Jessica Chestane, Marion Cotillard, Penelope Cruz, Lupita Niongo and Fan Bingbin will become Bonds in skirts

Jessica Chestane, Marion Cotillard, Penelope Cruz, Lupita Nyongo and Fan Bingbin will play in espionage action Simon Kinberg “355”.

Jessica Chestane, Marion Cotillard, Penelope Cruz, Lupita Niongo and Fan Bingbin will become Bonds in skirts


According to Deadline, the idea came to Chestane during the filming of the director’s debut Kinberga “The X-Men: The Dark Phoenix”. “I really enjoyed working in "Servants", and I always wanted to make another film with a female ensemble. I like movies about Bourne, series "mission Impossible", and I was wondering why, except "Charlie’s Angels", there was no real female ensemble in espionage insurgents. So the idea of ​​casting actresses from all over the world was born to make an international project. I offered this idea to Simon, told him about the actresses that I thought about, and he said: "I want to do this with you"”, – told the actress.

Viewers will be told about an international team of spies who have arranged a hunt for a gang of terrorists who plan to plunge the planet into chaos with the help of another weapon of mass destruction. The name of the tape was the code name “Agent 355”, received by the first female spy during the American Revolution, which can be heard today in relation to the CIA employees.

The script wrote Teresa Robec (“Catwoman”). About the start date of the filming and release of information yet.

Most Expected Releases | June 2017

Most Expected Releases | June 2017Release Type: Album / 894

Most Expected Releases | June 2017Release Type: Album / 320

Most Expected Releases | June 2017Release Type: Album / 540

Announcement of the album Chuck, held exactly on the ninetieth birthday of the progenitor of rock’n’roll, seriously stirred the world musical community. It turned out that for almost forty years of studio silence Chuck Berry not only traveled to clubs of all continents and lit on the stage of his club in his native St. Louis, but periodically wrote new material. A material that will only appear after Chuck’s death. Three of the ten tracks of the record are already released – as expected, the songs do not deviate from the style of Roll Over Beethoven, Johnny B. Goode and other classic things Berry (even the presence on the single Big Boys guest guitar Tom Morello almost imperceptibly). Moreover, the album will appear the most that neither is a direct sequel to the legendary song about a rural guitarist called Lady B. Goode. Any surprises from Chuck can not wait, but at least get acquainted with what Berry was doing on the slope of his years, definitely worth it.

Ivan Balashov

Sergey Davydchenko: “The reaction of the public is very important to me”

Sergey Davydchenko: "The reaction of the public is very important to me"

Sergey Davydchenko

Member of Grand Piano Competition 13-year-old Sergey Davydchenko came to the competition without parents, but with a teacher.

About how the pianist began to study music, and what is for the contestant the criterion for a successful performance, he told after the execution of the program of the first round.

– Sergey, tell me, who is supporting you in the contest?

– Two of my teachers support me. This professor of the Rostov Conservatory Sergei Osipenko and Tatiana B. Levadnaya, which I was in the city of Mineralnye Vody.

Thank you, the announcement is hidden.
Thank you, the announcement is hidden.

– Did your parents listen to your performance?

– Unfortunately, they could not come. Nevertheless, they support me, they watch my performances on the record.

– What is the criterion for a successful performance?

– The reaction of the public is very important to me. The main thing that she liked – this is for me the most important.

– In the final you have to play a concert. Do you often play with the orchestra?

– Yes, and I really love it. It seems to me that now the main skill of a pianist is to play with the orchestra.

– And how did you start studying music?

– It is quite standard – my mother brought me to school. She’s a musician, and we worked together.

– What are your expectations from the competition?

– Of course, I’m counting on winning, as otherwise.

– Thank you! Sergei, we wish you that your expectations are justified. Good luck!

Born in 2004, she began training at the preparatory courses at the college named after Safonov Stavropol (Tatiana class Levadny).

Member of the XI International Youth Contest named after Safonov (Pyatigorsk, 2015 Grand Prix), the name of the International X Karamanov contest (Simferopol, 2015 I of the prize), XI International competition “The Path to Mastery” (Rostov-on-Don, 2016 Grand Prix at), XVII International television competition “nutcracker” (Moscow, 2016, I premium spectator award), IV International competition Astana Piano Passion (2017, I prize).

Member AMMERSEErenade festivals (Ammersee, Germany, 2017), “Stars on Baikal” (Irkutsk, 2017), “the Mariinsky – Vladikavkaz” (Vladikavkaz, 2017), “Faces of modern pianism” (St. Petersburg, 2017).

In 2017 he entered the Secondary Special Music School at the Rostov Conservatory (Sergei Osipenko’s class).

ClassicalMusicNews.Ru is leading a text broadcast devoted to Grand piano competition.

Interviewed by Natalya Poddubnyak

There were fresh footage from the new film by Lars von Trier

There were new frames of the thriller von Trier "The house that Jack built".

The new work of the shocking Dane Lars von Trier ("Dogville", "Dancing in the Dark"), who recently received the most significant cultural award in his homeland, gradually grows obscure with visual meat.

The House That Jack Built | Novo Lars von Trier estreia fotos sangrentas com Uma Thurman 7FQraCexmW

– Observatório Cinema (@ObsCinema) April 27, 2018

Not so long ago, a teaser that was hinted at the Cannes Film Festival, hinting at conceptual violence, was recently released, and this is indirectly confirmed by fresh footage – the tense face of the hero Matt Dillon, watched by the heroine Uma Thurman, the dragging of the bloodied body and the frightened girl with a puppet face in the set .

