Dedication to Rachmaninov at the Maltese Music Festival

Dedication to Rachmaninov at the Maltese Music Festival

Nikolay Lugansky

VI Maltese International Music Festival continues a series of concerts-initiations … April 20 – the day of Sergei Vasilyevich Rachmaninov.

The Mediterranean Conference Center hosted a performance by Nikolai Lugansky and the Armenian State Symphony Orchestra conducted by Sergei Smbatyan. The concert was dedicated to the 145th anniversary of the birth of Sergei Vasilyevich Rakhmaninov. The dynamically constructed form of this concert-dedication with the culminating performance in the finale of “Symphonic Dances” did not leave anyone indifferent: long ovations, screams of “bravos” and “encore”.

He opened the concert “Vocalise” in the arrangement for the orchestra of the author himself – he became a kind of gentle sublime prelude to the surprisingly subtly read over-emotional “Rhapsody on the Paganini theme” performed by Nikolai Lugansky.

The Armenian Symphony Orchestra, here at the Maltese Festival, is in a particularly elated mood. Rachmaninoff shone and shimmered with all the colors of the Mediterranean: the dazzling reflections of the sun on the coastal rocks, the azure sky and the spontaneous unbridled squall of the surf … Nature, so close to the spirit of Rachmaninov’s music, in all its beauty was sensed by the musicians in Symphonic (after the first name of “Fantastic”), dances “.

Before the beginning of the concert Nikolay Lugansky told about his laconic visit to the Maltese festival.

– Nikolai, probably for you this is a special inspiration – to speak on the shore of the bay, is on a beautiful Riviera …

“I’m in Malta, only a few hours.” Sensations are beautiful, the most remarkable. Landed at night – almost nothing visible, but you can hear the amazing sound of the sea, and in the morning – a stunning sunrise, a fantastic sea, in which I still plan to swim! ..

But I will say so, probably the most powerful inspirer of mine has always been music. Of course, I’m a spoiled person in terms of travel, and do not get tired to be amazed at how unusual everything is. And everywhere it is especially beautiful: in Brazil, and in Russia, and in America, and in Malta … As far as I understand, this is an amazing, nothing like island, with some amazing history of the Order of Hospitallers … I hope that for this one and a half I will be able to watch something, – I leave after the day after tomorrow, I have a concert in the outskirts of Vienna, and further – a very dense concert schedule.

– How were your relations with the Maltese festival built?

– A surprising place – Coffeemania next to Alma Mater – native conservatory. There I met Konstantin Ishkhanov, the President of the European Foundation for the Support of Culture, and fortunately, I had a date when I could play, and then everything developed according to a wonderful scenario – 145 years to Sergei Vasilyevich Rakhmaninov. We stopped at the Rhapsody on the theme of Paganini …

– Does your idea of ‚Äč‚Äčthis brilliant work change with the years?

– I do not really believe that a pianist can realize the difference in his game: you used to play like that before, but now it’s different. When a person grows up, grows up, in general, he does not always notice how it changes. But in fact, it changes very much! But do not think about it specifically. Everything should be natural, – also naturally, as the tree’s crown grows and grows, as the river bed changes over time …

The first time I played rhapsody in 1996 in Russia, then after a while – already in London … The view of this work, of course, changed, because I played it with so many orchestras – with all the famous Russian bands, with many American , with the orchestra of the Berlin Philharmonic. Today I will be very curious with the Armenian Symphony Orchestra to play it!

– Being on stage, in the process of execution, how do you feel time?

– Of course, it flows differently: sometimes it accelerates, sometimes it slows down, or it may stop! In music, there are moments of stopping time – it’s like a special reserved place! It is rather difficult to explain this, to bring …

There are things that depend on time. For example, the result of a football match is fascinatingly interesting: and this result today, tomorrow, in two weeks and in thirty years, is a very different thing! The result of the football match, which was held thirty years ago, is curious, but no more! And sounding music … in ten, in thirty or a hundred years, it is not clear when it will be more important …

The flow of time in music is a victory over time! And victory over death! .. This is confirmed by Rachmaninoff … and Bach! Time for them flows differently, and it has no stop, no end … It can stop, and this is the stop of the moment associated with the sensation of the beautiful …

Tatiana Esaulova, Moscow-Valletta

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