Dreams that portend pregnancy

Prophetic dreams are nothing but the signals of our intuition. We anticipate some important events of our life in advance, therefore we see in a dream signs of the approaching changes. There are things that are difficult to explain in the world, and a vivid example is dreams that hint to a woman that she will become a mother. You ask, who checked this pattern? Yes, my mothers checked her!

Live fish

Dreams that portend pregnancy

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In a secret “hit parade” of dreams predicting a pregnancy, sleep with the participation of live fish confidently takes a leading position.

Probably, nine out of ten pregnant women will tell you that before they saw two strips on the test they dreamed caught or floating in the water live fish. There is still such an option: the young spouse, waking up in the morning, tells his wife how all the night he dreamed of a great fishing, the fish directly jumped into the bucket itself! He also has no time to finish the conversation, as the young wife at the word “fish” clamps her mouth with her palm and runs to the toilet with a bout of morning sickness, which you can not confuse with anything. No wonder in the old days they talked about pregnancy – they “swallowed a live fish”.

Do not ask how this works, it’s hardly anyone knows. Just believe, if you yourself have not checked.

Gifts related to children

Sometimes a woman dreams that someone from close or absolutely extraneous people gives her a rattle, children’s clothes or something else, necessary for the baby. When she wakes up, she is puzzled, why would such a dream? She and the children did not plan. But … the person assumes, but God disposes. And soon she really will need children’s things.


Clean, transparent, each pebble is visible – so then describe the prophetic dream of pregnant or newly mummies. Water is not in vain called the “cradle of life”: if there were no world ocean, there would be no life on Earth. Swim in the clear calm sea, splash in shallow water in a clean river, see a stream, spring – all this foreshadows the future happiness of motherhood.

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The scarlet, sugar, kaftan green, velvet: there is a watermelon in a dream – it’s a pleasure! Women with experience, after hearing the story of a girl about a watermelon eaten in a dream, significantly squint and glance at her stomach – see, soon to be rounded! This dream can be interpreted as follows: a watermelon is a very pleasure, a thirst quenching on a hot day. This is the fruit that gives joy. To see it in a dream is to the fruits of some other pleasure.


Often, the girl is not even engaged, and she is already dreaming that she is holding a small child in her arms. Not necessarily in a dream a woman should know that this is her child. The very fact is important – you have a newborn in your arms. If the baby is beautiful, cheerful – then you are internally ready for motherhood. If the child is repulsive, dirty or screaming – this indicates that the possibility of pregnancy scares you.

Chicken eggs or chicken

Chicken with a brood of chickens, a purse of chicken eggs – all this we subconsciously associate with motherhood. Knowingly about too caring mother say: “hen”. Our subconscious feels changes in the body and speaks to us with these symbols. So, you will have a period of “nesting” and will have to take care of the “baby bird”.


You go through the woods, and the mushrooms – it’s apparently invisible! Yes, all the best. And you collect them, collect them and do not pick up the basket … Such dreams – to the profits of a certain kind. In general, dreams about crops of any kind are very often at the very beginning of pregnancy.

Apples and other fruits

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The apple tree, whose branches are leaning from liquid fruit, is not a symbol of a woman mother? To dream beautiful red apples in a dream, to collect them, to roll, to throw – this is to quick joyful unrest. This is for well-being, for fertility. Blooming apple trees are also a good symbol. Wait for good news.

Feeling of change

It happens that nothing special happens in a dream, but a certain dream-sensation just comes. You sleep and you feel: soon everything will change. Here, some kind of global change is approaching, like the sun is rising. Some say that they even hear someone’s voice, promising rapid changes in life. Excitement and vague joy brings such a dream. Very often such dreams are a consequence of the changes that begin in a woman’s body, connected with the first days of pregnancy.

Someone dreams of your pregnancy

Dreams that portend pregnancy

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Sometimes a completely foreign person, just a friend or a friend in a conversation, notices: “Yes, you know, I saw you in a pregnant woman’s dream on a long term!” To him such a dream promises profit and prosperity, and to you – a possible early maternity leave. If an unwanted pregnancy is worth paying attention to protection. But it is worthwhile to know: if a child has become involved despite all efforts to protect, this is also an important sign. Hence, he must, is simply obliged to come to this world and should help him in this.

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