Club 42: “” Sobibor “-the Arthouse instead of a feat?

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Club 42: "" Sobibor "-the Arthouse instead of a feat?

Well-known Russian political figure and publicist Yegor Kholmogorov left my short review of the film “Sobibor”. He called the film “tedious art film” in which Lieutenant Pechersky performed by Khabensky looks not a hero, but a sad and tired man.

Club 42: "" Sobibor "-the Arthouse instead of a feat?

– “Sobibor” Konstantin Khabensky, the film that would become a masterpiece, but doomed to the fate of any aesthetic things – short attention and imminent oblivion.

Club 42: "" Sobibor "-the Arthouse instead of a feat?

Oberscharführer helm is included in a sewing workshop, where he prepared a magnificent charms of black leather, who arrived directly from Paris. Nazi – a passionate photographer, he shoots all: guards, prisoners, torture, loot ornaments, promising after the war. The executioner could not resist a photo shoot in new leather jacket that, as it seems, oberscharführer Beckmann would die from envy.

Sasha Subaev, nicknamed Kalimali, Russian prisoner of war. We look at the Nazi mod through the viewfinder of the camera.

The last second of helm will surely go down in the history of cinema. Just to get to this episode have an hour and a half Arthouse without a coherent political, civic and moral ideas.

Mass escape of the Sobibor, October 14, 1943, entered the history of the world war II, as the only successful uprising in a Nazi concentration camp. Rebelled Lieutenant of the red army rostovchanin Alexander Pechersky will be remembered as the man who did the impossible, and then managed to talk about the tragedy and the heroism of Sobibor.

Club 42: "" Sobibor "-the Arthouse instead of a feat?

Club 42: "" Sobibor "-the Arthouse instead of a feat?

On the site of the death camp.

Poland, Which “Patriotic” directly responsible for the deaths of the greater part of the fugitives, deliberately “forgets” about Russia, pretending that any of the caves was not at all.

Club 42: "" Sobibor "-the Arthouse instead of a feat?

And the film “Sobibor” could be a vital reminder of exactly who fought against Nazism, and who helped the executioners.

But, alas, just as the heroic movie of.

There is “never” the word “Russian”, once you say “Soviet” (in connection with the alleged impending “Soviet army”).

What will make an impression on the festival, the heroism of the heroic soldier, is anyone’s guess.

Pechersk played Khabensky weak, a doubter – not a liberator and not a hero. It is why we despise the ridiculous scene of skating myself to the SS and stupid phrases like: “I decided to be a horse.”

The film breaks from this kind of art experiments. It is evident that its creators are heavily influenced by the “night porter”, where the camp was depicted as a space of sadomasochistic sexual relations between the SS and prisoners.

Whipping, kissing, rape, monologue of the head of the camp.

The yard is a huge flock of geese where they are in the film – it’s unclear.

Club 42: "" Sobibor "-the Arthouse instead of a feat?

All this Arthouse has nothing to do with the truth that we all need: the pain and the heroism of the sufferings of children (in the notes of the cats not accidentally recalls the monologue of the child from the Brothers Karamazov) and the cowardice of the other men, of heroism and sacrifice, about the need to kill the enemy to survive.

Getting to the point of tears it’s a shame that the American “Escape from Sobibor” with Rutger Hauer as Alexander Pechersky more like an honest, facing the viewer movie.

The film is harrowing and memorable scenes of Nazi violence. It was brought to the Russian camp (that’s where it sounds like multiple times) prisoners of war immediately perceived by others as a beacon of hope, like a fist that can break through the wall. Pechersk Hauer – not a whiner, a leader and a fighter. The destruction of SS is shown like a real intense action.

Club 42: "" Sobibor "-the Arthouse instead of a feat?

No secret Americans, and the fact that in the uniform, and Ukrainian nationalist collaborators, called “herbalists”.

Among the guards in Sobibor were odious Ivan Demjanjuk.

All of this in the film, Knightley is not even a single word.

Russian Director wants to make “not like Americans”, but still Willy-nilly reproduces the motives of “Escape”.

However, semantic incoherence, unfortunately, was quite original. Perhaps Knightley would make a great witty film about relationships, the SS torturers, sadists and their victims. But on some other material. The history of Sobibor, they were not really told. Those who do not know from other sources about the concentration camp, will not understand in this jumble of aesthetic images.

Club 42: "" Sobibor "-the Arthouse instead of a feat?

“Sobibor” – just released film, but promuchivshis by the main goal: today is the historical truth of the world. The war recedes further, and the generation that followed. And about Sobibor have to re-tell.

