Yana Churikova results in the Eurovision

Yana Churikova results in the Eurovision

Jason Statham with a gun, kills? ? No, it’s Churikova trying to have time before the contest to give himself up. And yet – these eternal questions, “what are you doing?” “at your age?!?” WA-ha-ha. Yes, with age especially delivers. Despite the fact that I am afraid of invasive procedures (injections, incisions, etc.). Well, I’m not ready, at my pace of life, to absolutise, then make-up on bruises on the face and in the office to tell me that the house man “will besnoitiosis”. Or “fell off the face on the asphalt”. I need to quickly and efficiently. And without consequences. And so were you! Share. For those who live “on speed”. # CooLifting®. 5 minutes – minus 5 years! Very effective and fast procedure. System #beautygun (#guicreate) similar to the gun. She creates a powerful stream of CO2, combined with a high concentration of the sprayed anti-age substances, high pressure and low temperature. This unique weapon is #CooLifting. The result is the restoration of the skin cells and lifting, and absolutely no injuries and the recovery period. And all of this is real in 5 minutes! Ask at your beauty salon! PS “Statham” name is Kirill @ dr.burmistrov and he’s a cosmetologist) And the next post-the answer to the question for the salons, who can order the #guicreate if you have not already. @beauty_gun_eng www.coolifting.ru

Yana Churikova results in the Eurovision

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Amal Clooney: “Our son is not a year, and he has a copy of George”

George and Amal Clooney are a couple, that breaks the Hollywood stereotypes. They carefully guard their right to privacy and do not live in a bustling Los Angeles or new York, and in the peaceful village of Sonning-ay, that in the South of England in Oxfordshire. There paparazzi harder to get them.

Their position in society is also a violation of the existing orders of the dream factory. Usually when the girl is not from the world of show business, married to a star, then the rest of his life. But as soon as it became known of their affair, Amal immediately rose to the same heights of recognition, and George. But when in April 2014, the couple announced their engagement, some media and even wrote: “a World-renowned advocate for human rights. Amal Alamuddin marries an actor”. And not Vice versa. But if you think, differently and could not be. Have Amal has everything you need for success – it is one of the strongest human rights defenders in the world who is not afraid to take a challenging and high profile case. Add to this a unique sense of style. To combine serious professional work and love for fashion, by the way, Amal had learned from her mother Bari, who worked as a journalist and wrote about politics. In her confession, Amal frequently raided her closet, trying on and taking away shoes, dresses and everything that she liked.

Amal Clooney: "Our son is not a year, and he has a copy of George"

Amal and George have been together for five years. But the memories of the first meeting all the same bright. In 2013, Amal, along with their mutual friend, came to visit George, where, by the way, just with his parents. “She looked beautiful.” Her busy life fascinated me. “From the moment I first saw her that we had a connection,” recalls George. They talked all night and then exchanged numbers and continued to chat. First, just as friends, but soon their relationship went to a new level. And on the first official date, at one of the restaurants in London, in their lives, they were paparazzi, waylaid the couple on the entrance to the school. So the affair soon became public. But that did not stop. “Before we met, I was just hoping that someday my life will be true love, which does not require weigh the "for" and "against". When I met George, in this moment, I felt that our relationship is the most natural and real thing that can be in this world, “says Amal.

When Amal met George, she was 35 years old. But she was not worried about the fact that she had no family and children. She was so good. George was in the same situation. “If you are even slightly familiar with my crazy biography, you know that I never wanted to marry (from 1989 to 1993, I was never married to actress, But then I met Amal and realized that she’s different. ” George realized that he wanted to associate with Amal, during their trip to Africa. “We were on Safari and came up to her giraffes.” She smiled, and I photographed it. And then I turned to my friend. Ben and said: "You know, I want to marry her". And he said that it was a great idea. “

Amal Clooney: "Our son is not a year, and he has a copy of George"

The engagement was announced in April 2014, and in September of the same year, got married in Venice. June 6, 2017 George and Amal were born twins – a son, Alexander and daughter Ella. “Alexander is not yet a year, and he’s already so similar to George,” says Amal. Happy father does not see the similarities. But the daughter, according to the actor, copy Amal.

Despite the fact that the couple have a nanny, they do not try to take as much. “Between six and eight in the morning they sleep in my bed, so I am not planning any business calls to eight.” When I fed them at the breast, it was more difficult, “says Amal.

