Experts learned about the unexpected effect of vitamin B6

Now it should be taken not only to improve the assimilation of protein.

During the study, scientists at the University of Adelaide found that vitamin B6 helps remember dreams. However, it does not affect the quality of sleep, brightness and content of vision. During the experiment, participants were given either 240 mg of vitamin, or a placebo right before bed. Participants report that closer to the end of the experiment, their dreams were becoming clearer and clearer, they were easier to remember the morning, reports ScienceDaily. 240Mg is a very large dose, the daily human need for vitamin B6 is only 2 mg. But it is worth noting that B6 is non-toxic.

The head of the study, Dr. Espi says: “In our whole life we ​​spend 6 years in watching dreams. If you control your dreams (lucid dreaming), then it can help overcome phobias, work on creative tasks, perfect your motor skills and recover from injuries. But to dream consciously, you first need to remember them. ” Now people remember their dreams only sketchy, but even these data allowed to make a map of the dreams of the inhabitants of Russia.

German fishing

German fishing

Fischland-Darß-Zingst – this German peninsula offers active recreation for cyclists, hiking in the National Park, the Nationalpark Vorpommersche Boddenlandschaft and, of course, fishing.

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Philippines close the famous island of Boracay for tourism for six months

On Thursday, the festive island of the Philippines closed for tourists, as workers began a six-month cleaning to eliminate environmental damage caused by an excessive number of travelers and violation of sanitary standards.

It is expected that President Rodrigo Duterte will sign an order to close the island of Boracay, 310 km south of Manila, until October, said his representative, Harry Roque.

Philippines close the famous island of Boracay for tourism for six months

On Tuesday, a petition was filed in the Supreme Court demanding the island, known for its deserted beaches with white sand and crystal blue waters, to remain open. However, there was no information about when the court decision would be adopted. Workers were spotted on Thursday, hammering to clear the structures, widening the main street of the island.

Environment Secretary Roy Chimat urged institutions to fix their sewer system after a number of businesses were illegally linked to the drainage line of the island’s rain water that connects directly to the sea. “It became a systemic problem,” he said, warning that commercial institutions would be closed if they did not correct their violations.

Philippines close the famous island of Boracay for tourism for six months

The closure will affect more than 17,000 workers in hotels, restaurants and other tourism-related facilities, as well as about 11,000 people earning a living by selling various items and services to visitors.

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What strikes an ordinary tourist in America

What strikes an ordinary tourist in America

1. Many Americans are standing on tiptoe when traveling in an elevator

They do this in order to avoid compression in the spine. When the elevator moves from the upper floors and stops at the bottom, you just need to stand on tiptoe – and then there will not be excessive pressure on the vertebrae.

2. The 18-year rule

Many American families release children into independent life as soon as they are 18 years old. It is believed that a man of this age is old enough to exist autonomously from his father’s house. It’s strange, but many children and parents become almost strangers after such parting: they rarely call up and visit each other.

Usually 18-year-old boys and girls, who were released on all four sides, rent their homes together and lead their daily life – because it is so much easier. Many of them do not study anywhere and spend time aimlessly for virtual games, drinking beer and attending parties. They have little money, aspirations – too. It seems to me, it is this strange tradition that is the reason for the existence in America of a lot of old people’s homes – children simply “take” their parents there in gratitude.

3. The relation to food

Food does not represent any value for Americans. Everything that is not eaten at the table, simply thrown away. Good delicious food is sent to the trash, it is not stored, as in our fridges. It is very unfortunate that the food, which very many people on earth are deprived of, is simply thrown out.

4. Virtual families

Many Americans “go” from the real world to the virtual world, where they have their own families. And they do it in full earnest! The fact is that many Americans suffer from loneliness, they lack human relations and warmth. And there are not only virtual husbands or wives, but also children, grandparents, sisters and brothers, uncles of aunt …

Pensioners from homes for the elderly are looking for virtual grandchildren, closed teenagers – grandparents, who could give them care and attention. People who are deprived of communication in real life find it on the Web.

5. They love meat with blood

Americans are gourmets. They are very fond of meat, especially with blood. In any American restaurant, you can order any degree of steak roasting, even “you do not need to fry much, just lightly, and let there be more blood.”