The plot, which will unfold in the 70-80s of the XX century, will tell about a maniac named Jack. He successfully escapes the police for a long time. Each new murder of a self-conscious psychopath artist furnishes more and more sophisticated and grotesque, creating a painful aesthetic art objects.

The director plans to present the narrative from the first person, so that the viewer could immerse himself in the viscous world of the floating reality of the protagonist. The history will be divided into five parts with connecting transitions, as in "Nymphomaniac".

At first the project was planned in the format of the series, but later the director changed his mind and decided to shoot a full-length movie, saying that it was partly inspired by Donald Trump or "Rat King", "homo trumpus".

Starring: Matt Dillon, Uma Thurman, Sophie Grouble, Riley Kio, Bruno Ganz, Mariana Jankovic.

The premiere will take place at the 71st Cannes Film Festival, which will be held from 8 to 19 May.

10 rock musicians who got stuck with drugs

Some rock heroes clearly follow the rock and roll principle of “live fast, die young,” while others manage to become an exception to the rules. We present to you 10 great musicians who managed to survive in an unequal battle with drug or alcohol addiction and live to a solid age.

The editorial board believes that drugs are evil, and in every way condemns any connection with them

10 rock musicians who got stuck with drugs

The tabloids continue to be full of headlines like, “Keith Richards allowed the daughters to sniff his ashes after death,” Keith Richards confessed to being addicted to the “morning jamb” “and” Why is Keith Richards still not in the grave? “.

The famous guitarist The Rolling Stones and does not think to retire, but with the drugs he has taken seriously and for a long time. However, this decision was contributed by a very unusual event: during the holiday in Fiji, a 62-year-old musician, being under high, fell from a tree and received a concussion. Well, everything happens for the better.

10 rock musicians who got stuck with drugs

In the documentary of the year 2014, “Superfooder Alice Cooper,” the shock rocker confessed to all the sins of his youth, which, unsurprisingly, included drug abuse. And about the alcohol dependence of the Master of Horrors, legends were stacked: it was said that the group spent $ 32,000 a year on beer, and the Creem magazine produced an “alcoholic cookbook” with Cooper’s author’s recipes.

Now he has moved to the bright side, as evidenced, among other things, by the reward he received from Stevie Ray Vaughn for the MusiCares MAP Fund for helping fight drug addiction.

10 rock musicians who got stuck with drugs

Now he is full of strength and healthy energy, although in the 70’s Iggy was the embodiment of the “holy trinity” of rock music: sex, drugs and rock’n’roll. The godfather of punk rock more than once “differed” by insane antics, fueled by his love of drugs and alcohol. For example, 1973 was remembered by the fans of The Stooges with a grand fight that occurred at the end of the performance between the band and bikers.

When Iggy realized that he was no longer able to control himself, he voluntarily went to a psychiatric clinic. However, he was not able to get rid of heroin addiction, and his friend David Bowie was a disservice to him. According to rumors, Bowie secretly carried cocaine for Iggy. So the musician’s recovery was delayed for another couple of decades.

10 rock musicians who got stuck with drugs

The image of Sol Hudson: a tall cylinder, long black hair, tight leather pants and an unchanged cigarette in his mouth, smoking which did not interfere with his virtuosic guitar playing – became one of the iconic images of the world of music. According to legend, the song “Paradise City” Slash wrote in a state of heroin frenzy, and colleagues in Guns N’Roses had to make considerable efforts to dissuade the author from using such lines: “Take me down to the paradise city they got big titties. “

Once a follower of a destructive lifestyle, now Slash is an example of courage and endurance: he refused not only from drugs, but even from smoking.

10 rock musicians who got stuck with drugs

This rock veteran had to go through treatment in a rehabilitation center, so that finally, after decades of a truly rock-n-roll lifestyle, give up drug use. Despite the fact that Steven Tyler recognizes the important role of narcotic drugs in finding inspiration for writing immortal hits for the previous albums of Aerosmith, he does not deny that dependence destroyed his relationship, cost him millions of dollars and even led to hepatitis C.

10 rock musicians who got stuck with drugs

Shane McGowen – soloist of groups The Pogues, and The Popes and The Nips – could be the face of anti-alcohol and anti-drug companies. As a true Irishman, he was always not a stranger to rowdyism, for which, along with the alcoholic who took serious turns, was even expelled from his own group in 1992. However, even this incident did not prevent Shane from continuing his successful musical career and abuse of alcohol and drug production. How he survived these harsh years, one god knows, but at the moment he is still afloat, although he has not found time to insert his teeth.

10 rock musicians who got stuck with drugs

Ozzy Osbourne is made of steel: for decades the King of Darkness interfered with music with all possible substances and yet remained intact. He survived several cases of overdose and “dismissal” from Black Sabbath. Even the famous shocking episode with the bat was largely triggered by the state of alcohol intoxication, from which, according to eyewitnesses, Ozzy hardly ever left the 1970s.

Summing up his great and bitter experience of addiction, in 1987 he recorded the song Demon Alcohol. It was then with the help of his wife and willpower Ozzy finally dealt with old habits.

10 rock musicians who got stuck with drugs

Who would have thought that by now Anthony Kiedis would turn into a strict vegan and a real adept of yoga and healthy eating? Vocalist Red Hot Chili Peppers went early in the footsteps of his father – a Hollywood actor, carried away, however, not by cinema, but by drugs. Anthony got his first experience with marijuana in 12 years, and by the time he was 14 he had time to try even heavier substances.

