Elizabeth Taylor was called Audrey Hepburn beautiful angel

Elizabeth Taylor was called Audrey Hepburn beautiful angelHepburn originally refused the role of Eliza Doolittle (“My fair lady”). But it changed Elizabeth Taylor.

In the list of the silver screen of the twentieth century, the American Film Institute gave Hepburn the third place. A British TV channel QVC called her the most beautiful woman of the past century. Hepburn became the first according to the survey, beating and angelina Jolie, grace Kelly, and Marilyn Monroe. But by the time of compiling, these rankings have been almost forty years since the premiere of the film "Breakfast at Tiffany’s" one of the last significant acting work, Hepburn, and seven years since she died.

Elizabeth Taylor was called Audrey Hepburn beautiful angelShe went crazy from the fame: “the Audience loves me, and that time …”

Audrey and was incredibly popular. Not went crazy with fame.

– People associate me with the time when they were in the movie Audrey. They love me and that time.

Most of the audience believe Hepburn fragile and delicate, but her height is 170 centimeters in the middle of the last century was much higher than average. Actually, due to this world and found out Audrey as an actress. “After the Second World”, “the horse” did not take, despite the best advice of her Dutch mentors. Nothing else but to go to try yourself in the drama, Audrey. However, years of ballet classes in my youth was not wasted.

Elizabeth Taylor was called Audrey Hepburn beautiful angel

Sometimes, you yourself interfere with your happiness, endlessly deceiving themselves. But the love is still strong … the final scene from “Breakfast at Tiffany’s.”

Hepburn finally got a chance to come out of the shadows, she did not miss him. After all, her first starring role in the film was the role of the ballerina.

– I was very glad that I was invited to play the Princess, but could never imagine that I would grow there after, to the Queen.

Elizabeth Taylor was called Audrey Hepburn beautiful angelComedy “How to steal a million”, where the actress starred with Peter O Toole, were extremely popular in the USSR.

Now no one has the doubt that it is the presence of an angelic girl. But in 1953, Hepburn was considered only as a weak replacement of the project by Elizabeth Taylor. Even her name on the posters wanted to write down the small font, and only because of the nobility of Gregory Peck, the two main characters were “equal”.

In the end, “Roman holiday” was Audrey an Oscar, a Golden Globe award and the British Academy of film and television arts, and even reprints of those same posters.

Elizabeth Taylor was called Audrey Hepburn beautiful angelSons actress – Luc (from her second husband, psychiatrist Andrea Dotti) and Sean (the actor Mel Ferrer).

The next film in the next film, “Sabrina”, Hepburn earned a 20 (!) Times less Humphrey Bogart – his partner in a shooting area – 15 thousand to $ 300 thousand, it was clear to all: this is the new superstar. Soon Audrey was able to pick and choose a role. When it was announced that it was to be played in “War and peace”, not everyone in the United States, but Hepburn was ecstatic:

– I had no right to pass by Natasha Rostova, Tolstoy did it for me.

Elizabeth Taylor was called Audrey Hepburn beautiful angelAudrey was able to carry not only the “Little black dress”. A scene from the movie “Funny face.”

Even superstars need a bit of luck: in the case of “Breakfast at Tiffany’s” Audrey was lucky not less than “Roman holiday.” If Marilyn Monroe was not confused at the end of life for their problems, she would have a star in “Breakfast” and the world would get another sweet movie with sexy blonde. But Marilyn was at this time not to film in 1961, Gagarin flew into space, but Audrey made no less breakthrough, it gave the world one of the most iconic images of the American cinema of the XX century. “Breakfast at Tiffany’s” has left millions of fashionistas and even that “little black dress”, which shone Hepburn and which “should be in the wardrobe of every woman”.

It’s hard to believe, but the true work of Audrey has been considered more important than their role in the movie.

Elizabeth Taylor was called Audrey Hepburn beautiful angelToday she seems fragile, ephemeral incarnation of the beautiful. and she once took ballet: big, heavy!

– One day, during the war we have in the house even ate Tulip bulbs and we were starving for several days in a row, Hepburn. I will try to do the same for someone else. It’s time to keep that promise.

The actress was not just a UNICEF Ambassador, but also taking an active part in the humanitarian missions worldwide. In 1988 Audrey of 59 years went to his first expedition to Ethiopia. During the years of cooperation with UNICEF, she visited Turkey, Venezuela, Ecuador, Honduras, El Salvador, Guatemala, Vietnam, Sudan, Bangladesh. In September of 1992, Audrey went to Somalia, and that trip was her last.

Elizabeth Taylor was called Audrey Hepburn beautiful angel“Tolstoy came up with Natasha Rostova for me.” Mel Ferrer in the role of Andrei Bolkonsky.

Hepburn felt the pain in the abdomen, but refused to cancel a trip at the urging of doctors. And she was diagnosed with cancer. Audrey Hepburn died on 20 January 1993 in the Swiss town of Tolochenaz. On her grave is a simple stone cross with the name and dates of life.

– God has another beautiful angel who knows what he will do in heaven, ‘said Elizabeth Taylor, which began with the Audrey Hepburn story.

Elizabeth Taylor was called Audrey Hepburn beautiful angelIn the movie “Two for the road” we are talking about a married couple on the verge of divorce. Soon Audrey’s divorce.

By the WAY

The only happy love found in life

Audrey Hepburn was married twice. With her first husband – actor and Director Mel Ferrer met on the set of “Roman holiday”. Mel has three marriages, four children and a shaky acting career. Audrey complies. Even the birth of son Sean had not improved the relations of the spouses and the marriage broke up.

Second husband, Italian psychiatrist Andrea Dotti and Audrey met during the cruise, which went after the divorce. At first, he stayed at the handsome young man with depression and then married him. Gave birth to another son, Luke’s dotty. Husband Andrea was attentive, affectionate, but is incorrect. Audrey long suffered infidelity, but, in the end, left with the children from Rome to Switzerland and returned to the big screen.

Married Hepburn never came out. But in her life were love, happy. With producer Robert Walterson, they lived together for 13 years. With him and the sons Audrey spent his last Christmas, calling it the happiest in his life.

TOP 5 movies with Audrey Hepburn

“Roman holiday”

“Breakfast at Tiffany’s”

“War and peace”


“My fair lady”

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