The passage of the Earth around the Sun created great specific periods. They were repeated at a certain distance, our Ancestors tracked it and recorded everything in order to know the past and how this past will affect the future in the future. At each time interval there will be development. This pattern is repeated every 25920 years. This period (25920 years) our Ancestors were divided into 16 Chertov, i.e. for 1620 years, the Jarilo-Sun passes 1 The Chamber (a change of the epoch takes place).

This is all calculated for Midgard.

When the era of the Fox came, the change of old Beliefs to new religions began around the world (but we know that the Fox is cunning, lies, deception.)

The Age of Fox is the night that is now the age of the Wolf is the dawn.

In Lѣto 7520 (the era of Fox was over and the era of the Wolf came). ≡ 2012 year

2012 г + 1620 = 3632 (the epoch of the Stork – Rod will come), i.е. rebirth.

If you divide each era into 4 parts for 405 years (figuratively – this is a clock) – every 405 liters – troubled times, changes.

(Lectures of the Asgardian Spiritual School, 2nd year)

It turns out that for some time after the onset of the Wolf era (2012), we are in for a transition period.

Each era is essentially 1 hour in the WEDDING DAYS.

2012 г + 1620 = 3632 (the era of the Stork – Rod), i.e. will be REVIVAL.

7520 liters (ends the era of the Fox and the Age of the Wolf comes). year 2012

2012-1620≡5900 came the era of the Fox Night of the era of 5900 (392 g of RH) NIGHT

5900-1620≡ 4280 came the era of the Tour Evening of the era of 4280 g (1228 to RH) EVENING

4280-1620≡ 2660 g came the age of Los. Day of the era of 2660 g (2848 BC) DAY

2660 -1620≡ 1040 g was the time of Finist. Dawn of the 1040 g (4468 BC) DAWN

1040 -1620≡11979 came the era of the Horse. (from the Great Coldness) -1620≡10359 NIGHT OF THE EPOCH (nuclear night)


With the heavens Svarog is not connected by chance, for He is the heavens themselves, but not the heavenly sphere of the Earth, but the whole of our Universe as a whole.

Modern science claims that from the moment of the Big Bang (the birth of our universe, and the beginning of its formation), 13.7 billion years passed (with an error of 200 million years). This time is the birth of Svarog.

In form, our universe is flat and since the explosion expands with ever-decreasing speed. The expansion process will never stop. There will be no reduction in collapse, as some scientists sometimes say. The analysis of MB radiation showed that 4% of the universe consists of “ordinary matter” – atoms. At 23% – it is “cold dark matter”, knowledge of which is so far negligible. The remaining 73% are represented by “exotic dark energy”, which is even less known.

Expanding, the Universe makes a circular motion around its Center. This movement is called “Kolo Svarog”.

The universal Kolo Svaroga is the rotation of the Universe around its center and its axis. The Great Kolo Svaroga – the rotation of the Galaxies around the center of the universe; The Great Svarog Kolo is the rotation of the Star Systems around the center of the Galaxy; Small Kolo Svaroga – the rotation of the planets of the Star System around the center of the System.

The galaxy revolves around its central region. In the center of the Galaxy, only a relatively small fraction of the stars are concentrated. Therefore, the rotation of the Galaxy has its own characteristics: as the distance from the center increases, both the angular and linear rotational velocities of the Galaxy change (the angular velocity decreases, and the linear velocity first increases, and then, after reaching a maximum, begins to decrease). The sun is just at that distance from the center of the Galaxy, where the linear velocity of the stars is maximal. The sun and the nearest stars move around the center of the Galaxy at a speed of 250 km / s, making a full turn in about 200-220 million years (the Big Kol Svarog).

Day or Night of Svarog is an earthly era that lasts about 2160 years. Two eras of the Earth are the Sutki of Svarog. And six Sutok Svarog or twelve earthly eras make up the Svarog Week or the Earth Age with a period of 25920 years.

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