Direct dependence: how your actions affect weight

Are you sorry for the pancakes you eat and are building plans for an unloading week? And in vain! As it turned out, excess weight depends not only on what we have eaten during the day, but also directly related to our temperament and actions. Are you surprised? At least, the numerologist Olga Pertseva is sure of this …

Moreover, the tendency to excess weight is easily calculated. All you need is to use the Pythagorean matrix.

Do you want to know your forecast or find out if the tummy is shining on your MCH? All you need to do is to know the date of birth. Well, and then using any site or mobile application to calculate your Pythagoras square … You can do it manually, but for the sake of saving time it’s better to use automated counting.

And now about what you should see in it.

Sector “Interest”. First and foremost, look at the number of triples in your matrix.

“In the risk zone, those who have one triple or this sector is completely empty. Such indicators are one of the reasons for our bad mood and the propensity for depression, – says Olga Pertseva. – Often a bad mood requires support. It is this sector that is responsible for our craving for “quick pleasures” – those that can be obtained immediately and which can damp the bouts of despondency. “

Sector “Energy”. You are inclined to fullness, if you have one deuce or this sector is empty.

“If a person has a shortage of energy, then he is in constant search for recharge. And often from despair or ignorance of this battery become carbohydrates, “continues Pertseva.

Sector “Debt”. If your psychomatrix has one eight or this sector is empty.

“This combination indicates a negligent attitude of a person to their health in general. A person does not think about the consequences today, but when he understands the fact of what happened (weight gain), he considers this to be the fault of circumstances, but not his own, “says Pertseva.

Finally, pay attention to your willpower. More precisely, the number of units.

“If you see a combination of” character 1/11 + debt 8 / empty “, then it’s simply more difficult for you to take yourself in hand than with others,” Pertseva summed up.

It is curious that before this scientists (of course, British) also revealed the connection of excess weight with satisfaction of sexual life and moving. It is curious that at that time, strangely enough, it turned out that it was the homebody who had a good chance of possessing a good figure.

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