After the birth of children. Amal left career. Lately, she spends a lot of time fighting for women’s rights. Among other things, she defended the interests of the Azerbaijani journalist Ismayilova Khadii being in prison for her investigation on the corruption of the President of Azerbaijan. Thanks Amal, the girl was released. “We can not be in the minority.” We have a connection-not a geographical, religious or cultural, it’s a partnership based on experience, which can survive only in women. #MeToo , this world safer for me, “she says.

Amal Clooney: "Our son is not a year, and he has a copy of George"

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Star wars: Zuckerberg and Musk begin the battle for space

Star wars: Zuckerberg and Musk begin the battle for spaceBy 2024, SpaceX plans to launch about 12 thousand satellites. Photo by wikipedia.org

Facebook is secretly building a Internet satellite. Mark Zuckerberg intends to develop orbital technology, to compete with SpaceX and OneWeb for the delivery of Internet services.

Plans Facebook on the storming of the cosmos reveals application submitted to the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) of the United States. It is a question about the launch of the experimental satellite called Athena. It will deliver data 10 times faster than satellites SpaceX Starlink, the first of which was launched in February 2018 to Deliver a satellite into low orbit in early 2019 should rocket ArianespaceVega.

Athena is about the same size and weight (150 kg), and satellites, SpaceX and OneWeb, but Athena in contrast, will use high-frequency radio signals of millimeter (E-band), which promise much faster data transfer speeds.

Star wars: Zuckerberg and Musk begin the battle for space

Athena will be created on the platform of the satellite SSL-100. Photo: sslmda.com

If approved, Athena "effectively provide broadband access to the unemployed and underserved areas throughout the world". Application is not a public company PointViewTechLLC. According to media reports, this company is a new subsidiary of Facebook.

Launch company in the United States, must obtain permission from the FCC. Usually, they begin to build the spacecraft long before you will be able to submit your documents.

However, for the Internet "worldwide" one satellite is clearly not enough. If Facebook is serious about ensuring global communication, it is necessary to launch thousands of satellites. But in March, the FCC has approved plans for SpaceX to build a global broadband network "Starlink" with the use of satellites.

SpaceX seeks to accommodate almost 12 000 Starlinks in low-earth orbit to provide Gigabit Internet access in most parts of the earth’s surface. On the establishment of satellite Internet groups and said the British billionaire and the founder of the VirginGroup, Richard Branson. Internet coverage using maybe 1000 satellites.

Star wars: Zuckerberg and Musk begin the battle for space

Photo: Facebook / bluerubicon.com

But the FCC takes very seriously the risk of orbital collisions. And if the FCC will deny, Facebook, in the creation of orbital constellation, then it will be at least the second time. Elon Musk disrupted the orbital plans of Mark Zuckerberg.

Earlier Facebook and SpaceX were partners. In 2016 they planned to launch a communication satellite Amos-6, which Facebook wanted to use Internet access in Africa. However, the Falcon9 rocket carrying the satellite exploded on the launch pad at Cape Canaveral.

"Deeply disappointed"- said mark Zuckerberg learned that the launch failed.

Mark Zuckerberg the application and plans to create an orbital group has not commented. However, Facebook is also interested in millimeter waves. Already in 2015 in FCCSubmitted application "testing the potential of new communication applications using E-band" unmanned aircraft in Los Angeles and around.

In 2016 Facebook announced the first test flight of its high-altitude solar drones Aquila using the technology of the E-band. Trials of this technology continued until 2017.

The most spectacular rooms of “Eurovision-2018”: Burning steps, the dress for $ 65 000 and roses growing out of the back

The most spectacular rooms of "Eurovision-2018": Burning steps, the dress for $ 65 000 and roses growing out of the back

Room Yulia Samoilova have to show the struggle for life, which always find their way. Photo: Press service "Eurovision"

Artists try the stage, gradually revealing the secrets of their rooms.

As we reported, the room of Julia Samoylova looks very intricate – our artist is crowned by a mountain and there is singing that it will not break.

According to the Director of rooms, this idea needs to show the struggle for life, which always find their way. And strollers, which usually moves Samoilov, will not be seen again in order not to speculate on the topic of disability.

Quietly and other artists of the show, than the rich. Of course, we paid attention to the contestants post-Soviet space, and, apparently, that they are presented in the most spectacular rooms. Nikita Alexeev (Аlexeev), Ukrainian singer, which “friendship” is a neighbor of Belarus, you might say, arranged on the stage of the finals of the popular girls of the show “the Bachelor.” There, recall, the main character, Which heart beat the beauty from Russia gives any member a rose. So, Nikita has adopted this room, and rose suddenly emerge from his back. Looks like a pretty hard – except the most perverted lovers of the film “50 shades of gray” was glad, seeing this “live”. Although, perhaps the trick is to adopt florists: show the product is not a face in the Windows, and back.