Neither repeated visits to rehabilitation clinics, nor death from an overdose of Hillel Slovak’s teammate in 1988, could not deter Kydis from the addictive addiction to heroin. Nevertheless, the threat of the collapse of the RHCP due to the inability of Anthony to participate fully in the recording of the albums had a proper impact on the musician, and by the turn of the century he had finished off drugs.

10 rock musicians who got stuck with drugs

After more than 15 years of dependence, three cases of overdose, attempted suicide and one clinical death, Dave Gahan managed to abandon heroin and alcohol and since 1997 he has chosen not to return to this lifestyle. Prohibited substances were a way for a musician to go beyond the scope of everyday life, to gain some experience beyond what was available.

Now the frontman of Depeche Mode and a successful solo artist, there are many other, less dangerous ways of knowing yourself and the world. The first and main of which is music.

10 rock musicians who got stuck with drugs

In an interview in 1988, Nick Cave, unexpectedly for the interviewer and himself, opened his mouth:

I do not want to serve for people as an example of a drug addict who, being on a needle, continues to be a good man, and thus encourage them to use drugs. However, I am disappointed that I have such influence on others. I clearly see that I have such an impact on people, precisely in terms of drugs. I seriously believe that drugs are evil, and I would like them to have nothing to do with my life, because now the situation is such that I have to make great efforts to refrain from drugs, and even greater efforts I have to make to stop take them definitively.

This prediction turned out to be prophetic: rehabilitation of the clinic and – love helped to cope with the longstanding heroin addiction to the great musician. Nick Cave decided to once and for all to end the drugs thanks to Susie Beek, whose wedding was in 1999.

10 rock musicians who got stuck with drugs

10 cult songs about drugs →

10 rock musicians who got stuck with drugs

Who was played by Peter Dinklage in the “War of Infinity”

Who was played by Peter Dinklage in the "War of Infinity"In the photo: Peter Dinklage

The fact that the star of the “Game of Thrones” will play a role in “The Avengers: The War of Infinity”, became known in January last year. However, the character that got to Peter Dinklage, was not disclosed. Directors Rousseau brothers only noted that this is an important party.

Now, when there was only one day left before the official start, the site Digital Spy published information about this hero. However, if you absolutely do not want to know anything about the plot of the “War of Infinity”, refrain from further reading.

So, Dinklage (who, we recall, already dealt with Marvel comics in the movie “X-Men: Days of the Past”) played Aitri, the king of the dwarves who live on the planet Nidavellir (one of the nine kingdoms). Atri is a master armourer. It was he who forged Tor’s hammer. And gnomes are allies of Asgard.

Who was played by Peter Dinklage in the "War of Infinity"

Since the hammer was destroyed by Helo in the movie “Thor: Ragnarok”, and later destroyed as a whole Asgard, Thor, intending to defeat Thanos (and realizing that with bare hands to go to the titan silly and knowingly losing), decides to visit Nidavellir again, create him a new weapon. The company on this journey is the Torah and the Rocket and Groot.

A detailed history of Aytri was told in the comic book “Thor: The Dark World Prelude”. When the Bifrost bridge was destroyed, the trolls attacked Nidavellir, knowing that the Asgardians could not come to help the gnomes. But Heimdall (in the film Idris Elba) used the power of Tesseract and rebuilt the bridge, so Thor and the other Asgardian warriors came and saved the dwarves from the trolls.

In a word, Aytri is indebted to Thor. So, of course, he agrees to make a weapon for him. That’s just not all so simple: Thanos also went to Nidavellir and complicated the armourer’s life. We will not say anything more, in order not to spoil it openly.

“War of Infinity” will start on the screens tomorrow, April 26.

Donzhu Donzhanych

The American baritone Thomas Hampson performed on the stage of the Stanislavsky and Nemirovich-Danchenko Theater. Photos – Ira Polar

One of the mandatory directions of the project of Elena Harakidzyan “Opera a priori” is solo concerts of legendary singers with not the most obvious program.

In previous years, opera hero-lover Jonas Kaufman sang the introverted “Winter Road” of Schubert, Rene Pape – not a set of hits, but an uncompromising selection of Wagner’s monologues.

This year, the legend was made by the American baritone Thomas Hampson. On the stage of the Stanislavsky and Nemirovich-Danchenko Theater, with the accompaniment of a local orchestra, he performed with the program The American Spirit, consisting of the music of this year’s Leonard Bernstein and the great master of light genre Cole Porter, as well as the Russian premiere of Michael Doherty’s Letters from Lincoln, created in 2009, commissioned by the Spoken Symphony Orchestra in commemoration of the 200th anniversary of the 16th President of the United States.

The first issue of the “Letters” is called “The Lincoln Funerary Train” (he was shot on Good Friday, 1865, and the funeral train with the coffin of his beloved president walked through the country for two and a half weeks, millions of Americans said goodbye to him).

Thank you, the announcement is hidden.
Thank you, the announcement is hidden.

The last, the seventh, number – “Gettysburg Speech” (these 272 words were told by Lincoln in 1863 during the opening of the National Soldier’s Cemetery, formulated the principles of equality and entered the history of America).

The rest of the rooms also use only Lincoln’s own words – public and private. The positive and colorful score for the baritone (Hampson was her first performer) and the orchestra, written in the best traditions of Bernstein, does not conceal sincere pride in the country and admiring her ruler.

In the European, and even more so in Russian music, it is difficult to imagine that anything like this will not look like mockery (even if Prokofiev in his cantata “To the 20th anniversary of October” honestly wanted both better).

In fact, Hampson made his name in the absolutely traditional operatic repertoire from Mozart, Verdi and Wagner on the main stages of the world. Now the “best baritone of America” ​​is already 62, he does not luxuriate with his voice, but with his mind, taste, taste and beyond mastery.