6. Society of lovers of drilling teeth

In America there are thousands of different communities of lovers of some things. Among them there are very very strange. For example, one waiter told me what is in the community of lovers to drill their teeth. Every weekend they get together and go to the dental clinic to drill their teeth, and it does not matter at all whether their teeth are healthy or not.

Another person told that he likes to swallow toothbrushes: he just likes the care and attention of doctors when they extract the brushes from his stomach.

But it seems to me that the reason for such strange hobbies of people is very simple – they just do not have enough human warmth and communication.

7. Wide smiles to strangers

Americans smile always, everywhere and to everyone. Often, behind their smiles there is nothing hidden – it’s just an integral part of their culture.

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Millet porridge with pumpkin and dried apricots

Millet porridge with pumpkin and dried apricots


Millet 60 g

Milk 100 ml

Pumpkin 50 g

Dried apricots 40 grams

Butter 20 g

Sugar to taste

Mint for decoration

Salt to taste

Preparation of millet porridge with pumpkin and dried apricots

Millet is washed and boiled on water.

Ready millet filled with hot milk, add sugar and salt, and bring to a boil. Tikva clean and three on a large grater.

Drizzle with warm water and cut into small pieces.

Add the pumpkin and dried apricots in a container with porridge and milk. For a few minutes until ready, add a little butter and remove from the plate.

Served porridge hot. Decorate the porridge with a sprig of mint and pumpkin chips.

Bon Appetit!

The most interesting of the social networks about travel: garbage on Baikal and Bali, hospitalization in the Caucasus and a terrible history in the Seychelles

We are opening a new section in which we will share the most interesting finds from social networks in recent times. Our editors find dozens of interesting, unusual and important texts, but not from each they can make a separate material. Therefore, every two weeks (and maybe more often) we will publish the most relevant posts from travelers, ethnographers, photographers, influenza, journalists and workers of the tourism industry. This is something that does not get into the media, but what exactly will be interesting and useful to learn.

Last year, a terrible news spread around the facebook: a Russian journalist Anna Karabash was raped by a staff member of the five-star Six Senses Zil Pasyon hotel in the Seychelles. At the same time, the hotel tries to hush things up and covers the rapist in every possible way. This is terrible, unacceptable and should be punished.

“I slept in the villa. It was night, half past night. The cleaner came and I do not know how, for I slept and raped me. I never saw this person before. He was with a knife and promised to kill. I screamed. I broke free. I was scratching. He was stronger. The alarm button was not there. He did not give me a call. It was senseless to yell, the villas are far enough from each other, and no one apparently did not hear anything, “Anna said in Facebook. Worst of all, the hotel not only did not help Anna in this terrible situation, but, on the contrary, accused her of lying. So, the police arrived at the hotel only eight hours after the incident, and the co-owner of the hotel Laura Valabji began a conversation with Anna with the words “Did you get pleasure last night? “(” Did you enjoy last night? “). Later it turned out that the hotel is trying to hide this story with all its might and even hinders the progress of the investigation.

When we read Anna’s post, we were deeply shocked by this story. The main task of any hotelier is not only clean and soft beds, but, of course, the safety of guests. And if there was an incident, then the hotel should take full responsibility for it. Anna is an incredibly strong and brave woman who has not stopped this story and is now fighting to ensure that the guilty have been punished. Now she has to pay not only the work of expensive international lawyers, but also to fly to the courts and proceedings in the Seychelles. In this difficult matter you can help Anna – all the details and details are in her post. Here you can read a great interview with Anna.

The most interesting of the social networks about travel: garbage on Baikal and Bali, hospitalization in the Caucasus and a terrible history in the Seychelles

Anton is a famous Russian photographer and winner of international photography competitions. He not only visited the most remote corners of our country, but also constantly conducts photo tours in wild and beautiful places. That’s why Anton notices the dynamics of changes in these or other locations: sometimes this is good news, and sometimes, as in the case of Baikal, very bad. Annually Anton organizes winter photo tours around Lake Baikal, and, according to him, this year the state of Lake Baikal has greatly worsened: “Most grottoes are disfigured. Most of the available places are “signed”. Yellow snow, yellow icicles. Toilets in caves, dumps on ice. “

We believe that it is extremely important to talk about the state of Russia’s natural sites. And we hope that someday the situation will change, and people (primarily locals and workers of the tourism industry) will begin to take a more responsible approach to the world around them.