Historical facts:

What is Sobibor

1. Initially, the poles thought that the Germans build their gumdrop factory.

At least, as promised by the Nazis in Perpetrate in 1941 a large-scale construction in the forest on the territory of the railway station of Sobibor, not far from the Polish city of Vltava. Every day the “factory” came in trains with people who thought that they would now work at the jelly factory. Many, on arrival, even applauded. In order not to arouse the suspicion arrived, the Nazis broke in the foreground the camp of the beautiful flower beds.

2. “To the inhabitants of the surrounding villages did not hear the cries of kill, released geese.” Actually from Sobibor the Germans were taken in Germany, marmalade, and boxes of ashes, bags of women’s hair, cars, clothes and shoes … and a barrel of human fat. As follows from the “All those who are prevented to false medical”, compiled by the political department of the 8th guards army, and stored in the archive of the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation examination, allegedly with the purpose of selection is weak for light work. The first batch of selected sent to the bath to bathe … all went into the bathing room, which is then filled with gas. In order to drown out the screams, the camp was wound up geese

3. In Sobibor he worked the device for collecting grease. According to the memoirs of the prisoners of the camp, the residents of Warsaw, ber Freiberg, Zelma Weinberg and Chaim Powroznik, the first published in the press in 1944, the camp consisted of three parts. In the first were craft workshops where prisoners sewed shoes, dresses, made furniture. In the second camp there were warehouses. The staff of this camp was sorting through clothes, jewelry, and hair of the slaughtered slaughtered. (As noted by caves in his memoirs, they are used to make the pads of the saddle). In the third camp, the so-called “bath” which took away most of the people. The dead bodies of "baths" burned, but the Nazis built a special fixture, pre-collecting the fat of murdered prisoners.

4. Escape began with "bloody fitting". 14 Oct 1943 at four o’clock the prisoners gave the Germans the fitting of new uniforms and shoes. In the process of “fitting”. A daring escape was so humiliated by the Nazis that they hastily destroyed the camp and covered their tracks. Even planted trees on the territory, where there was a factory of death. However, there are bones, burnt bodies, and even children’s toys.

5. For the first time about the death camp “Sobibor,” wrote the newspaper “Komsomolskaya Pravda”. This happened in September 1944. Then the journalists did not know who was committed feat. “His name was Sasha, he hails from Rostov,” recalled former prisoners. An article in “Komsomolskaya Pravda” with the words “it’s about you” brought Pechersk an employee of the hospital where he was treated after being wounded. 31 Jan 1945 “Komsomolskaya Pravda” published a letter of the caves “Sashko – this is me.”

6. Escape from Sobibor was considered impossible. Fence. Barbed wire height of three meters. Minefield width is 15 meters deep ditch … “a Few months the members of the special team for the incineration of corpses did mine But the Germans found the tunnel and oberscharführer Neumann personally killed the entire team"- wrote "Komsomolskaya Pravda". Why the escape was this caves? According to the recollections of the friends of our hero, during the first meeting, he said. Many did nothing until the last hope to save them. Pechersky managed to get people to make a decision. When the inmates asked him a question: “we have so many partisans, why do not they attack the camp?” Sashko the answer is simple and scary: “For us, no one will work”.

7. After the publication of the truth about “Sobibor” appeared “fake souborovy”. Alexander Pechersky and journalists of “Komsomolskaya Pravda” conducted active searches of prisoners of the camp. Once at the all-Union radio, in Novosibirsk found another prisoner, Boris Tsibulsky. He works as a physical education teacher and speaks to residents with memories of sobiborski camp. The news struck, and cheered the head of the escape Sashko. Because of Cybulski went sad rumors. Crossing the river after his escape, Boris caught cold and fell ill. Comrades carried him on his hands and left the farm at the farmers, where he died. But once Cybulski found – so listening about? Pleased Sashko immediately wrote to comrade letter, offered to come. However, he refused to meet. Started a correspondence in which “a prisoner of Sobibor,” displayed an incredible selective memory. In the end, the impostor gave himself. “You’re not the Boris, whom you say you are,” wrote him Sashko. Soon I received a letter of repentance: “I’m not, I’m sorry.” Do not let on. Save me. “

Pechersky did not give the liar. But after eight years, learned about the situation, the journalist Nina Aleksandrova. Appalling that this cowardly lie, a false Cybulski was responsible for her death. May 18, 1972, the plane on which Alexandrov was flying to false Cybulski crashed.

8. In 1987 he was cleared of the Anglo-Yugoslav feature film "Escape from Sobibor" in which the starred Rutger Hauer. However, the Pechersky to go to the premiere could not

Escape from Sobibor was considered impossible

Anyone watched the movie?

What can you say about the above review?

Do not want to believe, but I’m afraid that everything is described.

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