Anything that can work is used. Inclusion in every text and every rhythm, young fervor in the eyes, stylish dancing and careful forte in responsible places – and as a result, even not very well audible in his performance, Porter’s hits bring delight. A gray-haired handsome from the old Hollywood movie completely flooded the hall with charm.

Being on the side of the rightful conductor Valentin Uryupin, the singer was warming up the orchestra all the time with different gestures and glances, and in “Three Dances” from Bernstein’s musical “Dismissal to the City” even stood behind the remote control – to the delight of the already completely fallen in love with the audience.

The young maestro Uryupin is one of the most promising in his generation – in turn, he himself waved the orchestra and turned out to be a wonderful find for this program. In the difficult matter of performing light music, he provided both accuracy and drive.

The story with a light genre in expensive opera performance was continued by the bisque Klimdan “Chardash” from “Maritsa”. And, of course, there was a Don Juan, one of Hampson’s key parties. “Serenade” and duet with Tserlina from Mozart’s opera brilliantly demonstrated the art of seducing the audience and the melting soloist of the theater Natalia Muradymova.

Claims in sexual harassment while no one showed.

“We added a cat to the scenario”: An excerpt from the book about the creation of the “Alien”

"We added a cat to the scenario": An excerpt from the book about the creation of the "Alien"“Alien”

Richly illustrated book “Alien. The legendary collector’s edition, published in Russian by the publishing house E, does not explain why the interest in the characters of the famous series of films about the space monster is still huge even now, almost forty years after the first part of the tetralogy. But it will more than satisfy the curiosity of everyone who is interested in the story of the creation of the science-fiction tape Ridley Scott, futuristic action movie “Aliens” by James Cameron, the gloomy horror of David Fincher’s “Alien 3” and the controversial yet interesting Jean-Pierre Jeune “Alien 4: Resurrection. “

This book is dedicated to the memory of the Swiss artist Hans Rudolf Giger, who died in 2014, the creator of the concepts of the Alien and its various forms, from face-to-face and ending with a bagel. The author of the interview, Mark Salisbury, talks in detail about the role of the artist in the work on the first and other films, without detracting from the merits of dozens of other artists who contributed to the creation of this world. Therefore, many pages of the book are occupied by sketches of spacecraft and concepts of its design, drawings of costumes and weapons, director’s storyboards, etc. These materials could decorate any collection DVD with “Stranger” if they fit there

With the permission of the publisher, KinoPisc publishes an excerpt from the book on the history of the creation of the film “Alien” by Ridley Scott.

In Hollywood, no one will hear your cry

A graduate of the University of Southern California, Dan O’Bannon tried to break into the world of cinema as a screenwriter. He moved to Hollywood and tried to start his own career in the production of films, but failed, was desperate and had to sleep on the sofa at home with his friend Ronald Schusett, also a screenwriter and a beginning producer.

"We added a cat to the scenario": An excerpt from the book about the creation of the "Alien"

“Dark Star”

“I was in a bad mood. After the “Dark Star” things went very badly, “O’Bannon told Michael Tolkien in 1983. – When I wrote “Alien”, I was in the worst condition in my entire life. I had to do something to get out of the financial trap. I was determined to write a script that someone would buy, make a film. “

Before the “Dune” (the frustrated adaptation of the novel by Frank Herbert, on which director Alejandro Khodorovsky worked – Note. Ed.) O’Bannon was working on a horror film. In fact, it was a spin-off to the “Dark Star”, the action of which also began on board the spacecraft. Under the scenario, the ship’s crew leaves the hyperspace when the on-board computer receives a mysterious message. Eventually, after sinking into a strange planet, they find an unearthly life form and take them on board. In fact, it was the introductory scene of the “Alien”. “It was only about twenty rather disparate pages, but I remember thinking that this was one of the best things I’ve ever written for a script. I just did not know how this hell could develop further. “

SCHUETT helped. He recalled another idea of ​​O’Bannon – about the squadron of B-17 bombers, pursued by gremlins during a night flight over Tokyo – and proposed to unite them. Three months later, O’Bannon had a script ready for The Star Beast. He wanted to be a director, and Schusetta saw the producer. The idea was to make money independently of anyone. But O’Bannon felt that some kind of visual design of the material was necessary in order to attract investors. So he turned to Ron Cobb, the famous illustrator and political cartoonist from The Free Press of Los Angeles, so that he could make some color illustrations for the script.

"We added a cat to the scenario": An excerpt from the book about the creation of the "Alien"“Alien”

“We did not know if it would work, whether we could find someone who wanted to invest in this idea, so it was a fleeting and semi-peripheral passion for other things I worked on at that time,” Cobb recalls. “But I liked Dan, and I liked Ron, and I liked their script.” It was, of course, interesting to try to imagine how such an idea might look like in the end. “

The reaction to the scenario, called “Stranger”, was vague. Although they were interested in the low-budget studio of Roger Corman “New World Pictures”. But before O’Bannon and Schusett signed a contract with Corman, the familiar executive producer Mark Haggard asked for a copy of “Alien” for reading. He liked the plot very much, and a few days later, passing the office of writer-director Walter Hill, he handed him the script through an open window. Hill recently opened the company “Brandive Production” together with screenwriter David Jailer and producer Gordon Carroll. And now Hill was actively looking for projects that could be developed jointly with the film company “Twentieth Century Fox”, with which an exclusive contract was concluded. Hill was not a fan of science fiction, but there was one scene in the script that attracted him. Hill felt that the scene in which the Alien breaks out from the body of its victim possesses enormous potential.