The most spectacular rooms of "Eurovision-2018": Burning steps, the dress for $ 65 000 and roses growing out of the backRoses on the back of a Ukrainian, a Belarusian named Alexeev is touching. And scary … Photo: Press-service "Eurovision"

The number of the Ukrainian artist Melvina looks impressive, but a bit of the time, when there were LED screens and beautiful projections, which were actively implemented for the competition the last three years. In the beginning of Melavin, like the Wii, rises from the piano. Then sits down to play the demon. The steps leading to the piano in the middle of the room. Infernal, but people like it. Let’s hope that everything will go safely. And that one victim we already have an artist from the Czech Republic was stretched on the stage and went to the hospital straight from the rehearsal. At first he could not even walk.

The most spectacular rooms of "Eurovision-2018": Burning steps, the dress for $ 65 000 and roses growing out of the backSinger Melvin (Ukraine) is literally lit on stage. Photo: Press service "Eurovision"

Estonian performer Nechaeva Elina finally appeared in his luxurious dress. Recall that, according to local press, it was worth 65,000 euros. Money has long been sought, and finally we could see what went on such a huge amount. Yes, really impressive projections. But since speech in a similar attire Polina Gagarina in Vienna just three years, so the effect is slightly lubricated. Impressive that the delivery of the dresses on stage is carried out six strong men – the singer is not the power to convey such large amounts of tissue.

The most spectacular rooms of "Eurovision-2018": Burning steps, the dress for $ 65 000 and roses growing out of the back

Dress Elina Nechaeva (Estonia) in the scene render a few people.

But what about our artist? Julia Samoylova after he was sitting in the room, or rehearsing in the Studio, or goes on trips. However, we can not say that the city is geared to ensure that it was comfortable to move around in the wheelchair, as, indeed, all the old city with the ancient historical center. But this issue is easily solved by the husband of Julia, who literally carries her in his arms, helping the girl to see all the fun.


Archrival Yulia Samoilova at “Eurovision-18”: Israeli “chicken”, Estonian Opera diva and a song about a refugee, born on weather ship

On the eve of the song in Lisbon “Komsomolskaya Pravda” has figured out who among the 43 parties can compete with our performer

Before Eurovision was eerily predictable. Who was the bookies in the first place, he usually took a crystal microphone in the final. But then the situation began to change. It is for political reasons, because of the rapidly changing mood among voters. So this “top” is not a guaranteed list of finalists. When the artists came on stage and show their numbers, they either will win the audience or not. But, most likely, the main struggle for victory will unfold between the contestants. (details)


The participants of the Eurovision-2018: the Armenian woman and a star named “sun Drunk”

Watching the preparation for the biggest vocal competition of the Old World, and tell about the participants of Eurovision-2018

Next in importance to viewers after the Olympics the 2018 event, of course, Eurovision. You can laugh, but the total audience of the song contest, which many believe is a freak parade, hundreds of millions of people. So what will impress the audience members of the Eurovision-2018 (details)

Media: Irina Shayk pregnant?

Media: Irina Shayk pregnant?

Irina Shayk (32) and Bradley Cooper (43) is not speaking on the subject of their relationship and a few times they appeared together at events. Perhaps that’s why a pair of walks so many rumors.

Media: Irina Shayk pregnant?

Thus, the Network appeared rumors about the pregnancy of the model. As evidence: the emergence of a couple on the threshold of the center of the family. Shayk (Irina, a big fan of body dresses, now wears only loose clothing). And new photos, taken by paparazzi during a walk a Shake with the mother and daughter Leia on the waterfront in new York, confirm this.

Media: Irina Shayk pregnant?

Recall that Irina and Bradley became parents, we learned on the show. Victoria’s Secret model showed tummy right on the podium. Maybe now the stars are waiting for the right moment?

Wow! How much is a wedding dress Meghan Markle?

Wow! How much is a wedding dress Meghan Markle?

The wedding of Prince Harry (33) and Meghan Markle (36) very soon the celebration will be held may 19. And today, finally, became known the details of the wedding bridesmaid dress.

