Dana Borisova reunited with 10-year-old daughter

Dana Borisova reunited with 10-year-old daughter

Dana Borisova reunited with 10-year-old daughter

These May holidays became for Dana Borisova truly happy. The thing is that her ex-lover allowed the TV presenter to spend time with their common daughter Polina. “And yet we are together! – Dana wrote in her personal blog. “We walked together for four days in a row: cinema, theater, park, restaurant, ice cream of all kinds …”

Recall, between Dana Borisova and the girl’s father – businessman Maxim Aksenov – still there is a lawsuit for his daughter. Almost a year the star beats for the right of regular communication with the 10-year-old Polina. During the treatment of the TV presenter from the addiction, the girl was under the tutelage of her father. According to Dana, before the man was not particularly involved in the upbringing of the child, however, now is her only guardian. After her return from the clinic, the girl refused to communicate with her mother. Borisova claims that Pauline is being set up against her. By the way, Borisov is not counting on permanent guardianship at the moment.

“I want to determine the order of our meetings with my daughter,” Borisova told reporters after the next meeting in court. The previous hearing was held on April 23 and, apparently, Dana and Maxim were able to agree on something, since he allowed the mother to spend the weekend with Paulina. Nevertheless, the rumors that the girl herself does not want to see her mother, have nothing to do with reality. The photos show that Dana and Polina are having fun together, and they are happy to communicate with each other again.

Soon the situation may change to an even better side. Most recently, Borisova bought a large apartment in Moscow and is already planning one of three rooms to make a nursery. “Polina will have her own big room, where I will do everything to make it comfortable for her,” Dana said.

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