Captain Jack Sparrow. Costume and image. Part 1.

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About the movie

Pirate of it unimportant, but it turns their adventures into a legend, and it has a great pirate.

© The creators of the film “pirates of the Caribbean”.

“To play a man like Jack Sparrow, which can say anything you want, even if it is not making any sense, and then try to give them value, what is even more confusing, and thus to leave … When I am playing Jack Sparrow, I always smile I can not terribly inconsiderate We can complete opposites. also be sassy but not so. “I’ve always been shy.” Become captain Jack Sparrow, you can find it in yourself, be relaxed, be illogical and a little daring, to do some incredible things. “

© Johnny Depp

For the first time captain Jack Sparrow appears in the movie “The Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl” Caribbean: The Curse of The Black Pearl) 2003 By the creators of the film originally, the character was planned as a minor. In principle it has occurred, but with significant changes. After casting for the role of Jack Sparrow was johnny Depp, he enthusiastically began to bring some new ideas for the character. The actor himself was told that he wanted to create a character that could catch the fancy of even children and adults.

Johnny Depp (captain Jack Sparrow): – Had very clear thoughts about Jack, how he was supposed to be traits inherent in the Jack. This was an opportunity to create a different type of pirate, who had not seen before. The image of Jack Sparrow was born in the sauna when I read the script. The heat was very important to me. The idea of ​​the searing heat. This heat that fills our brain when it is possessed with this single idea. I think to some degree, Jack was at sea for so long that his feet were thoroughly accustomed to the pitching and the land was strange and uncomfortable place.

The writers of the first four films “Jack of the Caribbean” and the creators of the character Jack Sparrow exactly the way it should be, but also complements his singular demeanor. Among other things, changed the appearance of a pirate.

Captain Jack Sparrow. Costume and image. Part 1.One of the first drawings of the image of Jack Sparrow and storyboard to the script of the film.

Captain Jack Sparrow. Costume and image. Part 1.

Captain Jack Sparrow. Costume and image. Part 1.

The initial image of captain Jack Sparrow.

If you have before, you would have to have a look at it. Jack had to look like a young pirate with a bandana on her head and a ring in the ear, something in the spirit of Errol Flynn, the ultimate result of the work who johnny Depp was identifying pirates. The actor was convinced that the pirates of the eighteenth century were similar to the rock stars of the twentieth century. In his opinion, unites them exorbitant thirst for adventure and freedom. The prototype for the appearance of captain Jack Sparrow became a rock musician Keith Richards of the Rolling Stones.

Johnny Depp: – Keith is one of my heroes, a guy I think it’s probably the most elegant person I’ve ever met. You take something whole and combine with something like the image of the cartoon character Pepe Le Pew. I am very clear that Jack is similar to the modern Rastafarian. Dreadlocks. Again Keith, look, he’s got these trinkets are strewn all hair. He was one of the sources of inspiration for this role. I liked the idea that each of these small details is very vivid and extremely important for Jack as a memory.

Keith Richards (Keith Richards), and johnny Depp.

Richards often wore a bandana for a headband for performances. Likes to weave in hair jewelry, including the ancient coins collected while on tour with the band. Also wears different rings and bracelets. Jack Sparrow is in many ways similar to its prototype with a few additions.

His hair is plaited into dreadlocks and braids, artificial beard and eyeliner with pencil. Depp has said that this idea he borrowed from the nomads, who did the strokes for the eyes. This method is used by the ancient peoples, believing that this helps against the evil eye. Jack Sparrow wandered much, I could borrow many useful ideas for it from other people, says the actor.

Captain Jack Sparrow. Costume and image. Part 1.

By the way, “pencil” (Kohl, Khali, kadzhaev) in the ancient Akkadian language means “beauty.” Pencil known from antiquity in South Asia, North Africa and the middle East. Part of the antique pencil consisted of milled Galena, Surma (a lead Sulfide), malachite. Use the pencil began approximately 4-3 thousand years BC in the prehistoric period – the tombs Taseski culture and Zero dynasty of Egypt have images with painted eyes. Initially, the pencil was used by noble women and then men to protect eyes from the harmful effects of the sun. The eye began to paint even newborn babies against the evil eye. In other cultures the artist’s pencil has also acquired ritual significance.

In India, pencil-known as antimony, is prepared at home and used by women and children for a solid eyeliner in a circle for cooling and protection from the sun (these ideas are at the level of beliefs and have no physical reason).