Designers of wedding dresses, in which Meghan Markle appears in St. George’s chapel, Ralph steel & Russo. This was reported by the Daily Mail. It is known that lace dress, hand embroidered with beads, cost of the Royal family in 135 thousand pounds.

Selection Of Ralph & Russo is not accidental. She was posed for his official portrait. This dress will be one of the two wedding dresses of the bride. Frogmoor Megan will change the wedding dress into another outfit. Presumably, it is engaged in design, former Burberry creative Director Christopher Bailey (46), or the Royal favorite brand, Erdem.

But Harry does not want to know anything about the outfits of the bride before the wedding. According to insiders, he wants the image that he sees Megan on may 19, had a surprise for him.

Wow! How much is a wedding dress Meghan Markle?

But that’s not all! Revealed another intrigue – the participation of the parents of Megan in the ceremony.

Markle is his father, Thomas Markle for the wedding, and is now officially known, he, not the mother (as reported by some foreign media), will lead the bride to the altar. To the UK from USA Doria and Thomas will arrive in the week before the ceremony to “the Harry’s family – including Queen Elizabeth II (92), Duke of Edinburgh (96), Prince of Wales (69), the Duchess of Cornish (70) , Duke (35) and the Duchess (36) of Cambridge, managed to spend time with them before the triumph, “writes The Daily Mail.

Wow! How much is a wedding dress Meghan Markle?

Simple rules | ecopost

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Simple rules | ecopost

It’s me again)

I hope not too much aropostale. Just now have the time and mood to do combos!

Simple rules | ecopost

I want to tell you about some ecoprofile in my life. I shall warn that I’m not a complete ecovic)) Complete I probably will never be. I sometimes buy stuff online, buying books, throwing out the old shoes in the General trash (shoes in the world is not enough where processed) and do some other irresponsible actions. I to Zero Waste like walking to the moon.

Simple rules | ecopostSo, ecoprofile (those that remember). Some many years, some fresher)

1. I never take plastic bags. Never and nowhere. At all.

Simple rules | ecopost

I always carry a bag or two. I could be in the hands of something to the drag, but the package will not take)

Simple rules | ecopost

Rarely, but take small bags to pack the dirty-dirty like onions and potatoes. And then I have this bag I’ll still use the same bow and then something in him sort. Such bags are still used by many bakeries in the General, I try to get rid of them

Yes, there are the biodegradable – they are certainly better than usual. But we must remember that their production and delivery.

And in General XS as they bioresource. My sister’s daughter, where she collected plastic bottles before you throw them into the net. He recently began to crumble. Was that a biodegradable package. He was of Tunisian store. In Tunisia, we were more than 15 years ago it is clear that in the soil the decomposition process is faster, but I do not think 15 times.

2. I have completely refused the dishwashing tools and my dishes mustard. Here’s a

Simple rules | ecopost

I’ve been to this was)) it seemed to me that the game was the mustard in the 21st century, when so much of specifics and in General.

But once I bought the mustard powder and decided to try)) I Think – well, do not go, you can always buy a new bottle of media)

Washed the dishes great. The next day we had to wash the pan I think, well the pan just will not wash. 02 HDPE, which is not very convenient to recycle – has become less. But the mustard is in a convenient cardboard eco package)

Simple rules | ecopost3. I do not use disposable batteries. At all.

Now we have, however, throughout the city – the eco-boxes for batteries and light bulbs. But you need to remember that the batteries are very polluting.

I used to have a number of techniques, which worked on batteries – I use rechargeable. Then, when it became necessary.

4. I try to recycle them. Well, something like that.

In General, follow the rules

Simple rules | ecopost

Reduce – to reduce the consumption. Buy what you really need. Possible without packaging. Or packaging that can be recycled. This principle interacts very well with my minimalist and the bad with my mom))

Reuse – to use purchased again and again. This also applies to packaging. For example, I do not refuse paper bags made of recycled paper, but use them to sort the garbage at home.

The good things that we do not need. It is also reuse)

Well, the obvious Recycle – take all that you can for processing

5. Bike)

Simple rules | ecopost

Do not know how to relate that to my coprincipal)) I just love to ride a bike)

And at the same time it is very eco-friendly) it’s a Pity that is available all year round.

6. I try to ‘buy local’.

Simple rules | ecopost

First and foremost it is about food, of course. Gossip girl from Ufa – where to buy? I, for example, when he returned to Ufa immediately discovered Alexis, and all suffered in Moscow Hut) Alekseevskiy range to Hut does not hold, of course, but they have great milk, and vegetables with herbs too.

