Dangerous disease jeopardizes the life of Stas Kostyushkin’s younger son

Dangerous disease jeopardizes the life of Stas Kostyushkin's younger son

Photo: @stas_kostyushkin_official Instagram Stas Kostyushkina

Julia, the wife of Stas Kostyushkina, experienced the strongest shock the other day. The younger son of the pair – Mirona had an attack of false cereal at night. This disease has a very high mortality rate and is especially dangerous for young children. Fortunately, Kostyushkina noticed in time that the two-year-old Myron is having difficulty breathing. She told about the incident the next day, when the child’s life was already in danger.

“The worst thing happened: what all mothers are afraid to before the age of five. It was a false croup. It happened at Miron. I was scared more than ever. Now I can talk about it calmly. I want to warn you, dear mothers, about this disaster. The most important thing in such situations is to have an inhaler in the house, “Stas’s wife told.

Of course, in such cases it is necessary to call an ambulance. However, Kostyushkina assumed that doctors will go to their country house for a very long time, so she managed on her own. In the morning, Julia still called the pediatrician, who inspected Myron and prescribed him the necessary treatment.

At the time of Miron’s attack, his father was absent at home. A few days ago Kostyushkin went on tour to the States. By the way, after his departure, “disasters” began to occur in the house. Julia reported that first they broke the pipe and happened then, then “electricity” was cut off, and the final “chord” was Myron’s disease.

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