Authentic antimony is usually the most dandruff, the first is in the inner corner of the eye, the eyelids are clamped and pulled to his head. Dry antimony lasts a long time, and is not washed off for a while.

The main action in the creation of the external image of captain Jack Sparrow was in front of the mirror. In General, the technology is simple: wears a suit and looks. Costume designer penny rose used to begin with costumes and forms: to make longer or shorter sleeve is wider or narrower. And all the details johnny immediately sees. He is very accurate about what works and what does not. And at the end of the fitting, the original fitting, which took only 45 minutes, johnny looked in the mirror and said, “Yes, it is. This Is Jack Sparrow.”

Johnny Depp: – Remember the first day when I was in full makeup and costume of Jack Sparrow. I sort of first saw his character. Then in walked the Mountains.

Gore Verbinski: – He smiled even bigger and looked at me as if to ask: “how is that?” I was just in awe.

Johnny Depp: – He (Gore) said, “there it is!” He immediately took it and realized that I’m going to do with the character of Jack. He is appreciated the humor. I feel that this guy can magically run between the raindrops. No matter how bad things are, there is always present a sort of mad optimism. I think his goal is something beautiful and touching. Of course, he can steal and do what he does, especially when given such an opportunity. But his main goal is to regain his ship the Black Pearl, to return at any cost.

He was funny, truly funny character. To breathe life in it. Just the fact that I’m playing this guy. I think my favorite and perhaps the most revealing and spectacular episode with Jack Sparrow when he’s on the island with Elizabeth, and she burns all the rum. Jack Sparrow, being a master of speech, very eloquent, did not find other words besides “So it is impossible.” Perhaps this moment gave me the most pleasure. He was the most … the most significant for this character.

Captain Jack Sparrow. Costume and image. Part 1.

Captain Jack Sparrow. Costume and image. Part 1.

Critics recognized the originality of the interpretation and execution of the role of John Depp: “With painted eyes, fidgety gait and playful speech, he portrays dead drunk transvestite. other movie there was such a pirate. “He is the peacock in all its glory.” He was the peacock in all his glory. When he arrives on shore in a frail boat, he is told: “You are without a doubt, the most pathetic pirate, what I just heard.” And he immediately replies: “But you have heard of me!”.

Imagine how boring it would be, “if Depp played his role straight, as an Errol Flynn or Douglas Fairbanks Sr. or Jr. To treat this role seriously impossible. It’s ridiculous, but absolutely sincere in this. If this was caused by the jury to nominate johnny Depp for "Oscar"? Just because his game was so fucking good. “

Captain Jack Sparrow. Costume and image. Part 1.

Probably thought about it, and Director Gore Verbinski when I invited johnny in this role. “He is an artist who always chooses the most bizarre projects.” He’s a brilliant actor. “He does not need fans, he chooses a role in the artistic sense. to do something special for her children. “

However, ironically, the character johnny is not the person who could provide children. Verbinski continues: “Jack Sparrow is a fraud. He’s a great pirate, he is lazy and gets into fights if he does not need it.” He’s always looking for the shortest path. . “Self-advertising agent, and to sell he knows how to.”

So I do not think one. Verbinski. Producer Jerry Bruckheimer has been provided with his actor maximum freedom, and johnny took advantage of it fully. That’s what says Bruckheimer: “He is very sure imagined of Jack. He’s not off balance, he’s tongue-tied , and you’d think he was drunk, suffering from sea sickness, or just because of the charm of captain Jack Sparrow “.

Of course, when Depp agreed to participate in the film, for the other roles turned a real war. Young and famous actors wanted to star in this picture. Geoffrey rush literally jumped at the role of captain Barbossa, the sworn enemy of Jack Sparrow and the thief “the Black pearl”. Behind this Australian have such great films as “Shakespeare in Love”, “The Feather of the Marquis de Sade” and “the Kelly Gang”. About the best performer of the role of Barbossa, it was hard to imagine.

It is not known whether johnny and rush samples, but as soon as the shooting began, the actors immediately found a common language. Both admired each other and were delighted with the opportunity to act together.

Geoffrey rush (captain Barbossa): – It was incredible to watch as. He was drunk moron. He was not drunk, but every time I looked at him, I thought he took eight shots of vodka. He could barely utter a word, suddenly dropped items. It was a very bold game and very professional.

Probably Jack a pirate, which would be every. He’s uninhibited and completely independent. And looks like johnny, the same cheerful and lucky. It seems that Jack manages to get out of one trouble into another, and get out relatively unscatched, since he is also smart.