7. When I worked in the office, I tried to print only important documents (those that are on the signature and the seal). Necessary, but unimportant, I was typing on the drafts. I use drafts for notes, studying, etc. If there is an empty space, I was there first, writes something, and then, when unnecessary, will pass for processing)

Simple rules | ecopost

8. I rarely buy coffee from the other, but when you take the plastic cover (it is plastic 06 ps, which is Moscow and St. Petersburg, almost anywhere for recycling not accepted).

Cups then give mom for sprouts)) the next step is reusable mug) All hands do not reach to choose and buy.

Simple rules | ecopost9. I use one handle))

Simple rules | ecopost

Buy her rods and all) Have to fight with disposable world in all its manifestations

10. I use the Burr / cups these days. Here in General the same story as with the bike – first of all, I find it very convenient. Well, as a nice bonus – it’s very eco-friendly)

Simple rules | ecopostWhat you ecoprofile? Maybe something interesting? )

I would like here, in addition to reusable mugs for coffee, go to the bamboo toothbrushes – has anyone used it, if so, what?

The founder of the group “Semantic hallucinations” sent the court to compulsory psychiatric treatment

The founder of the group "Semantic hallucinations" sent the court to compulsory psychiatric treatmentAccording to Burdin himself, the line from the hit for all time about “Forever young, eternally drunk” was invented by him

In the Moscow City Court in the near future should consider an appeal in the case of musician Vladimir Burdin, who in the late 80’s was one of the founders of the group “Meaningful Hallucinations.” According to Burdin himself, the line from the hit for all time about “Forever young, eternally drunk” was invented by him.

In general, Vladimir Burdin lives in Yekaterinburg. But last year he came to Moscow to visit his friends and got into a mess. I ransacked a store with a stranger. Both were underfoot. But Burdin at some point grabbed a kitchen knife in the economic department and stabbed his opponent in the stomach. It was lucky that he eventually survived. Burdin himself fled, but was soon caught.

– In January 2018, the materials went to court, “Ekaterina Krasnova, a spokeswoman for the Lefortovo court, told KP. – Burdin was charged under the article “Deliberate infliction of grievous bodily harm”. The man admitted his guilt completely. A psychiatric examination was conducted, which recognized that at the time of the incident and to the present day Vladimir Burdin suffers from a chronic psychiatric disorder. The court ruled to release him from criminal liability and appoint compulsory treatment in a specialized psychiatric clinic.

Burdin assures us that in fact he does not have any psychiatry. Uralsky reporters, he said: allegedly his father in the 80’s tried to “otmazat” his son from the army, so he did not get into Afghanistan, and put in a psychiatric hospital. So, they say, the diagnosis made there for Burdin on life in papers and travels.

I must say that by the time when the cases of “Sense hallucinations” went uphill after the success of the movie “Brother 2” (it was released in 2000), Burdin was not in the group for a long time. In the 89th they teamed up with friends, but two years later Vladimir received a term for theft – along with his friend they dragged the sound reinforcement equipment from the music school. He served a year and a half. Came out. For a while he still played in the band, but sat down again. Again for theft – after the first time, “cleaned” other people’s apartments already systematically. He was in Krasnodar. It was there, he once told me, and came up with “Forever young, eternal drunk.” Not music, not couplets, but this is the line. It was a fragment of his some great text in a letter to a familiar girl, with whom the leader of the “Meaningful hallucinations” Sergei Bobunets communicated. Vladimir Burdin, however, claims no former comrade in the group. Recently I tried to build my own team, I wrote down something. But, as friends say, Burdin frankly slid down – he always drank, did not work anywhere.

For forced treatment Burdin does not want. He believes that with the diagnosis that psychiatrists put to him, it will be a lifelong one. In the Moscow City Court the date for considering his appeal has not yet been fixed.

Club 42: “” Sobibor “-the Arthouse instead of a feat?

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About the movie

Club 42: "" Sobibor "-the Arthouse instead of a feat?

Well-known Russian political figure and publicist Yegor Kholmogorov left my short review of the film “Sobibor”. He called the film “tedious art film” in which Lieutenant Pechersky performed by Khabensky looks not a hero, but a sad and tired man.

Club 42: "" Sobibor "-the Arthouse instead of a feat?

– “Sobibor” Konstantin Khabensky, the film that would become a masterpiece, but doomed to the fate of any aesthetic things – short attention and imminent oblivion.

Club 42: "" Sobibor "-the Arthouse instead of a feat?

