Eclectic country house

Designer Alexei Bochkov came up with an eclectic house. Inspiration for his creation, he scooped from travel to England and Italy.

When the designer Alexey Bochkov got this project, the work on the building was almost completed – it was covered with a roof. The house was part of a country village, where all buildings were to be maintained in a single style, that is, for example, it was not possible to change the roofing material. But you could “play” with the facade. This is what Alex decided to do.

Living room. All the upholstered furniture is made at the Italian factory Croce.

It must be said that while creating the project, Alexei drew ideas from travel. At that time he, while still working on one house, was in Italy. There is a small town Salsomaggiore, which is famous for its thermal springs, and also a building called Terme Berdzieri. It is very unusual – the architect who designed it was inspired by Indonesia, so the building turned out eclectic, italo-indonesian. Alexei Bochkov, like many others, did not remain indifferent to such beauty and decided to create something similar – he wanted the house for his Russian clients to produce such an indelible impression.

Fragment of the fireplace zone. Vegetable ornaments are present even in the pattern on the floor.

The decor of the house’s fa├žade, invented by him, also came out eclectic. In it, those same Italian-Indonesian motifs merged with the Victorian style (in London Alexei was also visiting at that time, which could not but affect the project). In general, it turned out the Italo-Indonesian-Victorian-Russian mix, which was doomed to make an indelible impression.

Fragment of the living room. Vegetable elements present on the facade, there was a place in the textile curtains.

The brick with which the facade was laid was made in Italy according to ancient technology. This is a very laborious process, including both a long natural drying, and a large amount of manual labor. Along the perimeter, the house is framed by a frieze made of tiles with ornaments, which is also noteworthy. Especially for work on him invited the famous domestic ceramist Vladimir Kovalev. Together with the designer they argued for a long time, choosing the right colors, shades and patterns, but in the end were satisfied with the result. By the way, the drawing chosen for the facade of the house is repeated in the interior: it can be seen both on wallpaper, on forged decor elements, and on the floor. Thus, the designer wanted to emphasize the unity of the internal and external space.

Eclectic country houseThe original layout of the house did not allow to combine the kitchen with the dining room, so the last one was set up separately – to the left of the living room.

The interior of the house was partly already planned: there were load-bearing walls, windows were cut through. Starting from this, Alexei placed in the socle a billiard room, a bar, a hammam, as well as the necessary ancillary utility rooms. On the first floor there is a guest bedroom, a fireplace zone, a kitchen and a dining room. And on the second floor there are two more bedrooms with wardrobes.

Kitchen. The designer managed to include modern technology in the interior, without violating his “historicity.”

The layout, unfortunately, did not allow to make the cloakrooms adjacent to the bedrooms. But Alexei found a way out: he designed these small rooms through the corridor from the bedrooms, but they made the entrance doors hidden – they completely coincide with the walls with their furnishings, and only the fittings give them out.

Eclectic country houseOne of the bedrooms. Clearly the men’s room, where the masculinity is answered by a strict cage on the walls and leather in the finish.

In the work on this project, Aleksey Bochkov sought to create a historic house, in the sense that it was important to create a sense of the inhabited space that had seen more than one generation of the family. It is from here that such scrupulousness to detail. For example, a fireplace portal in the living room area on the first floor was produced in Italy. Then he was artificially aged, even left to become wet in the rain, so that he would get lost and get the look of an object worn by time.

Eclectic country houseThere are many small items in the house – almost all of them are from the collection of the designer, who is fond of antiques.

The internal tab on the fireplace appeared autonomously from the portal. It was taken from the collection of the designer – he, in turn, found it at one antique exhibition. It’s a coincidence that the size of the tab is ideally suited to the dimensions of the portal, otherwise how wonderful and you will not name it.

Eclectic country houseOne of the bedrooms. All of them differ stylistically. This is quite romantic and is sustained in light colors.

As a result, it turned out to be a conceptually unified object, aged not only in the spirit of Victorian mansions, or in the style of Italian palazzo. The designer managed to create a house in which it will be comfortable for the older and younger generations.

Eclectic country houseAlmost the whole house is finished with wooden panels. On the second floor behind them are hidden, for example, passageways into the cloak-rooms.

Eclectic country houseThe facade of the house.

Eclectic country house

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