And now look at the details of the costume and the image of the captain Jack Sparrow from head to toe:

On the origin of the scars on Jack’s face. almost nothing is known. In the first film “The Curse of the Black Pearl” you can see the scar on the right lower jaw. None of the crew is not sure what it is, but once johnny Depp joked that maybe it’s a scar from syphilis or any other unsightly diseases. One of the cliches about the past.

Left photo the scars from the first three films of the Caribbean, to the right Added a new scar in the shape of a cross in the fourth movie:

Captain Jack Sparrow. Costume and image. Part 1.Mysterious scar

In the fourth part Jack has a new scar on his cheek in the shape of a cross. As it acquired the pirate captain, history is silent. But the inspiration for this new part of the image of the Sparrow was famous in the 80s Russian rock musician and singer Adam Ant (Adam Ant), which has attracted the attention of a very eccentric costumes. Yes, and Adam Ant, with its massive rings, hair and all its appearance looks like the old brother of johnny Depp.

Captain Jack Sparrow. Costume and image. Part 1.

Adam Ant (Adam Ant).

Captain Jack Sparrow. Costume and image. Part 1.

Captain Jack Sparrow in the pirates of the Caribbean: On stranger tides.

Makeup VI Nell, who was engaged in the grim captain Jack, had a fairly complex part. VI had to build up a johnny beard, because of his own admission, he is unable to grow a beard. In order for the braids on the beard Jack used on as tight as possible VI used a special super glue-taking. “He is almost eternal, with a shudder recalls johnny.” – This glue you can glue the ship to the water. ” Braids have lived on the set of “Pirates”. “Now it’s funny to remember what they were with wire, paper and so on, laughs, johnny.” Seriously. “These braids do not want to be attached. were then wire. I was on the floor, and they were on the end .It was very funny. It’s simple. I went to the dentist and he gave. I ground my teeth and stuck these on. “When you’re up, look in the mirror and think:” something is missing. . “Although there are a couple of of my regular backs.Your I lost., But I was the gold., First, there were more, I was afraid that the producers would not allow the Jack to go with these teeth. So I asked the dentist to stick the gold crowns of almost all the teeth, and so came to the site. at least half. The result was exactly what I wanted “.

Tarnished by time, the red bandana is one of the most catchy things Jack. This is Indian shawl, 100% cotton, very slim and light. In the fourth movie from the left side of the bandanna are the sewn to the two bones ("finger zombies") with a ring, red bead between them and attached to the upper bone. Chinese coin (Jia Qing Tong Bao). Closes the composition with a gold tooth on the bottom.

Gold tooth. Johnny Depp told me that this tooth belongs to Jack, which he accidentally swallowed. After a bit of expectations, having caught the tooth back and give him a good washing off, the pirate. The decision to update the accessory Jack came to the band in the foreground of the movie pirate to part with their pesos, which he wore earlier in the bandana. In principle, the move is quite logical.

On the right side to the hair.

A very popular question – "And what is this stick Jack in your hair?"

Johnny Depp in the supplementary material to the films said that when he showed this thing, he thought that it looks interesting and even dangerous (because it’s sharp), and when he said it was the tibia of a deer, he thought "stories about the meeting"!! (For some reason I remember the story of Baron Munchausen).

In fact, it is a tool that is used on the ship for repair of ropes and sails. This sea needle (or another – sailing needle).

It’s an antique, a real bone needle:

Photo modern counterpart of this tool:

In the first three movies, the suspension bandana consisted of the threads of Moroccan beads and the ancient coins of Siam (aka peso Baron of the Caribbean). In fact, it turned out that this coin is not that old (and not that of Siam, but close).

It’s a coin of 5 paise, Myanmar (also known as Burma), was produced from 1952 to 1966 (i.e., for 300 years a little off of the time in movies, but it’s the little things).

Captain Jack Sparrow. Costume and image. Part 1.


In the first 3 parts of the “Pirates” the wig is not changed. In “dead man’s Chest” he is different from the old, sometimes worn out, dirty, worn out. But captain Jack the pirate, and it did not become an obstacle. Johnny is always very attentive to the accessories. The wig Jack has a wonderful strand of beads and a few favorite coins to johnny. He was always looking to hit the frame. The wig was made especially for the size. And made to wear it as soon as possible. The wig was worn as a hat, and most of the time.