“Brandywine” chose “Alien”. Almost immediately, Hill began to revise the script. Together with Jailer, they reworked the script even deeper. “We added the cat to Jones. We changed the characters. In general, we have brought in more details, specifics, “said Jailer.


In March 1977, O’Bannon received the office at the site of the old Fox rehearsal site and began to visualize the film, hiring, first, his old friend Cobb, and secondly, the British Chris Foss, the famous illustrator, the author book covers in the genres of fantasy and science fiction. “Dan drew me to create the film as a technical specialist to design” Nostromo “,” recalls Voss. In addition, O’Bannon invited the Swiss artist H. R. Giger to work on the appearance of creatures.

“Dan was a failed designer,” Cobb says. – He had a very strong idea and an idea of ​​how it would look. And when Dan hung over us, we began to work through the visual series of the picture. “

There followed five months of creative brainstorming, when Cobb and Foss produced grandiose design concepts one by one: first the concept of the Alien, then the space ship on which most of the events unfolded (originally it was called “Snark”, then “Leviathan”, but in the end decided to dwell on the name “Nostromo”), as well as the unknown planet on which he lands to discover the abandoned spaceship. “[Chris] was very prolific,” Cobb says. “I would take a week or two to come up with something, but he could come up with the picture in a day.” Most of his work was atmospheric and bizarre, and it was not my approach. But I liked the abundance of stylistic details, which he always painted. He always had interesting hatching, connectors, doors and small details on the surface, and I learned from him such a detailed approach. “

O’Bannon wanted Cobb to design the interior of “Nostromo”, and Foss – the look. “It upset me, because I always make leather interior,” recalls Cobb. “One of the things I’d always like to do is to make the interior look like it suits its appearance, and in the end we could find a compromise.” Soon they moved on to joint work on the exterior of the spacecraft, although Cobb admitted that this work was easier given to Foss. Nevertheless, after a few months, the originality and uniqueness of Foss’s bizarre designs began to cause problems.

“I think that Chris invented designs of spacecraft that were too original for decision-makers,” Cobb notes. – Unfortunately, none of the decision makers seemed to be able to form their opinion on how the film should look. But Dan was sure that we are on the right track. And the only reason for the disappointment was that we all really worried. We wanted it to be a category A movie, not just a one-time tape for a drive-in movie theater. “

Monster in pieces

Eventually, Hill decided that science fiction was not for him, and switched to directing, leaving the Twentieth Century Fox, which recently released Star Wars, which had unprecedented success at the box office, and was looking for another science fiction film and director to start production. Among the contenders were Robert Aldrich, Jack Clayton and Peter Yates. “Again and again they pushed the director to our court to see how much he was interested,” Cobb recalls. “Steven Spielberg was one of them, but previous commitments did not allow him to take up this work.”


Finally, the contract was concluded with the successful English filmmaker Ridley Scott. A graduate of the famous London Royal College of Art, Scott worked as a set designer and art director on the BBC, before moving on to directing with a television drama, and then to commercials. His famous and award-winning works were with such customers as “Khovi” and jeans brand “Levai’s”. A few months ago he read the script “Aliens” and although interested (“It was so simple, so straightforward, absolutely clean”), but passed him.

Scott was not a fan of science fiction after the films “2001: The Space Odyssey” and “The Dark Star” (“I thought she had a great sense of humor”), he watched “Star Wars” three times a week in Los Angeles and suddenly realized the cinematographic potential of the genre. This, combined with the work of the French comic artist Jean Moebius Giraud – one of the pioneers of Metal Harlant, a French comic book – strongly influenced Scott and made him reevaluate his attitude to science fiction. “[They] made amazingly original comics that attracted gloom, and were painted in an adult way.”

Scott’s thoughts returned to The Alien. “It was so dynamically written and visually suggestive that I had to accept it as my next picture. I also saw in the “Alien” opportunity to realize the sensitivity of “Metal Harlan” in a sci-fi movie in a way no one has ever tried. ” He phoned the Twentieth Century Fox to find out if the director’s place was still vacant for Alien, and the next day Scott was in Hollywood and signed a contract. He remembers his first meeting with O’Bannon and Carroll:

“They said:” What do you want to change in the script? “I said:” Nothing. ” They were silent. I said, “I think it’s amazing, and I know what to do.” Usually people come and say: “I would like to change this and change it, and everyone rolls their eyes, and the film turns into some kind of construction contract.”

"We added a cat to the scenario": An excerpt from the book about the creation of the "Alien"“Alien”

Scott got this job. He flew home to England and within the next three weeks completed the storyboard of the whole film in the smallest detail. “I returned with boards. I literally put in there all the thoughts that were in my head, about how I wanted it to be, from A to Z, and this doubled the budget. Two days later, Laddy (then the head of Fox production, Alan Ladd, Jr.) said: “I think we have something very interesting here.”

During the preliminary preparation, when only a few months remained before the shooting began, Scott’s main task was to define the appearance of the “Alien”. “Once you take such a scenario into action, you start thinking about what you are going to do with a man in a rubber suit.” Under the direction of O’Bannon, Cobb, and then Foss, drafted several projects. Even O’Bannon himself proposed his concept, but none of them was approved by the producers.

"We added a cat to the scenario": An excerpt from the book about the creation of the "Alien"

Early concepts of Giger Carroll considered too gloomy and strange, and the Swiss artist was released. But O’Bannon was convinced that Giger was the right person for this job. “I was struck by the originality of the pictures of Giger. Not only that they were frightening, they were absolutely, completely original and beautifully executed. Looking at them, I thought, “If someone could make this guy create a monster for the film, it would be something that no one has ever seen.”

