or I, or shooting!

For its part also put forward a condition:

– Let’s get married …

And he to tie the knot was not going to. As a result, we broke up.

Thus diverged loving and our relationship did not over-talk all the time, congratulated each other on holidays. We randomly crossed paths, in, airplanes, restaurants, on the street … That was my fatal man, I’m a fatal woman! And not together, and separately it is impossible. Tried several times to return, but understand that it will not work. And we took a rational decision: they gave each other a chance to be happy. Although they continued to compare them with men – and no, it did not. Yes, I just love him – conscious, real, Mature love!

Escaped work in the series “Find me if you can”, but as luck would have it, there were a lot of scenes that evoked memories. During the break I could for two days to escape to Paris and there I’d get a wave. See the cafe where we sat with a favorite, go and get a coffee and scribble him a TEXT message: “I’m in Paris, you know where?” Arrives the answer: “And I think of you!”

But the limit of my experiences is exhausted – because we broke up five years ago. And I’m finally ready to leave everything in the past.

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