Elena Letuchaya: “Revizorro” rating for the show was planted in restaurants cockroaches

Elena Letuchaya: "Revizorro" rating for the show was planted in restaurants cockroachesThe current leading "Revizorro" ganged up on Lena Volatile. PHOTO "Friday"

“Revizorro” seemed the most honest and transparent of the TV show coming out in the format of a reality, and therefore revelation Elena Fly, which two years later after leaving the project said about the productions many.

A few days ago in the online program “ReBro” restaurateur Dmitry Levitsky Elena Letuchaya issued a number of claims to the project, kotoryu once made her famous.

"I do not accept conflicts, – assured the ex-leader. But four years had to be under stress. And still I can not recover. The worst thing is that we were asked to disperse the scandals".

According to her, installation is distorted by the real picture of restaurants and cafes. Like, she fought for the improvement of service quality, and it was cruelly manipulated in the plot.

“The footage was sent to the editors, explained the Flying.” – They chose only the … but. I was terrified! Began to sound the alarm, but to control it was impossible – I was on mission. “

Volatile asserts that at some stage some of the restaurants were ready for their arrival. Then she realized that it was time to leave the project.

Elena Letuchaya: "Revizorro" rating for the show was planted in restaurants cockroaches

What is good and what is bad? Well – this is when a person is harmony when he is happy with his life. And what is bad – digging deeper. I do not know what happens to that individual, but from the side looks like this: once she had the chance, being no longer a girl and no talent to make a career leap. It was cut like a plasticine, the producers who believe in it and put it in the front of the camera. In fact, due to the lousy nature, suddenly dolbunova in the head of the star and lack of human qualities, any good intentions she had. As there was no respect for those who gave way to life. And now ready the foreplay and move on to the specifics. Man that 8 months of my stay in the project Revizorro filled with dirt and intrigue, proplachivaya articles, insulting me, my mom, my children and using others, breaking the social network, wotsap and mailboxes. A man who does not worth a penny ruptured without the project and much frantic due to the fact that the time has gone. Downed pilot. Almost expired, yogurt, that you are not interested in, is not delicious, stop blatantly lying in an interview. Crazy woman, go on your way and be happy in their own way. And you can not block my fans, they, unlike you, offend not) PS You write with a capital letter out of habit. Respect has nothing nothing

After hearing this interview, the leading one Nastasya Samburski said that “one of my friend” TV presenter was expelled from his seat because of the nasty nature. depends on how the team works: how to set light, how to set up, how to set up a beautiful eyeliner and cuttings, leading to the look in the frame the maximum bright …

Then this leading was not used to anyone, going to a new show, which failed miserably (“the Sweeney” the First, was published from November to December 2017. – Ed.) “.

Did not remain silent and another is now the former leading Olga Romanovskaya, which is called Volatile and is not leading at all, and her work “dancing in short skirts”.

Romanov has been turned the 8 months of her life (when she, Olga, worked in the “Revizorro”), “hell”. The author of the video message is called in the name of blonde, “calm down, like the last time”, since it supposedly has the goods.

Romanov also noted that the high of the Fly – this is nonsense. Supposedly she had issues with a large number of points. And the image of Helena, in her opinion, copied from a Ukrainian TV presenter Olga Freimut.

Looking forward to continue. It seems that Flying is the answer.

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