When O’Bannon showed Scott a book with Giger’s Necronomicon pictures, the director agreed, focusing on one painting, in particular the 1976 Necron IV, which featured one of the artist’s biomechanical creations, a strange creature with a phallic head, swarthy skin and teeth.

“I said,” I love this guy Hans Rudolf Giger, “Scott recalls. – I said: “If we are going to make this film, I already saw a suitable monster on the pages of the book. As for my opinion, he developed a monster, which is extremely difficult to do. The most difficult thing is to create a really terrible monster. And the Alien became the next, the most terrible monster after Stephen’s shark [in “Jaws”], and it’s very hard to do something better than him. “

“We decided to make a very elegant creature, fast and like an insect,” Giger said. – In most horror films, a monster looks very incredible, and sometimes funny, and as soon as you see it, the movie ends, because it just looks like a man in a suit. Ridley Scott and I wanted a very unusual monster, plausible, and Ridley planned to show it only in small pieces, detailed in detail, so that the viewer did not see it entirely at the very beginning. “

Taking into account the chosen monster appearance, the production moved from Los Angeles to the studio “Shepperton Studios” in England where producer Michael Seymour, who spent the previous two years working with Scott in advertising, created his art department, introducing in it the art directors of Roger Christian and Les Dilli. Meanwhile, Mobius was hired to work on the design of a space suit and uniform. Cobb was also brought to England. “I liked what he did,” Scott said. “Ron really has a good technical mind for this type of material, and I knew we would need it.”

Improvisation and Guigher in the corner

Although the need for Foss’s presence ended soon after Scott’s hiring, Cobb, who describes himself as a disappointed engineer, remained in the works, providing detailed schemes and drawings, and put his hand to everything from the corridors to the captain’s bridge, from the markings on the walls to the landing gear, even up to the badges on the uniform of the crew and the carrying in which Ripley carries Jones.

"We added a cat to the scenario": An excerpt from the book about the creation of the "Alien"


“I always made projects of the future as if they were real,” Cobb explains. “And I found that the more realism you put in, the more original they look, and most of the time you just recycle a lot of stupid props from every idiotic movie that’s ever been made.” We just covered the walls with drawings, and slowly, but surely appeared “Alien”.

“Ron was brilliant,” reflects Christian, who worked with Scott on countless commercials before Alien. “I could go to him and say,” Ron, do you think how this ship might look like? “And he will draw it in a few seconds.”

Meanwhile, Giger, despite his initial desire to stay in Switzerland, settled in the studio in the corner of one of the sound scenes. “At that time, Hans Rudolph had a unique vision,” says Scott. “I flew to Zurich to meet him, tell him about what I’m going to do, and convince him to come to London, because he said:” I will not fly, I’m afraid to fly. ” I think that eventually he came by train, we seated him in a pub in the village of Shepperton, where he really liked it. That’s how we created the film. “

"We added a cat to the scenario": An excerpt from the book about the creation of the "Alien"“Alien”

In general, Giger spent about seven months in Shepperton, designed and created a full-sized Alien plus the landscapes of another planet, as well as the interior and exterior of the abandoned ship in the form of a croissant, in which the crew members of Nostromo find a space jockey – a fossil pilot. Carlo Rambaldi was hired to create the mechanical language of the adult Alien, while the British fashion designer Roger Dicken was drawn to the creation and co-design of smaller elements – the facehugger who sucked in the character of Kane, played by John Hurt, as well as the griffon that breaks his chest cell.

Throughout the filming, even in scenes involving the full-size Alien, Scott always carefully concealed the creatures from his cast before the last moment. “The actors really wanted to see this, and I did not allow them. They never saw anything until we started shooting and they did not face it. What you see in the frame is their genuine surprise and horror. We finished the scene to a certain point, paused, went out, gathered, came back, took the stage from the moment we stopped, and worked on the progressive point of madness that was needed. And – bingo! – the reaction of the actors was extraordinary. “

"We added a cat to the scenario": An excerpt from the book about the creation of the "Alien"


“It’s interesting that we did not see the Alien so often, and it was a good move for the film and for us. For the scene in the final, someone found this young man, an art student, in a pub near Shepperton, “recalls [Sigourney] Weaver, referring to Boladji Badegio, who played the Alien. – This African was about seven and a half feet tall, almost unearthly beauty. When Ridley dressed him in a suit, I realized that I had not seen anything like it. Nothing so beautiful, elegant and sinister. And I was convinced that I had no idea what the scene in the rescue shuttle would be like. I knew that I would not be alone there, but, as an actor, I tried to forget about it. I was not ready for how wonderful the Outsider would eventually be, and there was still some erotic subconscious experience that was part of Ridley’s plan. And if we had more time, we would be able to disclose this topic. Probably, our Stranger would try to feel this pink human flesh hidden behind the plastic, while I tried to throw him out of the shuttle. But the guys from “Fox” often looked at the clock, and we had to finish with the film faster, so the course went again improvisation. “

Boeing 747 as a source of inspiration

Scott’s idea for “The Alien”, inspired by the Heavy Metal magazine and the scriptwriters’ story about space truckers, was a “secondhand future”, a lively look that he applied to both Nostromo and his bickering sneaker-wearing crew who Not very different from the team that O’Bannon created for the “Dark Star”.