A glance from the mouth of the icy dragon. And if you leave the lyrics, then on the Baikal the situation is complicated. With each year, more and more tourists. I do not understand how you can shit such beauty. In the literal sense, shit! &# 128552; Most grottoes are disfigured. Most available places "signed". Yellow snow, yellow icicles. Toilets in caves, garbage on ice. &# 128702; Some especially clever pour hot tea on the ice. As a result, there are ugly brown spots similar themselves know what. And to top it off, you need to break the icicles. It’s just so much fun. And for the FIG, that those who after you will come, no longer see this beauty. Only hemp hacked hang. Anger is not enough! Why does not beauty treat people? A rhetorical question. It’s sad. It was boiling !!! &# 128548; Find an unkempt grotto is now over task! This grotto in the photo is secret in a secret place. I decided not to upload the detailed route on the site any more and not give locations. Because as soon as you fill the place, everything! There’s already a crowd. Once upon a time, about 3 years ago the Usuras were a backwoods and we were very rare photographers who stayed there for several days with an overnight stay, despite the lack of amenities. &# 128704; Now the crowds have reached the Uzur, to the grottoes of the chic … and that’s it. Kapets to the grottoes. &# 128542; That’s why you need to travel with an experienced photoguide, who all came and knows secret places. &# 128170; Just to come to Khuzhir of course you can. But what will you see there? (For the sake of this, so many here flew and went? So again I say, carefully choose with whom to go .On Baikal, you can very differently visit and see very different there. #agarkov_mountains

Read on: How to bring good pictures from the trip: seven tips for a professional photographer

Grigory Lugovoy – PR-director of service for the sale of air tickets Biletix. And he is on a round-the-world trip and writes a lot about his impressions on facebook. Every year in April-May to the island of Bali in the course of nailing tons of garbage, looks and feels terrible and sad.

The most interesting of the social networks about travel: garbage on Baikal and Bali, hospitalization in the Caucasus and a terrible history in the Seychelles

Leonid – a researcher of the culture of the East and a man whose texts can be read for hours. In a recent publication he told about the peculiarities of Caucasian hospitality. Not the one that “ai-na-na-nan, more wine, young people?”, But in the vector of gender relations. And funny, and sad, but more all the same funny. Even about the hospital, but already in the global context, Leonid can read here, completely agree.

Mikhail is the creator of the coolest project “Protected Railways”, in which he and his colleagues are driving tours of semi-abandoned and forgotten (but still working) narrow-gauge railways in Russia. We are fans of his travels, there you can admire descriptions. In the video, Konchits talks about who is a ferroequinologist (a railway horse explorer), where to ride a trolley on a trolley and how similar trips can even save narrow-gauge tracks from oblivion.

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The most wild hotel in the forests of Sweden

The most wild hotel in the forests of Sweden

These rough dugouts and huts in Sweden invite visitors to live a few days in natural conditions, as woodcutters lived in the past centuries. There are no luxuries of modern civilization – no running water, no heating, no electricity. Mocked in the truest sense of the room promise unparalleled impressions of the holiday. Wow!

Hotel Kolarbyn Ecolodge consists of 12 hunting lodges. Each of them is heated by a cozy fire and is equipped with warm sheep skins for sleeping. This is an ideal option to relieve stress and temporarily disconnect from the frenzied rhythm of life.

The most wild hotel in the forests of Sweden

The most wild hotel in the forests of Sweden

“Spend a few relaxing days in the forest. Sit by the fire at night. Meet people from different countries. Must try the moose and beaver tours! You are worthy of great wild impressions “- sounds good!

The most wild hotel in the forests of Sweden

“No, you do not need to be Crocodile Dundee or Ray Mears to survive during a vacation in Kolarbyn,” the owners of the huts explain. “If you need any help, our hosts are always ready to help and prompt at every step.”

The most wild hotel in the forests of Sweden

And what about the toilet? As we have already said, there are no toilets in the huts. Therefore, guests should be comfortable to cope with the need in the forest. “If you need to go to the toilet, you can easily pee after any tree. Only not on berries! “- owners warn.

The most wild hotel in the forests of Sweden

And if you are hungry, do not worry that you will have to gather and hunt for your own food. There is a convenient warehouse, where full of delicious food, which is just waiting for you!