Oberscharführer helm is included in a sewing workshop, where he prepared a magnificent charms of black leather, who arrived directly from Paris. Nazi – a passionate photographer, he shoots all: guards, prisoners, torture, loot ornaments, promising after the war. The executioner could not resist a photo shoot in new leather jacket that, as it seems, oberscharführer Beckmann would die from envy.

Sasha Subaev, nicknamed Kalimali, Russian prisoner of war. We look at the Nazi mod through the viewfinder of the camera.

The last second of helm will surely go down in the history of cinema. Just to get to this episode have an hour and a half Arthouse without a coherent political, civic and moral ideas.

Mass escape of the Sobibor, October 14, 1943, entered the history of the world war II, as the only successful uprising in a Nazi concentration camp. Rebelled Lieutenant of the red army rostovchanin Alexander Pechersky will be remembered as the man who did the impossible, and then managed to talk about the tragedy and the heroism of Sobibor.

Club 42: "" Sobibor "-the Arthouse instead of a feat?

Club 42: "" Sobibor "-the Arthouse instead of a feat?

On the site of the death camp.

Poland, Which “Patriotic” directly responsible for the deaths of the greater part of the fugitives, deliberately “forgets” about Russia, pretending that any of the caves was not at all.

Club 42: "" Sobibor "-the Arthouse instead of a feat?

And the film “Sobibor” could be a vital reminder of exactly who fought against Nazism, and who helped the executioners.

But, alas, just as the heroic movie of.

There is “never” the word “Russian”, once you say “Soviet” (in connection with the alleged impending “Soviet army”).

What will make an impression on the festival, the heroism of the heroic soldier, is anyone’s guess.

Pechersk played Khabensky weak, a doubter – not a liberator and not a hero. It is why we despise the ridiculous scene of skating myself to the SS and stupid phrases like: “I decided to be a horse.”

The film breaks from this kind of art experiments. It is evident that its creators are heavily influenced by the “night porter”, where the camp was depicted as a space of sadomasochistic sexual relations between the SS and prisoners.

Whipping, kissing, rape, monologue of the head of the camp.

The yard is a huge flock of geese where they are in the film – it’s unclear.

Club 42: "" Sobibor "-the Arthouse instead of a feat?

All this Arthouse has nothing to do with the truth that we all need: the pain and the heroism of the sufferings of children (in the notes of the cats not accidentally recalls the monologue of the child from the Brothers Karamazov) and the cowardice of the other men, of heroism and sacrifice, about the need to kill the enemy to survive.

Getting to the point of tears it’s a shame that the American “Escape from Sobibor” with Rutger Hauer as Alexander Pechersky more like an honest, facing the viewer movie.

The film is harrowing and memorable scenes of Nazi violence. It was brought to the Russian camp (that’s where it sounds like multiple times) prisoners of war immediately perceived by others as a beacon of hope, like a fist that can break through the wall. Pechersk Hauer – not a whiner, a leader and a fighter. The destruction of SS is shown like a real intense action.

Club 42: "" Sobibor "-the Arthouse instead of a feat?

No secret Americans, and the fact that in the uniform, and Ukrainian nationalist collaborators, called “herbalists”.

Among the guards in Sobibor were odious Ivan Demjanjuk.

All of this in the film, Knightley is not even a single word.

Russian Director wants to make “not like Americans”, but still Willy-nilly reproduces the motives of “Escape”.

However, semantic incoherence, unfortunately, was quite original. Perhaps Knightley would make a great witty film about relationships, the SS torturers, sadists and their victims. But on some other material. The history of Sobibor, they were not really told. Those who do not know from other sources about the concentration camp, will not understand in this jumble of aesthetic images.

Club 42: "" Sobibor "-the Arthouse instead of a feat?

“Sobibor” – just released film, but promuchivshis by the main goal: today is the historical truth of the world. The war recedes further, and the generation that followed. And about Sobibor have to re-tell.

Historical facts:

What is Sobibor

1. Initially, the poles thought that the Germans build their gumdrop factory.

At least, as promised by the Nazis in Perpetrate in 1941 a large-scale construction in the forest on the territory of the railway station of Sobibor, not far from the Polish city of Vltava. Every day the “factory” came in trains with people who thought that they would now work at the jelly factory. Many, on arrival, even applauded. In order not to arouse the suspicion arrived, the Nazis broke in the foreground the camp of the beautiful flower beds.