"We added a cat to the scenario": An excerpt from the book about the creation of the "Alien"“Alien”

“I traveled a lot because of advertising, and at that time the Boeing 747 was impressive. I noticed that in some Far Eastern travel that I would do, on the walls the words were always in several languages, instructing you to do this and not to do it, and over the years they became faded and faded due to the constant operation of the aircraft. And I took this as a basis. “

The interior of “Nostromo” was designed by Michael Seymour as a compound set on connected sound scenes, and it was possible to get there only through one door – with all the lights built into various modules.

“All this was a real labyrinth, and the people who entered the complex were at a loss, finding themselves in this completely self-sufficient world,” Seymour told Cinefex. “For this reason, it was good for the actors, it gave them the geography to work as if it were really happening. It was like shooting on the spot. We eventually made floating sections for ease of shooting, but if possible we kept the corridors and walls and shot them. “

"We added a cat to the scenario": An excerpt from the book about the creation of the "Alien"“Alien”

“When the actors and the team appear, they will enter at one point, and they will have to walk through all these corridors, cross the car and all these things to get to the bridge. And they will never have a feeling that they were anywhere, but not in place, for example, filming inside an airliner or aboard a ship. And I think Ridley was counting on that effect, “Cobb says. “It made it possible to create an effect of real claustrophobia, because once you entered the complex, you could never see the sound stage on which you were. And all the sounds were muffled. So it worked very well, in order to give you an easy feeling trapped in the trap, emphasizing the dangers of space flight. “

Claustrophobia was the key for Scott. “The thriller aspect of the plot is very tightly integrated into the long corridors and ladders, and I thought it was better for the actors – and therefore better for the film – to use the whole complex in its entirety, rather than the elements separately. So you could run a huge long corridor, turn around the corner and get into the real room. And you always know exactly where you are. “

Weaver, used to working in “small-small theaters without heating, who usually received devastating criticism even before they finished playing a new play,” discovered that such a comprehensive approach to decorating is extremely useful for her acting. “I thought: wow, is not it wonderful? This makes our work much easier, you can wander through these huge rooms with such huge, high ceilings, almost like in opera, and feel like you are really on a ship. I felt that this is a real find for the actors, I really did not think that this was done for the audience. I just felt that they gave us such a realistic world that we could reconcile ourselves to the physical realities of being in space, with courage and dirt even before the appearance of the Alien. “

"We added a cat to the scenario": An excerpt from the book about the creation of the "Alien"“Alien”

Not that the bridge was as realistic as it looks on the screen. “I thought it was funny, because Ridley did a lot of work so that all things on our consoles were very realistic,” recalls Weaver. – And when we came to shoot the first scene in which we all talked to each other, we were not allowed to press any buttons on the console because of camera angles and because propellers people are hiding at our feet, forcing things to move. So we always had to press the buttons in the air. It was so ironic that, despite all the realism, having gone over to all these exquisite details, we could not use these consoles. We had to show the effect on the camera. It was a great acting science for me. I approached this scene, not having the appropriate knowledge and skills. “

Christian, working with the special effects specialist Nick Allder, worked on all the interior of Nostromo, using details borrowed in airplanes to decorate the bridge and corridor walls, as well as dirty coffee cups and “dipping” birds for decoration.

“I put in old cups of coffee and partly personal things,” recalls Christian. – I received a lot of letters, when people, looking “Prometheus”, said that they prefer our appearance, because we in “Alien” created an interior similar to “Mary Celeste” (the famous ghost ship of the XIX century – Note. Ed.) “. Meanwhile, Dilly was commissioned to translate the work of Giger, whether it be pictures with air strips or scale models of plasticine and bone, full-sized figures or large-scale miniatures.

“No matter how good they are, but to realize Guigher’s drawings, translate them into a three-dimensional design with complete matching to the source, making them act as something real turned out to be really difficult,” Scott says. “Dilli’s forest masterfully and absolutely fucking brilliantly worked them out. Roger and Les did not receive proper recognition. But they were brilliant. “

Pure madness

The premiere of “The Alien” was launched on May 25, 1979 in the Grauman “Egyptian” on Hollywood Boulevard in Los Angeles, where he was shown around the clock, fueling interest in the film with fantastic stories about how spectators vomited in the toilets. As predicted by Hill on the first reading of O’Bannon’s script, the stranger’s rift scene became a classic. While most critics praised Scott’s excellent visual and artistic solutions, others criticized the fragmentation of the characters in the film and complained about the lack of explanation for the story. Although in fact, a thin selection of actors, rare dialogues, great costumes and skillful acting told everything that the viewer needed to know about the characters. This approach the director has transferred from his experience creating commercials. “The advertising uses the most sophisticated science of manipulating the audience, many psychological elements I learned in advertising, in particular when installing and lighting on 30-45-second shots.” Over time, critics saw a stylish science fiction thriller, a movie about a monster and finally noticed hidden sexual and racial tensions, political and social nuances.

"We added a cat to the scenario": An excerpt from the book about the creation of the "Alien"“Alien”

The film will eventually earn $ 60 million at the box office and will be nominated for two Oscars, one of which – for best visual effects – Giger will share with Carlo Rambaldi, Brian Johnson, Nick Allder and Denis Eiling. O’Bannon will never return to the series of Alien films, although he will be mentioned with Schusett as the creator of the characters in all subsequent franchise films.

The concept of Scott’s “secondhand future” with its enclosed spaces, costumes and excellent stylistic solutions quickly became the new standard in science fiction for a generation of filmmakers, advertising directors, comic artists and video game designers. Giger had a complicated relationship with the franchise. His name and signature will always be present, but he will never have the same deep artistic involvement or practical contribution to other tapes. In the years that followed, various popular science films attempted to imitate his biomechanical creations with some success.

