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Museum of Contemporary Art “Garage” today opens a new season of film screenings in the summer cinema Garage Screen in the Gorky Park. This year the cinema works according to the principle of Cinematheque, and the program will be divided into several regular headings assigned to specific days of the week: Debuts, Origins and Influences, Premiers and Experiments. Five films that are worth a visit for the readers of Kommersant Style were chosen by curator of the film program of the Museum Evgeny Gusyatinsky, film critic, selector of the Rotterdam International Film Festival and editor of the magazine “The Art of Cinema”.

“The Bottled Rocket” (1996)

May 11

On May 3, a new animation of Wes Anderson’s “Island of Dogs” (it can also be seen in Garage Screen). And in the “Debuts” section we decided to show how the famous director started. In the adventure comedy “Bottle Rocket” (1996), which Martin Scorsese called one of the best films of the 1990s, the ideas and motives of all subsequent Anderson films, for example, friendship as an alternative variant of the family, are traced.

According to the story, three young friends from Texas decide what to do in this life. And when the fateful choice is made in favor of crime, it turns out that in this field luck is not ready for everyone.

The Gangster film about the grieving robbers became a debut for the star actor’s duo – the Wilson brothers. Anderson discovered the talents of Luke and Owen, who later appeared in many of his films.

“Barry Lyndon” (1975)

may 13

For this film, Stanley Kubrick received four Oscar awards. Spectators will be transported to the UK in the 18th century and will witness the epic journey of the main character – Irishman Redmond Barry, who is trying his best to break into the high society. The screen version of the novel by the English classic William Thackeray “The Adventures of Barry Lyndon” was shot in historical nature and reproduces in detail the painting of the 18th century: everything that you see on the screen – from patterns and buttons to utensils and locations – is phenomenal, even documentary, so rare and almost impossible in film-reconstruction. At the same time, Kubrick conducts narrative in the modern mode, offering different points of view on the events taking place and looking at them from a critical distance. One of the most significant films in the history of cinema, whose influence was recognized by such directors as Lars von Trier and Paul Thomas Anderson.

“Have a nice day” (2017)

May 19

May 19 guests of the summer cinema are waiting for two premieres in one day – cartoons “Good Day” and “Mutafukaz.” An independent Chinese animated cartoon “Good Day” will tell you how the hunt for a bag with crazy money turns upside down a chaotic Chinese town. With the help of exquisite hand-drawn animation, director Liu Jian most accurately conveys the atmosphere of the city, imbued with melancholy and vitality, but he does not forget about criticism of mores: all the characters dream to escape from the surrounding backwoods and are ready for anything for the sake of it.

Mutafukaz (2017)

May 19

The events of the cartoon “Mutafukaz” take place in post-apocalyptic Los Angeles. The audience will see in it references to the “Matrix” and adrenaline mixture of anime and hip-hop, a gangster fighter and science fiction, pure anarchy and eco-manifesto. The world premiere took place in 2017, and the audience appreciated both cartoonish cruelty, and black humor, and irony, and exciting roller coaster events.

“Letters to the Provincial” (2018)

30 June

Black-and-white kinomanom Jean-Paul Sieveirak, which was first shown at the Berlinale-2018, tells of young people in love with the cinema. According to the story, Etienne moved to Paris to study directing at the Sorbonne, where he meets like-minded people and, together with them, experiences the first tests of his youth. “Letters to the Provincial” – a romantic and at the same time ironic view of cinema and cinephile as a disease, a fetish and the meaning of life. At the same time, it is a universal film about the growing up and energy of young people who want to change the world with their still unrelated films.

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