2. “To the inhabitants of the surrounding villages did not hear the cries of kill, released geese.” Actually from Sobibor the Germans were taken in Germany, marmalade, and boxes of ashes, bags of women’s hair, cars, clothes and shoes … and a barrel of human fat. As follows from the “All those who are prevented to false medical”, compiled by the political department of the 8th guards army, and stored in the archive of the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation examination, allegedly with the purpose of selection is weak for light work. The first batch of selected sent to the bath to bathe … all went into the bathing room, which is then filled with gas. In order to drown out the screams, the camp was wound up geese

3. In Sobibor he worked the device for collecting grease. According to the memoirs of the prisoners of the camp, the residents of Warsaw, ber Freiberg, Zelma Weinberg and Chaim Powroznik, the first published in the press in 1944, the camp consisted of three parts. In the first were craft workshops where prisoners sewed shoes, dresses, made furniture. In the second camp there were warehouses. The staff of this camp was sorting through clothes, jewelry, and hair of the slaughtered slaughtered. (As noted by caves in his memoirs, they are used to make the pads of the saddle). In the third camp, the so-called “bath” which took away most of the people. The dead bodies of "baths" burned, but the Nazis built a special fixture, pre-collecting the fat of murdered prisoners.

4. Escape began with "bloody fitting". 14 Oct 1943 at four o’clock the prisoners gave the Germans the fitting of new uniforms and shoes. In the process of “fitting”. A daring escape was so humiliated by the Nazis that they hastily destroyed the camp and covered their tracks. Even planted trees on the territory, where there was a factory of death. However, there are bones, burnt bodies, and even children’s toys.

5. For the first time about the death camp “Sobibor,” wrote the newspaper “Komsomolskaya Pravda”. This happened in September 1944. Then the journalists did not know who was committed feat. “His name was Sasha, he hails from Rostov,” recalled former prisoners. An article in “Komsomolskaya Pravda” with the words “it’s about you” brought Pechersk an employee of the hospital where he was treated after being wounded. 31 Jan 1945 “Komsomolskaya Pravda” published a letter of the caves “Sashko – this is me.”

6. Escape from Sobibor was considered impossible. Fence. Barbed wire height of three meters. Minefield width is 15 meters deep ditch … “a Few months the members of the special team for the incineration of corpses did mine But the Germans found the tunnel and oberscharführer Neumann personally killed the entire team"- wrote "Komsomolskaya Pravda". Why the escape was this caves? According to the recollections of the friends of our hero, during the first meeting, he said. Many did nothing until the last hope to save them. Pechersky managed to get people to make a decision. When the inmates asked him a question: “we have so many partisans, why do not they attack the camp?” Sashko the answer is simple and scary: “For us, no one will work”.

7. After the publication of the truth about “Sobibor” appeared “fake souborovy”. Alexander Pechersky and journalists of “Komsomolskaya Pravda” conducted active searches of prisoners of the camp. Once at the all-Union radio, in Novosibirsk found another prisoner, Boris Tsibulsky. He works as a physical education teacher and speaks to residents with memories of sobiborski camp. The news struck, and cheered the head of the escape Sashko. Because of Cybulski went sad rumors. Crossing the river after his escape, Boris caught cold and fell ill. Comrades carried him on his hands and left the farm at the farmers, where he died. But once Cybulski found – so listening about? Pleased Sashko immediately wrote to comrade letter, offered to come. However, he refused to meet. Started a correspondence in which “a prisoner of Sobibor,” displayed an incredible selective memory. In the end, the impostor gave himself. “You’re not the Boris, whom you say you are,” wrote him Sashko. Soon I received a letter of repentance: “I’m not, I’m sorry.” Do not let on. Save me. “

Pechersky did not give the liar. But after eight years, learned about the situation, the journalist Nina Aleksandrova. Appalling that this cowardly lie, a false Cybulski was responsible for her death. May 18, 1972, the plane on which Alexandrov was flying to false Cybulski crashed.

8. In 1987 he was cleared of the Anglo-Yugoslav feature film "Escape from Sobibor" in which the starred Rutger Hauer. However, the Pechersky to go to the premiere could not

Escape from Sobibor was considered impossible

Anyone watched the movie?

What can you say about the above review?

Do not want to believe, but I’m afraid that everything is described.

Why Medvedev’s leaving Tutberidze

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Sports and athletes

Why Medvedev's leaving Tutberidze

Silver medalist Russian figure skater Evgenia Medvedeva can change sports citizenship after the transition from coach Eteri Tutberidze to canadian expert Brian Orser.

