Creator “Wheelbarrow” leaves Pixar and Disney because of sex scandal

Last year, the chief creative director of Pixar and Walt Disney Animation Studios went on a half-year vacation after several employees accused him of sexual harassment. Then he pleaded guilty, calling his behavior "a mistake", which made employees feel in an uncomfortable situation. Now the creator of "Cars" and "Toy Stories" said that he leaves both companies by the end of 2018.

Lasseter was one of the first employees of Pixar Animation Studios. It is he who owns the idea of ​​a specific voice acting animation studio. In 2006, when Disney acquired Pixar, Lasser became the head of the animation division of Disney.

Representatives of the studio said that although John Lasser and will be listed in the company before the end of the year, he will not directly interact with employees, since he will not be given a separate office.

Lasseter was accused of inappropriate behavior, accompanied by excessive embraces and kisses. To justify himself, he simply said that he likes to cuddle, but at the same time recognized that everyone has the right to establish their own borders and demand respect.


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