"We added a cat to the scenario": An excerpt from the book about the creation of the "Alien"“Alien”

Today, “Alien” remains the standard of the artistic direction, which pushed the genre forward not only from the point of view of production design and the extraordinary biomechanical creature of Giger, but also blew the cinema of the 1970s, opening a new field of organic realism for science fiction.

“We did it,” Scott recalled on the twentieth anniversary of the film in 1998. “Sometimes you look back at the film you made, and you think: yes this is pure madness. But in the frame it is not visible. “

Michelle Pfeiffer will lead the kingdom in the sequel “Maleficents”

Michelle Pfeiffer joined the cast of the sequel “Maleficents 2“: The actress got the role of queen. This is reported by the publication The Hollywood reporter.

The main role in the tape – as in the original picture – will play Angelina Jolie. Also in the filming will participate Ed Skrein.

Michelle Pfeiffer will lead the kingdom in the sequel "Maleficents"

Details of the new project are still a secret. It is only known that the director’s chair took Joaquim Ronning, and the script is prepared Linda Woolverton and Jez Butterworths. Start of the shooting is planned for the current spring.

According to the plot first tape the young sorceress of Maleficent led a solitary life in an enchanted forest, surrounded by fairy-tale creatures, but one day everything changed … In her world, people who brought destruction and chaos invaded, and Maleficente had to stand up for the protection of her subjects, summoning powerful dark forces for help. In the heat of the struggle, Maleficent imposed a terrible spell on the newborn daughter of the king, the beautiful Aurora. But, watching the growing of the little princess, Maleficent begins to doubt the correctness of his actions – in fact, perhaps it is the Aurora that can breathe new life into the magical forest kingdom.

10 albums that would not exist without Green Day – Dookie

August 11 is a new song Bang bang cult group Green Day, revived in its time interest in punk music, not only in the US, but throughout the world. Green Day influenced the creative work of such bands as Fall Out Boy, Good Charlotte and Simple Plan, gave the world legendary records Dookie and American Idiot.

Nick Rivers (Nik Rivers) got the privilege to listen to a new track earlier than the rest, last weekend in Chicago, Illinois, and compared it to “early, punks, Green Day”:

If you are a fan of the early Green Day, then you LOVE a new song Bang bang. And, by saying “early”, I mean Dookie, but not When I come Around, and more Welcome To Paradise, Burnout and Chump

In honor of the release of the novelty and the possible return of Green Day to the previous sound, we tell about 10 albums (including unexpected ones) that would not exist without the legendary Dookie.

The intoxicating atmosphere that teases the guitar, the same sensitivity … Afraid of Heights of the San Diego team is a modern answer to the Dookie, if not his exposure.

10 albums that would not exist without Green Day - Dookie

“I remember when I bought Dookie Green Day, I just wanted to lick the pages from the booklet! It’s a special album, I mean, it’s a cult album, “Gaga said, also stating that Dookie was her first purchased record, he laid the path for a whole period of provocation in punk that had a great influence on her future career, starting with her debut .

The collective No Doubt, also originally from California, with a plate Tragic Kingdom in 1996, breaks through the window of pop punk, which Green Day opened a year earlier, in 1995. Popularity of the composition Just A Girl, the story of the riot against parental control, lyrical themes and cheeky energy of the plate go in parallel with the Dookie.

10 albums that would not exist without Green Day - Dookie

Bringing skate punk into the culture of the zero generation, the Canadian team Sum 41 Do not hide the extent to which their careers owe the discography of Green Day. Derik Webley (Deryck Whibley) recalls:

I was about 14 years old when Dookie came out. I remember the first time I watched a video for a song Basket Case… It had so much energy, and it was so unusual. I’ve never seen anything like this before. After that, I instantly became their fan.

10 albums that would not exist without Green Day - Dookie

The glory that came to producer Rob Cavallo after the creation of Dookie and subsequent albums of Green Day, gave him creative freedom in creating a gloomy, experimental record My Chemical Romance – The Black Parade. Although its saturation and a comprehensive story-thematic picture, rather, are due to a later concept album of Californians, American Idiot.

And it’s not surprising. Such a shadow was cast by Green Day and their original album, that fans Blink-182 Do not cease to protect the group, as not subject to the influence of Green Day. But even ignoring the musical similarity of these two trios, Blink-182 would have received the support of a major label when creating Enema of the State, if Dookie had not had such huge commercial success before this? Adam’s Song, written about a fan who committed suicide, is very reminiscent of Dookie’s narrative about mental health problems and paranoia.

After the release of the album So Jealous, who made the sisters Tigan and Sarah famous around the world, Tegan told MTV:

I remember buying a CD and listening to it many times over and over again, introducing myself playing these songs. I think it was the first band that made me want to play the guitar.

By directing the raw energy of the early creation of Green Day into its own project, Paramore broke out into the mainstream with a plate Riot and her flagship single Misery Business, as well as dedicating their songs to high school students, like Billy Joe (Billie Joe) with the band in Dookie years earlier.

10 albums that would not exist without Green Day - Dookie

The best pop punk debut of 2012 causes the same thrill in the public as the epic Green Day. Fact as a bonus: the very first song that frontman FIDLAR Zach Carper learned to play the guitar, was Time of Your Life from the album Nimrod.

It is impossible not to add to this list another famous record Green Day, as sales volumes and the glory that brought the group Dookie, allowed the team to rise to new heights. American Idiot – Not just an album, it’s a punk opera, telling a fair story about life, love and loss in the suburbs. He sold around the world an impressive number of copies – 14 million, also putting the beginning of the same musical. Punk on Broadway … how about that?

10 albums that would not exist without Green Day - Dookie