This is the Agency “All sport”.

It is noted that Medvedev will play for the national team of Armenia, to extend its participation in official competitions.

The standard period of quarantine for the change of sport is the nationality of the Olympic Games three years. Medvedeva at this date – February 23, 2018, when she performed the long program at the Olympics in Pyeongchang. Thus, it will be able to start in the world Championships 2020, which will be held on 16-22 March in Montreal (Canada). Grand Prix below. But it can not be excluded that the international skating Union, with the help of the agreement of the Federation of figure skating of Russia.

In addition, skater training with Orser in June will move to Canada.

Earlier it was reported that the mother of Medvedeva refused to comment on the breakup daughter with Tutberidze.


For the first time about a possible breakup, Medvedeva and Tutberidze began in early March, immediately after the Olympics in Pyeongchang. The aforementioned that the skater can change sports citizenship and begin to play for another country. Then Tutberidze, and Medvedev immediately denied it.

"The news I saw on the Internet, brought me to a screeching halt. Do not invent what is not. Get busy! Leave me and my coach. We continue to work!"- said the athlete through the official website of the Federation of figure skating of Russia.

However, two months later, the saying about smoke and fire, it was understood that Medvedev is really leaving Tutberidze.

It is clear that such significant events can not be somebody’s reason, they are a complex, tangled web where there is no right or wrong.

Tutberidze – the most successful Russian coach of the last years in figure skating, to enter the group to which the dream of all the talented juniors. Selection rules and there is fierce, but Eteri Georgievna and her team put all the strength in everyone with whom you work. See if there is someone, desire and character, that will try to bring to the top. This has happened with Yulia Lipnitskaya, then up the star Medvedeva, then appeared Aline Sagitova, and the approach is new galaxy – Alexander Trusov, Anna Shcherbakova. And Tutberidze, as a creative person and a great expert, can not engage in them enthusiastically.

It’s silly to complain, but it’s like Medvedeva is two-time world champion and current superstar – I would like more attention. Especially in a situation when she suffered a very nasty injury and in fact, will be forced now to start over.

And it will have to do in the new environment. In may, the ISU must approve changes in the rules will seriously impact on the image of figure skating. Parts lot – there is a reduction in the value of the jumps. In short, the International Federation wants to balance technical and artistic components of the programs.

Many of these changes do not like. "The new rules will not benefit. We leave on 10-20 years ago and just driving on ice and beautiful shrug"- said in an interview "SE" two-time Olympic champion Evgeni Plushenko.

But we’ll have to adapt. How successfully it is able to do Tutberidze and her team, periodically spreading in social networks videos of incredible jumps my students? All pupils Eteri Georgievna associated at all in the first place with an incredible jump content.

Clearly, Medvedeva came to this certain doubt that there was another reason for the gap. And she would like to use the changing conditions to their maximum advantage. Especially considering the transferred trauma.

This is evidenced by the selection of a new coach. After all, the most famous disciples of the Orser – two time Olympic champion Yuzuru Hanyu and two-time world champion Javier Fernandez – just combine the skillful execution of jumps with beautiful artistry and flexibility. In Arsenal, the Spaniard was basically only two quads that did not prevent him to win. This is probably exactly what you need now.

In recent years, Orser is associated with a male crook, but at the same time he led to victory at the 2010 Olympics Korean Kim Yu-na, so that a successful experience with girls in the canadian is also available. His collaboration with Medvedeva promises to be one of the most intriguing events in the coming season.

The Olympic champion 2002 Alexei Yagudin commented on the decision of the figure skater Evgenia Medvedeva to stop working with coach Eteri Tutberidze.

According to him, this situation is similar to that of Yagudin Olympics 2002. Then skater, who is trained together with Evgeni Plushenko under the leadership of Alexei Mishin, made the decision to go to Tatiana Tarasova.

“I have said before, what can not be the right thing.

I judge by the situation that was with Plushenko and Mishin, we can train together, but someone psychologically to be in any way crushed. I am 18 years old boy I see, Yes, I need it to stay is a dead end. Maybe Medvedev felt the same “- quoted by TASS Yagudin.

He stressed that the decision of 18-year-old Medvedeva worthy of respect.

“If two athletes perform at the same level, no one wants to compromise, so people are looking for a change in life.” Genis, whatever it was. She’s obviously one of the leaders of the women’s single skating, and Alina, who won rightfully in the Olympics, Zhenya, “Yagudin added.