“I spent a lot of time with Keith Richards.” And he made me to make a Jack like this. “And I’ve got something of the main ingredients in the portrait of the captain. I asked: “what’s that?” He said, “they were brought from Bermuda” or something like that. “And I began to think about it.” He seemed very similar to Jack: traveling and having adventures, he sees something and thinks, “Oh , useful, “and binds it to hair.

As someone who travels a lot, Jack likes to keep Souvenirs. So his hair turned into a whole collection of jewelry. By the fourth film “On stranger tides” Jack extended hair and has increased the number of kits on them.

Very hair, lots of jewelry and Souvenirs woven into the hair of Jack Sparrow, it’s better to consider in order starting to the right of the person:

Captain Jack Sparrow. Costume and image. Part 1.

1) On the right side, from the bandana, you can see the little pigtail with a red ribbon.

2) Next to the braid braided strand of hair wrapped in a brown rope and tied two Chinese coins similar to the silhouette of a Mickey mouse. Similar things in the project Studio Disney (Disney) are called Hidden Mickey (Hidden Mickey) and are present in many famous cartoons and movies. The rope is also tied brown feather.

3) One of the jewelry that was dreadlocks and Neoplatonic hair. It is a contemporary African beads attached to strands of hair.

4) Next – a short dredlock tied to the end of a small Tibetan decoration in the form of two small skulls carved out of bone.

5) Before him is a long blonde dreadlock, which tied a coin with the image of blue waves. Below (under coin) wearing a ring with the drawings. Towards the end of the ted with the string and ends of the nezametnoe by strand.

6) On dreadlocke, next to the carved shards, you’ll brush. Such use as ornaments of the Indian Gypsies.

7) On one more middle dredlock medium length brown pinned small pieces of bones. That sink in the sea of ​​the cutting (second name "nails mermaid").

8) Near it dark brown dreadlocks with a feather tied with a colored rope.

9) The following graduated with a vintage key.

10) In fact, inconspicuous at first sight is a rather large silver coin of voodoo attached right to the hair near the neck. It is called the amulet "zombies" (or coin cannibals).

Captain Jack Sparrow. Costume and image. Part 1.

Captain Jack Sparrow. Costume and image. Part 1.

Hidden Mickey (Hidden Mickey). Two Chinese coins with the image of a dragon. Disney (Mickey mouse).

Captain Jack Sparrow. Costume and image. Part 1.

Also, the hair appeared hair, braided in a special way. Next you may notice a new silver coin of voodoo.

Captain Jack Sparrow. Costume and image. Part 1.Silver coin of voodoo. It is called the amulet "zombies" (or coin cannibals).

On the left side of the hair of a sparrow, ribbons and a small variety of trinkets:

Captain Jack Sparrow. Costume and image. Part 1.

1) The largest decoration on the left side is the suspension of colored beads, sticks and metal medallion engraved with the month and the star. This is the Pakistani coin (and year of course does not coincide with the events of the film).

2) Far below one of the braids woven button.

3) Long bright Redlake tied with a rope is a ring of sailor. This is a very small bone ring.

4) Vintage key from hours tied to a thin dredo on the level of a suspension.

5) On a dark dredlock that Jack often throws behind his back, wearing a Chinese Colina bead red with white dots.

6) Another less visible coin as a key, a button, almost hidden under the hair. It is tied around the middle of the long dark dredlocks. About the coin little is known, but it is likely that she is Roman.

7) In the lobe of the left ear of Jack Sparrow hang two rings. Large and behind it – small.

Captain Jack Sparrow. Costume and image. Part 1.

Coin of Pakistan, denomination 1/2 rupee 1948. This coin is from Captain Sparrow on a large hanger on the left side of hairstyle:

Captain Jack Sparrow. Costume and image. Part 1.

If you look at Jack’s back, and you can spot the color of his hair. Other decorations: it’s mostly tape, ropes and three small metal object:

Captain Jack Sparrow. Costume and image. Part 1.

Almost always hidden behind the bandana Chinese coin. Tied to the end of one of the dreadlocks on his head.

From the left side to the long. These are the same coins, as in Moroccan baubles beads on the bandana Jack. Apparently, spare. 🙂 Above the coins tied with metal beads such as those that put on belly dancers.

Not very long thick braid, which is suspended in the style of Coptic or Ethiopian culture.

On the left hand, near the thumb.

Captain Jack Sparrow. Costume and image. Part 1.

On the right hand Jack is wearing a glove that covers the palm. Most likely, she needed it, that would be the hand rubbed the hilt of his sword.

Captain Jack Sparrow. Costume and image. Part 1.To be continued.

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