The most wild hotel in the forests of SwedenThe night in such a hut will cost 60 euros. And you would stop in such conditions?

The most wild hotel in the forests of Sweden

The most wild hotel in the forests of Sweden

The most wild hotel in the forests of Sweden

How the kings are born

How the kings are bornOn the occasion of the birth of the third child of the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, we tell about the secrets and conventions of British etiquette at this intimate moment.

Not a moment’s peace

While the Duchess Keith was waiting for the third child to be released from the burden, the crowd gathered under the windows of the hospital periodically encouraged her with a rhymed cry: “Kate, do not make us wait! »(« Kate, do not make us wait! »). In the hands of the royalists held T-shirts with the inscription: “I was there when baby number 3 was born “(” I was there when the child was born No. 3 “). At the same time, the crowned woman in labor “ripened” in a room that looked like a womb – half dark, with carpets on the walls and floor, surrounded by midwives and midwives.

The Kingdom of Women

How the kings are bornHome in the royal birth – midwife. Only in the second half of the XVII century, male doctors began to be admitted to childbirth. But to look at the patient had no right up to the middle of the XIX century.

The Last Beggar

On the holiday on the occasion of the birth of the heir, the whole country was walking. The infant was baptized and presented to the public. Knights fought in tournaments in his honor, street actors staged performances, and even the beggars received a couple of coins in their knapsacks. One culprit of the celebration sat in the distant rooms, being considered unclean. She could see the light after the church cleansing and only six weeks after the birth. It was only a few centuries ago.

First went

The first husband who was present at the royal birth in England was Prince Albert, Queen Victoria’s consort, and it was in 1840, at the birth of their first-born, also Victoria. However, the rest did not oblige. So, while the future Queen Elizabeth in Buckingham Palace gave birth to Charles, her husband Philippe played with courtiers in squash.

The Case of the Nation

How the kings are born

The birth of children in the British royal family is accompanied by 41 volleys of guns installed in the royal Green Park, and 62 volleys – in the Tower. On all government buildings, warships and objects of the Ministry of Defense, the national flag “Union Jack” rises.

Accountable to the Ministry of Internal Affairs

How the kings are born

Until 1936 the royal birth was accompanied by the presence of the Minister of Internal Affairs outside the door. The tradition was abolished under George VI, Elizabeth’s father, shortly before the birth of Prince Charles.

Evolution of anesthesia

Queen Victoria, the mother of nine children, was the first to try anesthesia. At the birth of the eighth child, Prince Leopold, she was given chloroform. He liked the queen. The path to modern epidural anesthesia lay through opium and cocaine, which was also offered to high-born patients for a time to alleviate the tribal suffering.

Caesar’s – Caesar’s

How the kings are born

The reigning queen of Great Britain, Elizabeth II, was born as a result of Caesarean section, at her maternal grandfather’s house in the Mayfair area of ​​London. Newspapers reported delicately: “The Duchess has been discharged from her burden by the daughter after performing the necessary procedure.”

In the hospital walls

Prince William was the first child of the royal family, born in a clinic, and not in a castle or in a palace.

In order

In 2013, the British law on the succession was amended. Now princes of blood do not have an advantage over princesses, which means that the children of Keith and William claim the throne in order of birth: George, Charlotte and the newborn baby, born on St. George’s Day.

Under the sound of the bell

Announcement of the addition in the royal family is published on a traditional music stand in the courtyard of Buckingham Palace. This is the official notification of the nation. After that, the message is reprinted by the newspapers. Also, observing the traditions, the city herald, dressed in the classic red uniform of the British Empire and the cocked hat, announces the joyful message. In the hand of the herald is necessarily a massive bell.

The oldest spider in the world is named

In Australia, the female spider-mason broke the record of longevity.

She lived to 43 years. After death, she was recognized as the oldest spider in the world. Thanks to this lifespan, researchers have been able to very well study the habits and features of this species, according to the Daily Mail.

The oldest spider in the world is named

According to biologist Lianda Mason of the University of Curtin, the longevity of these spiders is explained by the fact that they live in the wild forests (Australian Bushland), where they have no hazards caused by people or cars. Also, they tend to rarely change their habitat, so they are not very much threatened. Before that, the oldest spider was the Mexican tarantula, who lived up to 28 years. “My Planet” wrote, why spiders like to climb into cars.